HTET 2014 – TGT Social Studies Solved Paper (Part-I)

Haryana Teacher Eligibility Test 2014
(Teachers for classes VI & X)
Solved paper of TGT Social Studies (Arts Group) held on 02 February 2014
[PART-I : 1 – 30] ( correct answers are highighted in deep saffron color)
1.  The reason in difference between GNP and GDP is
a) Gross Foreign Investment
b) Net Foreign Investment
c) Net Exports
Net Factor Income from abroad
2.  Who amongst the following was the contemporary ruler of Akbar?
a) Queen Victoria of British
b) Shah Abbas I of Persia
c) Catherine the great of Russia

d) None of the above 
3.  The prominent nihilist thinker in Russia was
b) Lenin

c) Tolstoy
d) Prince Koptikin
4.  In which sector, industries are included?
a) Primary Sector
Secondary Sector
c) Service Sector
d) None of the above
5.  The financial year in India starts from
a) January

b) April
c) June
d) October
6.  Project Tiger was started in
b) 1975
c) 1976

d) 1976
7.  When did Parliament passed the Consumer Protection Act?
a) 15th Decemebr, 1985
24th Decemebr, 1986
c) 15th March, 1985
d) 24th Decemebr, 1987
8.  Who was the first Surveryor General of Archaeological Survey of India?
a) Sir William Jones
b) James Prinsep
c) James Fergusson
Alexander Cunningham
9.  The pioneer of humanism was
a) Boccaccio
b) Dante

c) Petrarch
d) Bacon
10. Coins in India are minted by
a) Reserve Bank of India
b) Satet Bank of India
Government of India
d) Planning Commission
11. Consider the follwoing statements:
i) Mahtama Gandhi NREGA was enacted by Governement of India in 2005.
ii) It provides 100 days guaranteed employment in every financial year to adults of rural household.

Among these which statement is correct?
a) (i) only                        b) (ii) only
c) (i) & (ii) both                d) None

           The Govt of India have passed the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) 2005 in September
2005. Introduction After three years of its operation, on October 2, 2009, NREGA was renamed as the
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2009. 

12. The components of Human Development Index are
a) Life expectancy, per capita GDP and sex ratio
b) Sex ratio, educational attainment and pure drinking water
Life expectancy, per capita GDP and educational attainment
d) P
er capita GDP, infrastructure and sex ratio
13. Which one of the following is an example of Bloack Mountain?
a) NIlgiri Mountain

b) Aravalli Mountain
c) Satpura Mountain
d) Sahyadri Mountain
14. The incident of Chauri-Chaura is associated with
Non-cooperation Movement
b) Civil Disobedience Movement
c) Quit India Movement
d) Revolutionary MOvement
15. In agricultural production, Food grains include
a) Only cerals
b) Cereals and pulses
Cereals and oilseeds
d) Pulses and oilseeds
16. One of the founders of Swarajya Party was
a) Madan Mohan Malviya
Moti Lal Nehru
c) Rajendra Prasad
d) Lala Lajpat Roy
17. In which states and union territories the sex ratio is in favour of Females (2011)?
Kerala and Puducherry
b) Kerala, Puducherry & Laksha-dweep

c) Puducherry and Tamilnadu
d) Tamilnadu and Laksha-dweep
18. Which of the following statements is/are correct about Reserve Bank of India?
a) It is a Nationalised bank.
b) It is the Central bank of India.
c) It was established in 1935.

d) All of the above
19. In economic terminology the final production of goods and services valued at market prices during
a year of a nation is known as
a) Gross Domestic Product

b) Gross National Product
c) National Income
d) Net National Product
20. In which census decade the decadal population growth of India was recorded highest?
a) 1951-61
c) 1971-81
d) 1981-91
21. The religious tax collected by French Church prior to 1789, was
a) Taile

b) Gebul
d) Corvee
22. The type of unemployment, in agriculture sector in India is
a) Structural
b) Frictional

c) Open
23. A personal account can not be opened in
a) A Cooperative Bank

b) A Scheduled Bank
c) The Reserve Bank of India
d) A Private bank
24. The Governor of Reserve Bank of India is
a) Dr. D. Subbarao
b) Bimal Jalan
c) C. Rangrajan
Raghuram Rajan
25. Match List-I with List-II

List-I                                        List-II
i) Surendranath Banerjee              A) Hind Swaraj
ii) Dada Bhai Naoroji                    B) The Indian Struggle
iii) Subash Chandra Bose             C) Poverty and Unbritish rule in India

iv) Mahatma Gandhi                     D) A Nation in Making

a) i – D,  ii – C,  iii – B, iv – A
b) i – A,   ii – B,  iii – C,  iv – D
c) i – B,  ii – C,  iii – D,  iv – A

d) i – C,  ii – D,  iii – A,  iv – B

26. Among the agro-based industries in India which one is the second largest industry after
cotton textile?
Jute Industry
b) Silk Industry
c) Woolen Textile

d) Sugar Industry
27. In India the Apex body for agriculture loan is
a) Reserve Bank of India
b) State Bank of India

c) State Cooperative Bank
d) National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development
28. Which amonst the following are known as ‘Bretonwoods twins’?
a) IMF and WTO
World Bank and IMF
c) WTO and WLO
d) WLO and IFO
29. The commodity on which India spends largest amount to import is?
a) Iron and Steel
b) Food Grains
Crude Oil
d) Gold and Silver
30. The film made by Dada Saheb Falke in 1913 was
a) C.I.D
b) Hanging Garden
Raja Harishchandra
d) Guest House
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2 Responses to HTET 2014 – TGT Social Studies Solved Paper (Part-I)

  1. amar says:

    Yar if u r putting any question please verify twice and by a educated person, coz ur answwr is imp n that answer can mark in any real competitive exam.
    I wuld like to draw ur attention towards question number 19 the correct answer will be gdp not nnp. Yr dats very clear bcs question is a gdp defination . Kindly amend it and in question 27 crrct will be NABARD. Please its a requst to you, put 10 question but d answer sud b crrct.
    Hope you will keep in mind nxt tim

    • Rasul Mydeen says:

      Please check your answer…Real answer is State co operative bank only not NABARD

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