GA Quiz 2012 – 12

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1.  According to the monetary policy announced by RBI on 17th April for the current
     fiscal, the borrowing limit under the Marginal Standing Facility has been raised by
     __________ to 2 per cent.

     a) 25 basis points 
     b) 50 basis points
     c) 75 basis points
     d) 100 basis points
     e) None of the above

2.  The central bank RBI on 17th April estimated the gross domestic product (GDP)
     growth rate for  2012-13 at
     a) 7.3 percent
     b) 7.5 percent
     c) 7.8 percent
     d) 8.0 percent
     e) None of the above

3.  The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will discontinue the supply of Printed GR forms 
     with effect  from 1st July, 2012. The GR Form covers

     a) exports made by parcel post
     b) exports not made by parcel post
     c) exports of jewellery products only
     d) exports of computer software in non-physical form
     e) None of the above

4.  How much amount have been allocated for National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)
     in the 2012-13 budget presented in March?
      a) Rs.16,422 crore
      b) Rs.18,365 crore
      c) Rs.20,822 crore
      d) Rs.22,465 crore
      e) None of the above

5.  The Government of India and the World Bank signed an agreement on 13th April
     for an IDA credit of US $352 million for promoting the

     a) National Dairy Support Project (NDSP)
     b) National Electricity Transmission System (NETS) 
     c) Assam Agricultural Competitiveness Project (AACP)
     d) Rastriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA)
     e) None of the above

6.  Name the person whose name(s) have been approved by President as nominee(s) to
     Rajya Sabha on  26th April?

     a) Rekha
     b) Anu Aga
     c) Shabana Azmi
     d) Both a & b
     e) All a, b & c
7.  India’s first ever fourth generation (4G) mobile services launched by Bharti Airtel
     on 10th April in which of the following cities?
     a) Hyderabad
     b) New Delhi
     c) Mumbai
     d) Banglore
     e) Kolkata

8.  As per the latest judgement of honourable Supreme Court, all categories of public
    and private schools except unaided minority schools will have to keep aside ______
     of seats for poor children.
     a) 10%
     b) 15%
     c) 20%
     d) 25%
     e) None of the above

9.  Which of the following is name of world’s first transgenic sheep produced by China
     with a simplified technique of Handmade Cloning?

     a) Dolly
     b) Molly
     c) Royana
     d) Deng Fong
     e) Peng Peng

10. Which among the following countries has joined the International Monetary Fund
      (IMF) as its 188th official member? 

      a) Cuba
      b) Ethiopia
      c) South Sudan
      d) North Korea
      e) Czechoslovakia

11. To launch a low-cost airline in Asia, China Eastern Airlines has entered into a joint
      venture agreement with which among the following air carriers?
      a) Jet Airways
      b) Qantas Airline
      c) Lufthansa Airline
      d) Asiana Airlines
      e) Hainan Airlines

12. Which is the name of Italian tour guide who was in Indian Maoists captivity
      since March 14, 2012?
      a) Oriana Fallaci
      b) Nigel Brennan
      c) Daniel Pearl
      d) Jhina Hikaka
      e) Paolo Bosusco

13. The much-awaited integrated check post (ICP) at Attari-Wagah border has become
      functional on 8th  April 2012 to facilitate free trade movement between India and
      Pakistan. Attari-Wagah border is the only road border crossing between Pakistan
      and India which connects the cities of

      a) Bathinda and Karachi
      b) Bathinda and Lahore
      c) Amritsar and Karachi
      d) Amritsar and Lahore
      e) None of the above

14. World Earth Day is observed all over the world on
      a) 22nd March
      b) 22nd April
      c) 22nd May
      d) 22nd June
      e) None of the above

15. Who has been adjudged the Leading Cricketer in the World for the year 2011 by
      Wisden Cricketers?

      a) Virat Kholi
      b) Shane Watson
      c) Jacques Kallis
      d) Kumar Sangkkara
      e) Sachin Tendulkar

16. India’s Agni-V long-range ballistic nuclear missile has capability to hit targets over
      __________ away.
      a) 3,500 km
      b) 4,200 km
      c) 5,000 km
      d) 6,500 km
      e) None of the above

17. The world recognised range for an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) is over
      a) 5,500 km 
      b) 6,500 km 
      c) 7,500 km 
      d) 8,500 km 
      e) None of the above

18. India’s first unmanned moon mission, Chandrayaan-1, was launched in
      a) 2006
      b) 2007
      c) 2008
      d) 2009
      e) 2010

19. India has planned its second Moon mission ‘Chandrayaan-2’ along with
      a) Russia
      b) France
      c) Britain
      d) USA
      a) None of the above

20. Where is headquarter of The Competition Appellate Tribunal situated?
      a) Banglore
      b) Kolkata
      c) Mumbai
      d) New Delhi
      e) None of the above

       Note : – Correct answers are highlighted in red color.