SSC FCI AG-III Mains Exam – Biological Science Paper (Part IV)

SSC Food Corporation of India (FCI) Recruitment Exam 2012

Main exam for Assistant Grade – III Posts
Solved Paper of Biological Sciences held on 15 April 2012
PART-III [101-150] (correct answers are highighted in deep saffron color)
151. More dominant group of microorganisms in the soil is
       b) Fungi
       c) Actinomycetes
       d) Protozoa
152. TDT is 
       a) Thermal dealy time

       b) Thermal divide time
       c) Thermal death temperature
       d) Thermal death time
153. The first viral pathogen discovered was
       a) HIV

       b) TMV
       c) HPV
       d) YMV
            Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) was the first virus to be discovered (1892) over a century ago and was the first 
            virus ever purified.
154. Plague is caused by
       a) Bacterium

       b) Fungus
       c) Alga
155. Selman A. Waksman was awarded Nobel Prize for the discovery of
       a) Penicilin

       b) Streptomyces
       c) Streptomycin
       d) Penicillium
156. Robert Koch has been awarded Nobel Prize in 1905 for the discovery of
       a) Anthrax

       b) Cholera
       c) Tuberculosis

       A) a and b           B)
a and c           C) a alone           D) c alone
157. Organisms, which utilize simple inorganic compounds, are termed as
       a) Phototrophs

       b) Autotrophs
       c) Heterotrophs
       d) Necrotrophs
              An autotroph is an organism that can produce its own food using light, water, carbon dioxide, or other
              chemicals.Autotrophs are a vital part of the food chains of all ecosystems.They serves as primary producers
              in a food chain, such as plants on land or algae in water.Autotrophs reduces carbon dioxide (add hydrogen 
              to it) to make organic compounds.

              Autotroph can be phototrophs or lithotrophs (chemoautotrophs). Phototrophs use light as an energy source,
              while lithotrophs oxidize inorganic compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide, elemental sulfur, ammonium and
              ferrous iron.They take energy from the environment in the form of sunlight or inorganic chemicals and use
              it to create energy-rich molecules such as carbohydrates.

158. Cross wall formation during cell division is accelerated by
       a) Ribosomes

       b) Lysosomes
       d) Mesosomes
159. The group of bacteria which includes obligate intracellular parasites is
       b) Mollicutes
       c) Archaeobacteria
       d) Actinomycetes
160. Which of the following methods is employed for disposal of sludge that is contaminated
       with heavy metals heavily?
       a) Incineration

       b) Drying
       c) Landfilling

       d) Composting
161. The addition of sugar to an egg ____________ the heat stablity of protiens.
       b) decreases
       c) does not change

       d) increases and then decreases
162. Deterioration of fat in the presence of oxygen is due to the enzyme
       a) Lipase

       b) Protease
       c) Lipoxygenase
       d) Peptidase
163. In cheese manufacture, curd is formed by the addition of
       b) Protease
       c) Peptidase

       d) Amylase
164. Excessive intake of polished rice causes deficiency of
       a) Vitamin A
Vitamin B1
       c) Vitamin D
       d) Vitamin K
165. The fat content of toned milk should be
       a) less than 1.5%

       b) less than 3%
       c) more than 3%
       d) more than 5%
166. Bitter pit is 
       a) Chemical injury
Physiological injury
       c) Mechanical injury
       d) Microbial disease
167. What is the TSS of fruit syrup?
       a) 20%

       b) 45%
       d) 80%
             Total Soluble Solid (TSS) is one of the more important quality factors for most fruit juices. TSS of fruit represent
             various chemical substances present in it in soluble form. The amount of TSS present in the fruit sample is also
             considered to be a reliable index in judging its maturity. Fruit syrup may be clear or opaque, but it must contain 
             ornage juice content not less than 25 % and water soluble substance at least 65% with low acidity.
168. Diethyl pyrocarbonate is used as a preservative for
       a) Spices

       b) Fruit juices
       c) Nuts
       d) Vegetables
169. A toxic element which may contaminate food is 
       a) Zinc

       b) Copper
       c) Lead
       d) Calcium
170. Tofu is a processed product of
       a) Kidney bean
       b) navy bean
       c) Broad bean

       d) Soyabean
171. Appertizing is a process called canning and is named after
Nicholas Apert
       b) Michael Apert
       c) John Apert

       d) Williams Apert
               Basic principle of Canning process was developed and commercialized by Nicholas Appert, a French
               confectioner and distiller in 1810. Nicholas Appert, French inventor of airtight food preservation is also
               known as ‘Father of Canning’. 
               Canning is the process in which foods are placed in jars or cans and heated to a temperature that destroys
               microorganisms and inactivates enzymes. This heating and later cooling forms a vacuum seal. The vacuum 
               seal prevents other microorganisms from recontaminating the food within the jar or can.
172. Consider the following statements:
       A. Butter is an example for oil in water emulsion.

       B. Milk is an example for water in oil emulsion.

       a) Statement A is correct and B is wrong
       b) Statement B is correct and A is wrong
       c) Statements A and B are wrong
       d) Statements A and B are correct
Milk is oil in water emulsion and Butter is water in oil emulsion.

173. Consider the following statements:
       A. Soyabean contains 40% protien and 20% fat

       B. The quality of protien is poor because of the process of the trypsin inhibitor.

       a) Statement A is correct and the explanation given in B is wrong
       b) Statement A is correct and the explanation given in B is correct
       c) Statements A and B are correct
       d) Statements A and B are wrong

174. Choose the best answer.
       The toxin found in groundnut kernel is
       b) Patulin
       c) Aminotoxin
       d) Paratoxin
175. Choose the correct answer.
       Decomposition of carbohydrates by microorganisms or enzymes is called as
       a) Putrefaction
       c) Canning
       d) Dextrinisation
176. Consider the following statements:
       A. Freezing at very low temperature (-60 oC) is cryogenic freezing.

       B. The refrigerants used are oxygen and neon

       a) A and B are true
       b) A is true, but B is false
       c) B is true, but A is false
       d) A and B are false
           Temperature = -150 oC,  Liquid Neon and Liquid Oxygen as refrigerants

77. Consider the following statements:
       A. Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D.

       B. On heating milk combines with casein and is converted to calcium caseinate.
       Of these   
       a) Statement A is correct and B is wrong
Statements A and B are correct
       c) Statements A and B are wrong
       d) Statement A is wrong and B is correct
178. Freeze crack is seen when foods are frozen by
       a) Air freezing
       b) Contact freezing
       c) Immersion freezing
Cryogenic freezing
179. Hedonic rating test is used to measure
       a) sensitivity
       c) difference
       d) quality
180. Puffed products are dried to a moisture content less than
       a) 12%

       b) 8%
       c) 4%
       d) 16%
181. In which region of India, is shifting cultivation widely followed?
       a) South
       b) North

       c) North-East
       d) North-West
182. The toxic substance gossypol is formed in
       a) Rapeseed

       b) Linseed
       d) Fababean
183.Pigeonpea sterility mosaic is transmitted by
Aceria cajani
       b) Besmia tabaci
       c) Myzus persicae
       d) Orosius albicinctus
184. The state which ranks first in sugarcane productivity in India is
       a) Maharashtra

       b) Uttar Pradesh
       c) Tamilnadu
       d) Karnatka
185. Frequent ploughing of soil destroys
Soil texture
       b) Soil structure
       c) Soil colour

       d) Soil type
186. Potato late blight is caused by
       b) Bacterium
       c) Virus

       d) Actinomycete
187. Leaf spot with concentric zonations are observed in
       a) Cercospora
       b) Pyricularia

       c) Helminthosporium
188. Banana bunchy top is caused by
       a) Fungus

       b) Bacteria
       d) Phytoplasma
189. Seasane phyllody is transmitted by
       a) White fly
       b) Aphid

       c) Jassid
       d) Lace wing
190. Fungi belonging to which sub-division is called as sac fungi?
       a) Basidiomycotina
       d) Deuteromycotina
191. In India, which state is popularly named as Soya State?
       a) Andhra Pradesh

       b) Madhya Pradesh
       c) Uttar Pradesh
       d) Tamilnadu
192. The highest protein is found in seeds of
       a) Begal gram
       b) Green gram

       c) Red gram
       d) Soyabean
193. Most serious disease of sugarcane is
       a) Red stripe
Red rot
       c) Wilt
       d) Smuti
194. The most common amendment used for reclamation of alkali lands is
       a) Lime

       b) Gypsum
       c) Tank silt
       d) FYM
195. Biofertilizer suitable for red gram is
       b) Azospirillum
       c) Azolla

       d) Azotobacter
196. Cotton is susceotible to drift of
       a) Lasso

       b) Stomp
       c) Machete
       d) 2,4-D
197. The appearance of an organism in a given environment is called as 
       a) genotype

       b) genome
       c) idiotype
       d) phenotype
198. A windmill suitable for water lifting is
       a) single blade type
       b) double blade type

       c  triple blade type
       d) multiple blade type
199. The major protien in wheat flour is
       a) zein

       b) gluten
       c) oryzenin

       d) hordenine
200. Type of moisture that can be removed by common drying techniques is
       a) equilibrium moisture

       b) total moisture
       c) free moisture
       d) bound moisture
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