GA Quiz 2012 – 21



            1.  According to the international rating agency Moody’s Analytics, India’s Gross
                 Domestic Product (GDP) growth is forecast to be _________in 2012.
                 a) 5.5 per cent
                 b) 5.7 per cent
                 c) 5.8 per cent
                 d) 5.3 per cent
                 e) None of the above

            2.  The ratio of Gross Non-Performing Assets (GNPAs) to Gross Advances in 
                 Public Sector Banks (PSBs) as on June 2012 was __________. 
                 a) 2.32 %
                 b) 2.12 %
                 c) 3.17 %
                 d) 3.52 %
                 e) 3.48 %

            3.  The Cash reserve Ratio (CRR) rate effective from the Sept 22, 2012 is:
                 a) 4.25 per cent  
                 b) 4.50 per cent
                 c) 4.75 per cent
                 d) 5.00 percent
                 e) None of the above 

            4.  Quarterly GDP at factor cost at constant (2004-2005) prices for Q1 of 2012-13
                  was estimated at:
                 a) Rs. 13, 07,876 crore
                 b) Rs. 13, 05,674 crore
                 c) Rs. 13, 09,286 crore
                 d) Rs. 13, 06,276 crore
                 e) None of the above

            5.  The average annual economic growth rate achieved in 11th Five Year Plan was: 
                  a) 7.2 per cent
                  b) 7.6 per cent
                  c) 7.9 per cent
                  d) 8.2 per cent
                  e) None of the above

            6.  The 12th Five Year Plan document (2012-13 to 2016-17) targets an economic
                 growth of:
                 a) 8.2 per cent
                 b) 8.3 per cent
                 c) 8.5 per cent
                 d) 8.6 per cent
                 e) None of the above

            7.  Which of the following statement(s) is/are NOT correct in context of the draft 
                 12th Five Year Plan document cleared by Union Cabinet recently?
                 1. The growth target for manufacturing sector has been pegged at 10 per cent during
                      the 12th plan.
                 2. The 12th Plan document seeks to achieve 4.5 per cent agriculture sector growth 
                     during the Plan period.
                 3. The total plan size has been proposed at Rs 47.7 lakh crore, 135 per cent more than
                     the investments realised in the 11th Plan (2007-12).
                 4. The 12th Plan document proposed generation of five crore new jobs during the five 
                      year period in the farm sectors.

                   a) Only 1         b) Only 2         c) Only 3         d) Both 2 & 3        e) Both 2 & 4

           8.  P-Notes allow foreign HNIs (high networth individuals) and other rich investors
                 to invest in India through already registered FIIs. What does the letter ‘P’ in 
                ‘P-Notes’ stands for?
                 a) Policy
                 b) Public
                 c) Purchasing
                 d) Possession
                 e) Participatory

            9.  According to The Global Gender Gap Report-2011, prepared by the World
                 Economic Forum, India ranks at which of the following positions?
                 a) 131st
                 b) 123rd
                 c) 115th
                 d) 127th
                 e) None of the above

            10. India has recently been launched its heaviest (3400 kg) communication
                  satellite GSAT-10 from Kourou spaceport. Where is Kourou spaceport 
                  a) Italy
                  b) France
                  c) Russia
                  d) Guyana
                  e) Kazakhstan

            11. Which of the following is/are key point(s) of the declaration adopted at the
                  end of the  9th World Hindi Conference concluded in Johannesburg city
                  of South Africa recently?
                  1. The conference welcomed the Governments of India and Mauritius establishing a
                      World Hindi Secretariat in Mauritius.
                  2. It authorised the Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi Vishwavidyalaya, Wardha
                      to prepare a standard syllabus for teaching Hindi to the foreigners.
                  3. It recommended institution of a global award for Hindi to be called the ‘Vishwa Hindi

                  a) Only 1         b) Only 2         c) Only 3         d) Both 2 & 3        e) All 1, 2 & 3

            12. Nobel peace prize for the year 2012 has been awarded to which of the
                  following international entities/organisations?
                  a) EU
                  b) UNO 
                  c) BRICS
                  d) SAARC
                  e) None of the above

            13. According to The 2012 Global Hunger Index (GHI), India ranks at:
                  a) 43rd 
                  b) 48th  
                  c) 62nd 
                  d) 65th
                  e) 58th

             14. Name the India’s ‘Missile Woman’ who was conferred the Lal Bahadur Shastri
                   National Award 2012 recently. 
                   a) Sunita Williams
                   b) Tessy Thomas
                   c) Buela M. Sam
                   d) Shashi Bala Singh
                   e) None of the above

            15. Devendra Kumar Joshi became new chief of :
                  a) Indian Airforce
                  b) Indian Army
                  c) Indian Navy
                  d) Indian Airline
                  e) None of the above

            16. Who won the ‘Man of the Series’award in 2012 ICC World Twenty20 cricket
                  tournament held in  Sri Lanka recenlty?
                  a) Shane Watson
                  b) Chris Gayle
                  c) Kumar Sangkara
                  d) Marlon Samuels
                  e) Mahela Jayawardene 

            17. Which is the country’s first open defecation free state?
                  a) Goa
                  b) Kerala
                  c) Assam
                  d) Sikkim
                  e) Himachal Pradesh

            18. Verghese Kurien, who died on 9th September was Honoured as the architect
                   of India’s:
                  a) Yellow Revolution
                  b) Green Revolution
                  c) Blue Revolution
                  d) White Revolution
                  e) None of the above

            19. Initiated in July 2008, the Roshni programme aims to make/provide: 
                 1. The President’s Estate a model in green, energy efficient
                 2. Zero waste model township for all habitats across India.
                 3. Electricity connection to each BPL family across the country.

                  a) Only 1         b) Only 2         c) Only 3         d) Both 1 & 2        e) All 1, 2 & 3

            20. Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 deals about care and protection of :
                  a) NRIs
                  b) Immigrants
                  c) Riot victims
                  d) Terrorist prisoner
                  e) None of the above

            21. How much percent of the seats in Panchayati Raj Institutions has been 
                  reserved for women to bring them in the mainstream of political leadership
                  at the grass root level?
                  a) 25 %
                  b) 30 %
                  c) 33 % 
                  d) 37 %
                  e) None of the above

            22. In which year, the National Mission for Empowerment of Women (NMEW) 
                  was launched by The Ministry of Women and Child Development?
                  a) 2007
                  b) 2008
                  c) 2009
                  d) 2010
                  e) None of the above

            23. Google’s main shopping service is called 
                  a) Froogle
                  b) Cragle
                  c) Doudle
                  d) Ibibo
                  e) Google+

            24. Which one of the following is NOT a flavour of Linux operating system?
                  a) Fedora
                  b) Ubuntu
                  c) Gentoo
                  d) Red Hat
                  e) LinTux

            25. Which of the following ports of system unit  can be used to attach an external
                 storage media/peripheral devices?
                  a) VGA port
                  b) USB port
                  c) Parallel port
                  d) Serial port
                  e) None of the above

                  Note : – Correct answers are highlighted in red color.    
                              Write your comment in comment box below and                  Written by-
                              don’t forget to rate the quiz.                                  Naren

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