BOM GK- Paper

Bank of Maharashtra General Awareness Paper
held on 19th Dec. 2010
(some question’s ans. based on memory)
1.  To which party bihar’s CM Nitish Kumar belong – JD(U)
2.  Who was previous CM of Maharashtra before Prithviraj Chavan?  – Ashok Chavan
3.  Irani Trophy is associated with the game –
a) Hockey    b) Football    c) Lawn Tennis    d) Badminton  e)
4.  Which of following is not financial/banking term :
a) Blue chip companies b) Premium Amount c) Investment  d) Repo rate  e)
Wobby index
5.  What is current cash reserve ratio (CRR)?
a) 4%    b) 4.75%   c) 5%    d) 5.25%  e)
None of these
Correct ans. : 6%
6. How much percent shareholding of RBI in NABARD?
a) 10%   b) 5%    c) 2%     d)
1% e) None of these
7.  Human Rights Day observed every year on which date?  – 10th December
8.  Recently World Habitat Day was observed on  – 4th October (every yr. on first monday of Oct.)
9.  NKP Salve Challenger Trophy is associated with game –
a) Hockey    b) Football    c) Lawn Tennis    d) Badminton   e)
10. India has not achieved self-sufficiency in the production of –
a) Sugar   b) Milk    c) Wheat  d)
edible oils e) jute
11. Chewang Norphel gets Jamnalal Bajaj Awards for 2010 for outstanding contributions in the field of?
Ans :  Rural Development
12. Zhou Yong kang was on visit to India in recent past. Who is  Zhou Yong kang?
a) President of China
Member of China’s Politburo
c) President of Vietnam
d) Member of Vietnam’s Politburo
e) None of these
13. Dale T. Mortensen & Christopher A. Pissarides won Noble Prize 2010 in field of
a) Medicine   b)
Economics c) Peace    d) Literaure    e) Physics
14. Recently on 2nd November 2010, RBI hikes repo and reverse repo rates by –
25bps b) 50bps    c) 75bps     d) 100bps  e) None of these
15. Recently Government disinvesting 10 per cent of its stake through the IPO of which company?
a) Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited
b) Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
c) Steel Authority of India
d) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
Coal India (CIL)
16. US Exim bank approves $917 mn loan for Reliance Power project going to build at which place?

Ans : Sasan(Madhya Pardesh)

17. Which one among the following is a famous Pharmaceutical company?
a) HCL    b) BPCL   c)
IDPL d) Infosys   e)Grasim Industries
here, IDPL = Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
18.  What is government’s shareholding in public sector banks(PSBs)?
a) 49%    b) 50%     c)
51% d) 100%     e) None of these
19.  Roger Federer win the Stockholm Open 2010 tournaments by defeating –
a) Tomas Berdych
Florian Mayer
c) Mikhail Youzhny
d) Rafal nadal
e) None of these
20. Who among the following wins maximum gold (4 no.) in Commenwealth Games 2010
a) Saina Nehwal    b) Abhinav       c) Deepika Kumari     d)
Gagan Narang e)None of these
21. Who among the following is author of book The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama
David Remnick b) Sarah Palin    c) Michelle Obama d) Laura Ingraham   e) None of these
22. Winner of Jnanpith Award O.N.V.Kurup is a famous poet of which language ?
a) Tamil   b) Kannada   c)
Malayalam d) English    e) Hindi
23. Trecia-Kaye Smith was in news. She is a famous –
a) Actress    b)
Athlete c) Jounalist   d) Writer     e) None of these
24.  Recently World’s largest diamond bourse was launched at –
a) Delhi    b) Kolkata    c) Hydrabad    d)
Mumbai e) Chennai
25.   Forbes’ ‘Businessman of the Year’  is
a) Anil Agarwal   b) J D Birla     c) Mukesh Amabani  d)
Ratan Tata e) None of these
26.  Miss World 2010 ceremony was held in which country?
China b) India    c) France   d) Italy    e) None of these
27. Howard Jacobson was in news. He is a famous – Writer ( Winner of man booker prize 2010)
28. Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant is in the country –
a) Iraq     b) Russia     c)
Iran d) USA     e) None of these
29. Which one among the following awards is not given in field of literature?
a) Moortidevi Award      b)
Arujan Award c) Pulitzer Prize     d) Vyas Smman  e) Man Booker Prize
30. Which of following is not a core sector?
a) Coal    b)
Service sector/industries c) Petrolium    d) Crude Oil    e) Steel
31. Recenlty 17th summit of which organization was held in Hanoi in October 2010
a) SAARC     b) G-20     c) G-8     d) ASEM   e)
32. The 8th Asia-Europe (ASEM) Meeting was held at  – Brussels

33. Dilma Vana Rousseff has been elected as first female president of _______?
a) Croatia   b)
Brazil c) Camroon    d) Portugal     e) Tunisia
34. Which of following is true about China’s economy?
a). China has the fastest-growing major economy for the past 30 years with an average annual GDP growth rate above 10%.
b). CHINA is second largest economy in the world when measured on a purchasing power parity (PPP) basis
c)  CHINA’s economic growth rate slightly higher than Japan

a) Only (A)
b) Only (B)
c) Both (B) & (C) 
d)All (A), (B) & (C)
e) None of these

35. Which of following is true about agreement on commerce between India and Japan?
a) Development of mega infra-structure project
b) Implementation of a comprehensive economic cooperation agreement with Japan
c) Help in resolving the crisis issue in  Sudan
a) Only (A)   b) Only (B) c)
Both (A) & (B) d) Both (B) & (C) e) All A, B, C
36. Federal Bank related Issue was in news. To which country Federal Bank related : USA
37. Microfinance companies are seeking Rs 1,000 crore from banks for an emergency liquidity fund
38. Serbia was a part of _________before becoming an independent democratic country
a) Russia  b) Slovenia     c)Croatia    d)
Yugoslavia e) Albania
39. Rohan Bopanna is associated with –
a) Cricket    b) Hockey    c) Badminton d)
Lawn Tennis e) Football
40. Which of following scheme is not launched by Government of India?
a) Mid-Day Meal Scheme b) National Programme for Control of Blindness c) ASHA

(ans. is in other remaining two options)
Note : May be some of the ans./options are wrong  as all ques’s answers are on  memory based. If anybody know about other questions of the that exam. Plz.. write in comment section..