SI(Exe.) Delhi Police Exam 2012 – GK Paper

Solved GK Paper held on 19th August 2012
(correct answers are highighted in deep saffron color)
1. Is it permissible to conduct the election for the post of President of India when one or more State
    Assemblies are dissolved?
    a) Parliament permission is needed

    b) With the permission of the Election Commission of India
Yes, can be conducted
    d) Not possible to conduct
A good question that need few lines for justification of highlighted answer here in above options.
          Article 55 is conspicuously silent on whether there will be representation of all or each State in the Presidential
          election, although there is vacancy in the electoral College. It only provides the phrase, “the elected members of
          Legislative Assemblies of States” means only those who are actually in office at the time of Presidential Election.
          Neither Article 54 nor Article 55 prescribes the circumstances in which or the time when the election of the 
          President shall take place. Article 55 has no concern with the competence of the election of the President because
          of dissolution of the Legislative Assembly of a State.

          However election of the President can be held even if some seats in the Electoral College are vacant. Because a
          President in office can change the composition of the Electoral College by dissolving one or more hostile Legislative
          Assemblies under Article 172(1) or 174(26) or under 356(1) of the Constitution of India.

          For example, the MLAs of Rajasthan participated in the Presidential Election in 1967 though the Assembly was kept
          under suspended animation under Article 356(1) (c) of the Constitution.

2. Who is a non-member but can participate in the business of Parliament?
    b) Chief Justice of Supreme Court
    c) Vice-President
    d) Solicitor-General
           Attorney General of India can participate in any proceedings of Loksabha / Rajyasabha / Joint Sitting / any
           parliamentary committee in which he is named as member.
3. Supreme Court is the guradian for
    a) Preamble
    b) Centre and State disputes

    c) Fundamental Rights
    d) Directive Principles
4. Estimates Committee consists of members from
    a) State Assemblies
    b) Union Territories

    c) Parliament
Lok Sabha
5. The bounadary between India and pakistan was demarcated by
    a) Stafford Cripps

    b) Lawrence
    c) Lord Mountbatten
Sir Cyril Radcliffe
6. Who among the following attacked the Somnath temple?
    a) Iltumish

    b) Qutbuddin Aibak
Mahmud of Ghazni
    d) Muhammad Ghori
The Somnath temple was attacked in 1025 by Mughal ruler Mahmud Ghazni and its wealth plundered.
7. The purchase and sale of securities by the Central bank is known as
Open Market Operation
    b) Net Liquidity ratio
    c) Variable reserve ratio
    d) Bank rate
8. Car and Diesel are the examples of
    a) Joint supply
Joint demand
    c) Demand
    d) Supply
9. Buffer stock operations are conducted by
Food Corporation of India
    b) Ministry of Agriculture
    c) Warehousing Corporation of India

    d) State Trading Corporation of India
10. Marginal productivity theory of distribution states that the price of a factor of production depends
     upon its
Marginal productivity
    b) Negative productivity
    c) Average productivity

    d) Total productivity
11. Fundamental Duties were incorporated in the Indian Constitution on the recommendation of
     a) Shah Commission
     b) Administrative Reforms Commission
     c) Santhanam Committee

     d) Swaran Singh Committee
            The Fundamental Duties of citizens were added to the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment in 1976, upon the
            recommendations of the Swaran Singh Committee.
12. There is a Parliamentary system of Government in India because
     a) The Rajya Sabha cannot be dissolved

     b) The Council of Ministers is responsible to the Lok Sabha
     c) The Lok Sanha is directly elected by the people
     d) The Parliament can amend the Constitution
13. Sardar Sarovar Project is built across the river
     b) Godavari
     c) Mahanadi
     d) Tapti
14.Which hill tract receives maimum rainfall?
     a) Jaintia

     b) Mizo
     c) Garo
15. Typhoid fever is caused by
     a) Fungi

     b) Virus
     c) Bacterium
     d) Protozoa
16. Which of the following is not an endocrine gland?
     a) Adrenal

     b) Spleen
     c) Pituitary
     d) Thyroid
17. Grey hair is caused due to
     a) loss of sebum in epidermal cells
loss of melanin in epidermal cells
     c) aging of epidermal cells
     d) death of dermal cells
18. In our body, antibodies are formed against pathogens in 
     a) brain by macrophages

     b) thymus by lymphocytes
     c) liver by RBC

     d) blood by platelets
19. Prawn heart carries
oxygenated blood
     b) mixid blood

     c) no blood
     d) deoxygenated
20. Which of the foloowing has no blood, but respires?
     b) Cockroach
     c) Fish

     d) Earthworm
21. Portuguese navigator who succeeded in crossing the Cape of Storms and renamed it as “Cape of
     Good Hope” was
Vasco de Gama
     b) Francisco-de-Almeida
     c) Afonso de Albuquerque

     d) Bartholomew Diaz
22. Who founded the Servants of India Society?
Gopal Krishna Gokhale
     b) Surendranath Banerjee
     c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
     d) V.O. Chidambaram Pillai
            The Servants of India Society was formed in Pune, Maharashtra, on June 12, 1905 by Gopal Krishna Gokhale,
             a senior leader of the Indian National Congress.
23. The Nalanda University was founded by 
     a) Samdura Gupta

     b) Chandra Gupta
     c) Harsha Vardhana
Kumara Gupta
24. Alluvial soils was usually
      i. Rich in nitrogen
     ii. Poor in humus
     iii. Highly fertile
     iv. Easy to plough

      a) i, iii and iv
      b) i, ii and iii
      c) i, ii and iv 
ii, iii and iv

25. The Temperate grasslands in South America are known as
     a) Veldt
     b) Prairies
     d) Downs
26. Tel is the tributary of river
     a) Godavari

     b) Yamuna
     c) Tapti
     d) Mahanadi
27. Lactose is present in
     a) lime

     b) vinegar
     c) grapes

     d) milk
28. Hard water and soft water can be distinguished by using
     b) liquid soap
     c) dilute acid

     d) ordinary soap
29. Which of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution?
     b) Coal
     c) Diesel
     d) Kerosene
30. Water cycle refers to
      a) scientific management of water in areas excessively plagued with water-logging

      b) water distribution in relatively dry areas
      c) sn integrated attempt to recycle water in relatively arid regions
constant movement of water from ocean to land and back to oceaqn once again
31. Ferrous sulphate is used in water treatment as a/an
Coagulant aid
      b) Adsorbent

      c) Oxidizing agent
      d) Reducing agent
32. Hardness of the water is commonly measured in terms of
      a) Magnesium carbonate euivalents

      b) Magnesium sulphate euivalents
      c) Calcium carbonate euivalents
      d) Calcium sulphate euivalents
33. The biological decomposition of organic substances in wastes under controlled conditions is
      known as:
     a) sanitary landfill
     b) pyrolysis
     d) incineration
34. The dynamo converts
     a) mechanical energy into magnetic energy

     b) magnetic energy into mechanical energy
mechanical energy into electrical energy
     d) electrical energy into mechanical energy
35. It is easier for a man to swim in sea water than in river water because
     a) the sea is deeper than the river
     b) the sea is wider than the river

     c) the density of sea water is lesser than the density
     d) the density of the sea water is more than the density of river water
36. In the remote control of television, electromagnetic waves used are  
     a) radiowave

     b) infrared
     c) ultraviolet
     d) microwave
37. The process of writing on an optical disc is called 
     a) Scanning
     c) Ripping
     d) Fetching
38. A place through which data can enter or leave a computer is called
     a) mouse
     c) bus
     d) dock
39. ATM is the abbreviation for
     a) Automatic Tally Machine
     b) Automated tally Machine
     c) Automatic Teller Machine

     d) Automated Teller Machine
40. Which of the following is colourless?
     a) Phosphorus
     b) Sulphur
     c) Chlorine

    d) Oxygen
41. Which of the following statements is not correct about Sunder Lal Bahuguna?
     a) He started the ‘Chipko Movement’ to create the awareness of deforestation.    [Check this post]
He was elected to Lok Sabha from Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand 
     c) He is an eminent environmentalist.
     d) He was awarded Padama Bhushan in 2009
42. Who said that “the power of population is infinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce
     a) Simon-Kuznets
     c) A. Lewis
     d) A. Marshall
43. The ‘Sun Temple’ of Konark is in the State of
      a) Andhra Pradesh
      b) Madhya Pradesh
      d) Jharkhand
44. Which one of the following organisations is directly related to child welfare?
     a) WHO
     b) WTO
     c) UNESCO
45. The Chief Election Commissioner of India is
V.S. Sampath
     b) Dr. B.K.Avadhoot
     c) Montek Singh Ahluwalia

     d) S.M. Krishna
46. Novelist Mr. Salman Rushdie was awarded “Knighthood” by
     a) Mr. Gordon Brown
     b) Mrs. Margaret Thatcher

     c) Queen Elizabeth II
     d) Prince Charles
47. Who served as India’s first ambassador to the Soviet Union?
Vijayalakshmi Pandit
      b) Prof. Mahalanobis

      c) K.M. Panikkar
      d) V.K. Krishna Menon
48. The Chairman of Thirteenth Finance Commission is
     a) Dr. Raja Chellaiah
Dr. Vijay Kelkar
     c) C. Rangarajan

     d) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
49. Which one of the following has recently conferred the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters(D.Litt.)
     on U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon?
Jamia Millia Islamia University
     b) I.I.T. Delhi
     c) Lal Bahadur Sanskrit University 
     d) G.G.S. Indraprastha University
50. Filmfare Award for Best Female Actor, 2011 was conferred on
Vidya Balan
      b) Katrina Kaif

      c) Shilpa Shetty
      d) Priyanka Chopra
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                   above post and fon’t forget to rate the post.
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