GA Quiz 2012 – 19

1.  The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has made e-filing of income-tax returns
     mandatory for all assessees whose annual earnings exceeded ________ during the
     fiscal 2011-12.
     a) Rs. 5 lakh
     b) Rs. 7 lakh
     c) Rs. 8 lakh
     d) Rs. 10 lakh
     e) None of the above

2.  Which is the minimum price fixed by the governemnt for auctioning pan-India second-
     generation 2G mobile-phone spectrum?

     a) Rs. 14,000 crore 
     b) Rs. 15,000 crore
     c) Rs. 16,000 crore 
     d) Rs. 18,000 crore
     e) None of the above

3.  The total refining capacity of the country  has increased from 127.356 MMTPA in 
     2004-05 to  ___________  as on 1.4.2012.
     a) 167.084 MMTPA
     b) 193.045 MMTPA
     c) 213.066 MMTPA
     d) 243.072 MMTPA
     e) None of the above

4.  The deadline set by RBI for Indian banks to complete their conformation to the 
     Basel-III norms is:
     a) March 2014
     b) March 2018
     c) March 2020
     d) March 2016 
     e) None of the above

5.  Presently, the infant mortality rate (deaths/1000 live births) of Indian children is:
     a) 50
     b) 42
     c) 52
     d) 43
     e) 47

6.  Which of the following international organisations has recently offered $150 million
     loan to Indian railway for expansion of railway tracks and improving overall service?

     a) EU
     b) IMF
     c) ADB
     d) World bank
     e) None of the above

7.  Which one of the following companies  holds the consent from the Yamuna Expressway
     Authority  (YEA) to develop, operate and maintain Yamuna Expressway in Uttar 
     Pradesh connecting Noida to Agra?

     a) Reliance Infratech Limited (RIL)
     b) Jaypee Infratech Limited (JIL) 
     c) Lanco Infratech Limited (LIL)
     d) Goldstone Infratech Limited (GIL)
     e) None of the above

8.  Recently, the telecom department of India make it mandatory to all the smartphone
     makers to mention the Specific Absorption Level (SAR) for every handset. Consider
     the following statements in context of the new radiation emission rules for smartphone
     makers issued by the government? 
    1. Cell phones can be imported from any other country and sold in India only if the
        SAR level is below 1.6 watts per kg (W/kg). 
    2. SAR is the amount of radio waves absorbed by the body tissue when a phone is in use.
    3. All smartphones will carry a radiation tag from September 1, 2012 in India.
    4. Violation of radiation limits or non-certification will entail a fine of Rs 2 lakh per tower

    Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?
     a) 1, 2 and 3
     b) 2, 3 and 4
     c) 1, 2 and 4
     d) 1, 3 and 4
     e) All 1, 2, 3 and 4

9.  According to the latest report for the year 2011-12, released by Labour Bureau,
     which state  has lowest unemployment rate among all states in country?
     a) Goa
     b) Delhi
     c) Maharashtra
     d) Gujarat
     e) Chattishgarh

10. Recently, the tension escalated in the strife-torn Bodoland Territorial Areas District
      (BTAD) in Assam due to violence between the Bodos and Bengali speaking Muslims.
      Bodo Territorial Areas  District (BTAD) is an area consists of four districts:  
      a) Baska,Chirang,Kokrajhar,Udalguri  
      b) Baska,Tinsukia,Kokrajhar,Dhubri
      c) Tinsukia,Darrang,Chirang, Udalguri   
      d) Chirang,Kokrajhar, Udalguri,Sibsagar 
      e) None of the above

11. In the last week of March this year, the United Nations declared that one of the
      Millennium  Development Goals had been met before the 2015 deadline. Which
      one of the following MDG targets/goals have been met in March 2012?
      a) target for sanitation 
      b) target for eradication of poverty and hunger
      c) traget for promotion of gender equality
      d) target for access to safe drinking water
      e) None of the above

12. Mohammed Mursi is the first democratically elected President of:
      a) Libya
      b) Yemen
      c) Lebanon
      d) Georgia
      e) Egypt

13. In Islam, every one has to pay ‘fitra’ and ‘zakat’ in the month of Ramzan. Zakat is:
      a) a levy on the property of the wealthy for distribution to society’s poor
      b) a fixed amount of money donated by the Muslim peoples during worship at Mecca
      c) a name of one of the obligatory Muslim prayers performed five times each day
      d) a ritual shuddhikriyas (Cleansing Process) done before peforming Salah in Islam
      e) None of the above

14. Hamid Ansari became the second Vice President after_________to get two 
      successive terms. 
      a) V.V. Giri
      b) Zakir Hussain
      c) M. Hidayatullah 
      d) Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan 
      e) None of the above

15. Who among the following took oath as the 18th Chief Election Commissioner(CEC)
      of India?
      a) V.S. Sampath 
      b) H.S. Brahma 
      c) S.Y. Quraishi 
      d) Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi 
      e) None of the above

16. Who has been selected for the 20th Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award?
      a) S.K. Shivkumar
      b) D.R. Mehta
      c) Jawahar Thakur
      d) S.N. Subbarao
      e) K. Vittal Rao
17. Rajesh Khanna, the first superstar of Indian and Hindi Cinema was nicknamed as 
      a) Kaka
      b) Chintu
      c) Babumoshai
      d) Jumping Jack
      e) Jubilee Kumar

18. Dara Singh, who passed away on 12 july 2012 was titled of
      a) Hind Kesari
      b) Rustam-e-Hind
      c) Rustam-e-Punjab
      d) Both (b) & (c)
      e) All (a), (b) & (c)

19. A favicon or a favourite icon is essentially an icon associated with a(n) 
     a) website
     b) image file
     c) applet program
     d) internet explorer
     e) application program

20. Who was India’s flag bearer at the closing ceremony of 2012 London Olympics?
      a) Sushil Kumar
      b) Saina Nehwal
      c) Vijay Kumar
      d) Gagan Narang
      e) Mary Kom

21. Who became country’s first woman boxer to win a medal at the Olympics?
      a) Mary Kom
      b) Saina Nehwal
      c) Tintu Luka
      d) Krishna Poonia
      e) None of the above

22. Vijay Kumar won a silver medal at 2012 London Olympic Games in which of the
      following events?
      a) Double trap event
      b) Air pistol event 
      c) Air rifle event
      d) Rapid fire pistol event
      e) None of the above

23. Usain Bolt, who became the first man to successfully defend both 100 and 200 sprint
      titles in an Olympic Games, hails from which of the following countries?
      a) Cuba
      b) Haiti
      c) Uruguay
      d) Bermuda
      e) Jamaica
24. Who presides over the joint sitting of the two Houses of Indian parliament?
      a) The Prime Minsiter  of India
      b) The President of India
      c) The Chairman of Rajya Sabha
      d) The Speaker of the Lok Sabha 
      e) None of the above
25. The Lok Sabha’s sitting/proceedings adjourns sine die when 
      a) it adjourns without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing
      b) it adjourns with assigning a day for a further meeting due to absence of Speaker
      c) it adjourns with assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing in next session
      d) it adjourns with assigning a day for a further meeting of joint sitting of two houses 
      d) None of the above

       Note : – Correct answers are highlighted in red color.
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