GA Quiz 2012 – 14

1.  How much amount has been proposed by the Government of India to invest for the
     development of various projects in port sector during the 12th Five Year Plan? 

     a) Rs.73,793.95 crore
     b) Rs.67,784.53 crore
     c) Rs.72,863.42 crore
     d) Rs.66,753.35 crore
     e) None of the above

2.  How many Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) are functioning in rural
     areas of the country as on 31st March, 2012?
     a) 27,133
     b) 34,671
     c) 36,263
     d) 38,684
     e) None of the above

3.  Value of assets seized in searches conducted by Income Tax department during 2011-
     12, stood at __________. 
     a) Rs. 745.35 crore
     b) Rs. 815.63 crore
     c) Rs. 877.43 crore
     d) Rs. 905.61 crore
     e) None of the above

4.  The maximum amount one can invest in National Savings Certificates (NSC) scheme
     is capped at __________.

     a) Rs 50,000
     b) Rs 60,000
     c) Rs 70,000
     d) Rs 1,00,000
     e) No Maximum Limit

5.  How many shares sold by World’s biggest social networking website Facebook in
     its trading debut to raise $16 billion through the initial public offering (IPO) of stock?

     a) 377.4 million
     b) 467.5 million
     c) 421.2 million
     d) 442.2 million
     e) None of the above

6.  Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has reduced the Securities Transaction Tax
     (STT) from 0.125 per cent to 0.1 per cent in 2012 Union Budget. STT is applicable
     to the purchase or sale of 
     A) Equity shares
     B) Equity derivatives
     C) Securities listed on Stock Exchanges in India

     a) Only (A)     b) Only (B)     c) Only (C)     d) Both (A) & (B)     e) All (A), (B) & (C)

7.  The Parliament of India has recently passed a Bill providing for setting up of separate
     High Courts in which of the following North-Eastern States? 
     a) Tripura, Manipur and Meghalaya
     b) Tripura, Sikkim and Meghalaya
     c) Sikkim, Manipur and Meghalaya
     d) Sikkim, Nagaland and Meghalaya 
     e) None of the above

8.  IOC is proposing to set up LNG import terminal at Ennore Port in
     a) Odisha
     b) Kerala
     c) Gujarat
     d) Maharashtra
     e) Tamilnadu
9.  Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has recently been elected as chairman 
     of the board of  governors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for next ______.
     a) One year
     b) Two years
     c) Three years
     d) Five years
     e) None of the above

10. At present, which of the following items is/are fully exempted from excise duty?
      a) Domestic LPG
      b) PDS Kerosene
      c) Branded silver jewellery 
      d) Both (a) & (b)
      d) All (a), (b) & (c)

11. Name the Pakistani scientist who was recently released on bail by Indian Supreme
    Court after having spent 20 years in Indian detention? 

      a) Aafia Siddiqui
      b) Mohammed Ali Shah
      c) Mufti Fazal Ahmed Chisti 
      d) Mohammed Khalil Chishti 
      e) None of the above

12. The source of gas for TAPI Gas Pipeline project is
      a) Arash gas field
      b) Asaluyeh gas field
      c) Galkynysh gas field
      d) Sheberghan gas field
      e) None of the above

13. The Da Vinci Code is a famous mystery-detective novel written by 
      a) Philip Roth
      b) Dan Brown 
      c) S. D. Perry
      d) J.K.Rowling
      e) Rudyard Kipling

14. World champion Alexander Dale Oen who died on 30th April 2012 was a famous
      a) boxer
      b) racer
      c) golfer
      d) shooter
      e) swimmer

15. The Parliament of India celebrated 60 years of its existence on
      a) May 5, 2012
      b) May 7, 2012
      c) May 11, 2012
      d) May 13, 2012
      e) None of the above

16. Which Section of Indian Penal Code (IPC) deals with the cases of dowry death? 
      a) Sec 304B IPC
      b) Sec 498A IPC
      c) Sec 315 IPC
      d) Sec 318 IPC
      e) None of the above

17. Swavalamban Yojana seeks to provide
      a) pension scheme to the unorganised sector
      b) 100 days employment to youths in rural areas
      c) banking facilities to rural poors
      d) health facilities to semi-urban poors
      e) None of the above

18. National Savings Certificates (NSC) are certificates issued by
     a) RBI
      b) SBI
      c) LIC
      d) NABARD
      e) None of the above

19. Which of the following days is declared as ‘National Girl Child Day’ by Ministry of
      Women and Child Development in 2009 to create national awareness on issues 
      relating to girl-child ratio?

      a) March 8
      b) January 24
      c) February 18 
      d) September 24
      e) November 18

20. Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) which runs world’s largest residential
      school for tribal children in South Asia is located in which of following cities?

      a) Ranchi
      b) Bhopal
      c) Chennai
      d) Bhubaneswar 
      e) Trivandrum

       Note : – Correct answers are highlighted in red color.

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2 Responses to GA Quiz 2012 – 14

  1. Cameo says:

    1.Rs.73,793.95 crore
    5.421 million shares
    9. one year
    11.Mohammed Khalil Chishti
    12.Dauletabad gas field while some other sources say that it will start from the Iolotan gas field
    13.Dan Brown
    15.May 13, 2012
    17.pension scheme {New Pension System (NPS) -Rs 1000}
    18. RBI (Not Sure)
    19.Jan 24th
    20.Buvenewar. Odissa

  2. Rajiv Rana says:


    Ans. A


    Ans. D

    Ans C

    Ans. C

    Ans A

    Ans. D



    Ans . D


    Ans . A

    Ans. E

    Ans. B

    Ans. D