HSSC PGT Computer Science Paper 2016 (Solved)

HSSC PGT Computer Science Exam. 2016
(Recruitment of Teachers for classes XI & XII)
Solved paper of PGT Computer Science Group held on 06 March 2016
[PART-I : 1 – 40] ( correct answers are highighted in deep saffron color)
1. Which country recently rejected one child norm policy and allowed parents to have another child?
     a) Sweden
     c) Cuba
     d) Finland
2.  Which of the follwoing is not a characteristic of the Indian Economy?
     a) Low per capita income
     b) Primacy of agriculture
Balance between heavy industry and wage goods
     d) Population pressure
3.  Which ofthe following is assosciated with Panchayati Raj?
     a) Shah Commission
     b) Nanavati Commission
Balwant Rai Committee
     d) Liberhan Commission
4.  If an Indian Citizen is denied a public office because of his religion, which of the following
     Fundamental Rights is denied  to hime?
     a) Right to Freedom
Right to Equality
     c) Right to Freedom of Religion
     d) Right against Exploitation
5.  Tin Bigha lease by India to Bangladesh, was a part of
West Bengal
     b) Meghalaya
     c) Tripura
     d) Assam
6.  Out of four words three are alike in some manner and the fourth one is different.
     Choose out the odd one.
     a) Bake
     c) Fry
     d) Boil
7.  Which of the following series observes the rule, "Skip in between adjacent letters, increasing
     one letter more each time to  build a set of letters"?
     a) ACFJLQ
     c) CEHLQV
     d) HILPUZ
8.  Author is related to Book in the same way as Choreographer is related to _________.
     a) Drama
     c) Masque
     d) Opera
9.  THEREFORE is to TEEOERFRH as HELICOPTER is to ___________?

           Sol :   The word THEREFORE is coded as TEEOERFRH which is a combination of
                      odd numbered position letter from LHS i.e. TEEOE  +  even numbered position letter from RHS i.e. RFRH.
                      Now follwoing same rule for HELICOPTER word = HLCPE + RTOIE = HLCPERTOIE

10. In the following letter series, some of the lettere are missing, which are given in that order
      as one of the alternatives  below it. Choose the correct alternative.
      abca _ bcaab _ ca _ bbc _ a
      a) ccaa
      b) bbaa
      d) abba
11. 10 men can finish a piece of work in 10 days, whereas it takes 12 women to finish it in 10 days.
      If 15 men and 6 women  undertake to complete the work, how many days will they take to
      complete it?
      a) 2
      b) 4
      d) 11
Sol :   10 men = 12 women or 1 man  = 6/5 women.
                                     15 men + 6 women = [15×6/5+6] women i.e., 24 women.
                                     Now, 12 women can do the work in 10 days.
                                      24 women can do it in [10×12/24]=5 days
12. One year ago the ratio between Samir and Ashok’s age was 4:3, One year hence the ratio
      of their age will be 5:4. What is  the sum of their present ages in years?
      a) 12 years
      b) 15 years
16 years
      d) Can not be determined

                           Sol  :  4x+2 / 3x+2=5 /4   => 4(4x+2)=5(3x+2)      => 16x+8 =15x+10  => x = 2
                                      So, sum of their present ages = [(4x+1) + (3x+1)]=(7x + 2) = 16 years

13. At simple interest, a sum doubles after 20 years, the rate of interest per annum is
      b) 10%
      c) 12%
      d) Data inadequate
14. The diameter of a circle is 105cm less that the circumference. What is the diameter
      of the circle?
      a) 44cm
      b) 46cm
      c) 48cm

                      Sol  :  Diameter of circle = 2 x radius of circle  =>   d = 2r
                                         from the statement, 2r = 2
πr – 105  => 2r = 105 x 7 / 15 = 49

15. What is the largest number which divides 77, 147 and 252 to leave the same remainder
      in each case?
      a) 25
      b) 15
      c) 45
16. The pH of fresh groundwater slightly decreases upon exposure to air because
carbon dioxide from air is dissolved in water.
      b) oxygen from air is dissolved in water
      c) the dissolved carbon dioxide of the groundwater escapes into air.
      d) the dissolved oxygen of the groundwater escapes into air.
17. Telescopes are placed in space to view distant galaxies primarily to
      a) get closer  to the observed objects.
avoid the absorption of light or other radiation within the atmosphere of the earth.
      c) avoid light pollution from the earth’s populated areas.
      d) avoid steering the telescope against the earth’s motion.
18. Which one among the following is not included in the major clinical sign as a case definition
      of AIDS in children <12 years  of age?
Persistent cough for more than 1 month
      b) Loss of weight
      c) Chronic diarrhoea
      d) Prolonged fever
19. The polarity of an unmarked horse shoe magnet can be determined by using
      a) a charged glass rod
a magnetic compass
      c) an electroscope
      d) None of these
20. When creame is separated frommilk
the density of milk increases
      b) the density of milk decreases
      c) the density of milk remains unchanged
      d) it becomes more viscous
21. In which district, Gohna, a histroical place is situated?
      a) Panipat

      b) Sirsa
      d) Rewari
22. In which city of Haryana the first University was established?
      a) Karnal
      b) Murthal
      c) Kurukshetra
23. For the State of Haryana, the receipts are pegged at _______ crore for the Fiscal Year 2015-16.
Rs. 12877.81
      b) Rs. 16877.81
      c) Rs. 11877.81
      d) Rs. 10877.81
24. Haryanvi literature encriched with all of the following languages, except:
      a) Hindi
      c) Braj
      d) Urdu
25. Which of the following statements is/are correct?
      1. The rural sex ratio of Haryana is 882
      2. The urban sex ratio of Haryana is 873.
      a) Only 1
      b) Only 2
Both 1 and 2
      d) Neither 1 nor 2
26.Match the following :
             List-1                       List-II
      a. Hathinkund               1. Cahndigarh
      b. Surajkund lake          2. Yamunanagar
      c. Sukhna lake             3. Gurgaon
      d. Damdama lake          4. Faridabad

           A   B   C   D
2   4   1   3
      b)  1   2   3   4
      c)  3   4   1   2
      d)  2   1   4   3

27. In 1947, when India was declared Independent, of which of the following States was Haryana a part?
      a) Delhi
      b) Himanchal Pardesh
      d) Jammu Kashmir
28. Which of the following statements is/are incorrect?
      1. Haryana Panchayati Raj Act was passed in the year 1994.
      2. It adopted two-tier Panchayati Raj System.

      a) Only 1
Only 2
      c) Both 1 and 2
      d) Neither 1 nor 2

29. Which kind of soil is found at the Morni range of the State Haryana?
      a) Alluvial
      b) Loamy
      c) Muddy
30. Mango fair is held in
      b) Bilaspur
      c) Kurukshetra
      d) Sonipat
31. Which of the following pair is incorrect?
      a) Nirmal Gulia  – Gymnastics
      b) Gurpreet Kaur – Javeline Throw
      c) Sunita Singh  – Race
      d) Geeta Jutsi – Shooting
32. Mango fair is held in
      b) Bilaspur
      c) Kurukshetra
      d) Sonipat
33. The subject of Rajput style of painting is
      a) Ramayna
      b) Mahabharta
      c) Life of Lord Krishna
All of these
34. Which of the following districts was established by Firoz Shah Tughlaq?
      a) Mewat
      c) Jhajjar
      d) Mahendragarh
35. Which of the following statements is/are incorrect?
      1. GOI has selected Haryana State for establishment of a Bio-Technology Park.
      2. State Government has proposed a Pharma Park in the KMP Expressway.

      a) Only 1
      b) Only 2
      c) Both 1 and 2
None of the above

36. According to Census 2011, which among the following districts of Haryana has highest
     Decadal Growth Rate of Population?
      a) Panipat
      b) Sonipat
      c) Hisar
37. Which sport was included by State Government of HAryana in its Sports Policy in May, 2015?
      b) Pool
      c) Boat-race
      d) None of these
38. Rao Tula Ram was born in which district of Haryana?
      b) Mahendragarh
      c) Jhajjar
      d) Bhiwani
39. Which of the year had declared the Balika Shishu Varsh
      a) 2005
      c) 2007
      d) 2008
40. Fazal Ali Commission’s report was submitted in the year
      a) 1953
      c) 1956
      d) 1957
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