SSC CGL Exam (TIER-I) 2012 – GK Paper [1/7/12:AN]

SSC Combined Graduate Level (TIER1) Exam 2012
Solved GK Paper (Evening Shift) held on 1st July 2012
(correct answers are highighted in deep saffron color)
1. Earth is a very big magnet. In which direction does its magnetic field extend?
    a) East to West

    b) West to East
North to South
    d) South to North
2. Which of the following is meant for the ex-situconservation of various species? 
    a) Herbarium
Sprem bank
    c) Blood bank
    d) Germplasm bank

           Ex-situ conservation is the preservation of components of biological diversity outside their natural habitats.
           Gene banks, e.g. seed banks, sperm and ova banks play a valueable role in recovery programmes for
           endangered species.

3. Drying oil contain a fairly large proportion of : 
    a) Saturated fatty acids
Unsaturated fatty acids
    c) Fats
    d) Protiens
4. Human Development Index was formulated by:
    a) UNCTAD
    b) ASEAN

    c) UBRD
5. The infective stage of Malaria is:
    a) Merozoile

    b) Gametocyte
    c) Ring stage
6. Who said that the Directive Principles of State Policy are just “a cheque on bank payable at
    the convenience of bank”? 
    a) N.G. Ranga

    b) Pandit Nehru
K.T. Shah
    d) B.R. Ambedkar
7. Consumption for the sake of enjoying social aknowledgement is called :
    a) Demonstration consumption
    b) Rational consumption
    c) Social consumption
Conspicuous consumption
8. The red, orange and yellow colour of leaves are due to :
    a) Lignins
    c) Aldehydes
    d) Tannins
9. The state which has registered the highest population growth according to 2001 census is:
    a) Sikkim

    b) Kerala
Uttar Pradesh
    d) Nagaland
10. Tohra is the sacred book of 
     b) Zoroastrianism
     c) Confucianism

     d) Taoism
11. Pyroligneous acid obtained from wood contains:
     a) 10% Ethanol
     b) 10% Formaldehyde
10% Acetic Acid
     d) 10% Formic Acid
12. The treaty of Versailles restored Alsace-Lorraine to:
     a) Belgium

     b) Italy
     c) Britain

     d) France
13. The seat of Kerala High Court is located at:
     b) Kottayam
     c) Thiruvanathapuram
     d) Kollam

         In Kerala,  principal seat of the High Court is situated at a place other than the State Capital. The principal seat 
            of the Kerala High Court is at Ernakulam, which is situated at a distance of 200 kms. from the State Capital,
            Thiruvananthapuram. Ever since the formation of the State of Kerala in 1956, there has been a demand for the
            establishment of a permanent Bench at the State Capital.

14.Pollar-bears hold cures for:
     a) Kidney failure

     b) Type ll diabetes
     c) Osteoporosis
     d) Breast-cancer
15. India making ‘Double Taxation Avoidance Agrrements’ (DTAA) with other countries for the
     promotion of :
     a) Foreign Institutional Investment

     b) Bilateral trade
     c) External commercial borrowings
     d) Foreign direct investment
16. Low cost housing is an example for: 
Merit wants
     b) Mixed wants
     c) Social wants
     d) Private wants
17. The disease that kills more people than lung cancer as a consequence of air pollution is:
     a) heart attack
     b) chronic bronchitis
     c) asthma

     d) emphesema
            Emphysema is typically linked to the inhalation of irritants such as smoke and fumes. Most cases of 
            emphysema are caused by cigarette smoking or long-term exposure to certain air pollutants.
18. Peninsular India has the following zonal soil types:
     a) Alluvial soil

     b) Red and Yellow soil
     c) Forest soil

     d) Saline soil
19. Mamta Sharma was appointed in 2011 as the chairperson of 
     a) National Commission for BCs
     b) National Commission for Minorities

     c) National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
     d) National Commission for Women
20. “Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” is the guiding principle of :
     a) Reformative theory of Justice

     b) Attributive theory of Justice
Retributive theory of Justice
     d) Deterrent theory of Justice

          The concept of retributive theory of justice is inherited from the Latin word ‘retribuo’ which means ‘I pay back’.

21. The proposal for the creation of new All-India Services can be considerd only:
     a) if majority of State Legislature make such demand
     b) if Lok Sabha passes a resolution by two-thirds majority
if Rajya Sabha passes a resolution by two-thirds majority
     d) None of the above

         Under Article 312 the Rajyas Sabha by passing a resolution by two thirds majority of the members present
         & voting can set up an All India Services (AIS). Presently only the IAS, the IPS and the IFS have been constituted
         as All India Services.

22. The Asokan Edicts were deciphered first by:
James Prinsep
     b) Sir John Marshall
     c) Sir William Jones
     d) Charles Wilkins
23. An algae type ocean deposit is :
Pelagic deposits
     b) Neritic remains
     c) Diatom Ooze
     d) Pteropod Ooze
24. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?
     a) Gypsum         –  Calcium hydoxide
     b) Milk of lime     –  Sodium sulphate
     c) Glauber’s salt  –  Calcium sulphate
Salt petre      –  Potassium nitrate
25. Which is not a correct statement?
     a) Dilute solution contains less amount of solute
     b) Phenols are acidic
     c) In benzene all the atoms lie in one plane
Methylated spirit contains only methanol
             Both Industrial Methylated Spirit (IMS or “meths”) and surgical spirit contain primarily ethanol and only
             small percentages of methanol (ca 5%).
26. The most densely populated State in India is:
     a) Tamilnadu

     b) Kerala
     c) Uttar Pradesh       d) West Bengal
27. The first speaker of Lok Sabha was :
G.V. Mavlankar
     b) S. Radhkrishanan
     c) M. Ananthsayanam Ayyangar

     d) Sardar Hukam Singh
28. Who was the teacher of Gautam Buddha?
     a) Patanjali

     b) Panini
Alara Kalama
     d) Kapila
29. Which bank was the first to introduce ATMs to the world?
Citi Bank
     b) Hong Kong bank
     c) Standard Chartered Bank
     d) Bank of America

         An automated teller machine (ATM) was first introduced in 1960 by City Bank of New York.

30. Which colour/colours of light has the highest velocity through vaccum
      a) Blue

      b) Red
      c) Green
All of the above
Because light travels at a constant speed (c = 2.99792458 x 108 m/s) in a vacuum.
31. The 98th Indian Science Congress was held in 2011 at:  
      a) Bhubaneshwar
      b) Bengaluru

      c) Bhopal
      d) Chennai
32. The 34th National Games were held in 2011 in:
      b) Uttarakhand
      c) Kerala
      d) Karanatka
33. The Iron and Steel plant in Bihar is at:
     a) Vijay Nagar
     b) Visakhapatnam
     d) Burmpur

            Bokaro Steel City, an industrial city is situated in Bihar (now in Jharkhand). Bokaro Steel Plant – the fourth
            integrated plant in the Public Sector – started taking shape in 1965 in collaboration with the Soviet Union. It was
            originally incorporated as a limited company on 29th January 1964, and was later merged with SAIL, first as a
            susidiary and then as a unit, through the Public Sector Iron & Steel Companies (Restructuring & Miscellaneous 
            Provisions) Act 1978.

34. The ultimate source of energy in a hydroelectric power station is:  
     a) the electro-chemical energy of water

     b) solar energy
the potential energy of water
     d) the kinetic energy of water

            The most important part of the hydroelectric power plant is the dam, which acts as the water reservoir.
            The water flowing in the river comprises of kinetic energy and potential energy. In hydroelectric power
            plants the potential energy of water is utilized to produce electricity.The height of water in the reservoir
            decides how much potential energy water possesses. Higher the height of water more is its potential 
            energy. The high position of water in the reservoir enables it to move downwards effortlessly due to 

35. Union Carbide India Ltd. manufactured essentially:
     a) Leather goods
     b) Heavy water

     c) Petrochemicals
     d) Fertilizers
36. Photosynthetic vesicle found in bacteria is called a:
     a) Pneumatophoric

     b) Mesosome
     c) Chromatophore
     d) Genophore
37. What type of mirror is used in a view finding mirror of a vehicle?
     a) Paraboloidal mirror
Convex mirror
     c) Plane mirror
     d) Concave mirror

         Convex mirrors reflect light outwards, therefore they are not used to focus light. So, the convex mirror has 
         a wide field of view and hence is used as rear view mirror as it gives a clear diminished and an erect image
         of the traffic that is behind you

38. We receive sunlight on earth surface. What type of light beams are these?
     a) Diverging
     c) Parallel
     d) Converging
39. Who is the author of the book ‘Pakistan: Beyond the Crisis State’?
     a) M.J. Akbar
     b) Kohram Iqbal
Marleeha Lodhi
     d) Amir Mir
40. The biggest planet in the solar system is:
     a) Uranus
     b) Venus
     d) Saturn

            Jupiter is the fifth and largest planet in our solar system. It’s distance from the Sun is approximately
            466 million miles.Atmosphere consists of mostly hydrogen and helium.

41. The authority to specify which castes shall be deemed to be scheduled castes with the:
     a) Governor
Commissioner for Scheduled Castes and Tribes
     c) Prime Minister
     d) President
42. Ram Sharan Sharma, who died in 2011 was an 
     a) Archaeologist
     b) Chemist
     c) Economist

Ram Sharan Sharma was an eminent historian of Ancient and early Medieval India.
            Indology is the academic study of the history and cultures, languages, and literature
            of the Indian subcontinent.
43. Of the following economists, whom do you consider to be the Master of “Partial Analysis”?
      a) Lionel Robbins
      b) Chemist
Alfred Marshall
      d) J.M. Keynes
44. Brain drain has been caused by:
     a) socio-economic instability
     b) failure to recognise talent in the orginating countary
     c) the lure of high living standards
lack of employment opportunities

            Brain drain is a term defined as the movement of highly skilled people from their country to another one
            where they can earn more money and maintain their academic improvement.

45. What is m-commerce?
     a) marketing commerce
     b) machine commerce
mobile commerce
     d) money commerce

            Mobile Commerce also called  m-Commerce is about the explosion of applications and services that
            are becoming accessible from Internet-enabled mobile devices.

46. The study of population is known as-
     a) Hydrology
     c) Climatology
     d) Pertology
47. The prose collection of the vedic poes are:
      a) Brahmanas
      c) Upnishads
      d) Aranyakas

             The texts of the Vedas are known as Samhitas. Within these Samhitas there are portions known as
             Mantras, which contain prayers in the form of potent sound compounds revealed to great seers for 
             different purposes.

48. A plant known only in  cultivation having arisen under domestication is referred to as:
     a) Clone
     b) Scion
     d) Cultivar
49. ‘Who favoured the Artic Home theory of the Aryans?
     a) Jacobi
     b) Pargiter
     c) A. C. Das
B.G. Tilak
50. Wheat, Barley, Lemon, Orange, rye and pearl millet belongs to:
      a) four plant families
the same plant family
      c) two plant families
      d) three plant families
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