SSC Junior Engineers Exam. 2012 – GK Paper

  SSC Junior Engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical,Quantity Surveying and Contract) Examination, 2012
Solved GK Paper held on 08 April 2012
(correct answers are highighted in deep saffron color)
1. Birmingham is an Industrial Center of 
    a) The Keihin region
The Pittsburg-Lake Erie region
    c) Volga region
    d) The Midlands
2. A crescent shaped dune is known as 
    a) Zeugen

    b) Barkhan
    c) Sandbar
    d) Seif
3. Which is an ore of dolomite?
    a) Lead

    b) Aluminium
    c) Magnesium
    d) Copper
4. Stalactites and stalagmites are found mainly in
limestone regions
    b) underground coal mines
    c) sandstone regions
    d) granite regions
5. Which one of the following is oldest and depest fresh water lake in the world?
    a) Lake Titicaca

    b) Lake Baikal
    c) Lake Chilka
    d) Lake Superior

           Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia, contains 20 percent of the world’s freshwater, and it is large enough to hold all
           the water in the United States’ Great Lakes.  It is the world’s deepest (1,638 metres deep) lake as well as its
           oldest; at 25 million years old, it predates the emergence of humans.

6. Which one of the following plants shows vivipary?
    a) Litchi

    b) Rhizophora
    c) Mango
    d) Pinus
7. The kind of inflorescence in sunflower is 
    a) Spike

    b) Capitulum
    c) Raceme
    d) Spadix
8. Moulting in insects is mainly controlled by
    a) Parahormone
    b) Parathormone
    d) Ecotone

          Molting is the process by which insects grow. It allows the body of the insect to expand under controlled
          and protected conditions. Insects grow in increments; in fact, all arthropods do. Each stage of growth ends
          with molting, the process of shedding and replacing the rigid exoskeleton.This exoskeleton is basically their
          underlying bone structure that is located on the outside of their bodies with corresponding organs and muscles
          located underneath this hard shell. Ecdysone is the major steroid hormone in insects and plays essential roles
          in coordinating developmental transitions such as larval molting.

9. Silver fish is included in the phylum
    a) Echinodermata

    b) Chordata
    c) Arthopoda
    d) Annelida
10. ‘Liver rot’ is caused by
     a) Taenia
     b) Typhlops
     c) Trypanosoma

     d) Fasciola
11. ”Proconvertin” is an example of
     a) Glycoprotein
Plasma protein
     c) Proteolipid

     d) Lipoprotein
12. If the filament current of a coolidge-tube is increased, X-rays emitted from it will be greater
     b) velocity
     c) peneteration power

     d) energy

         If the filament current in a Coolidge tube is increased by increasing the voltage in the filament circuit, more
         electrons are emitted per unit time. This result in an increase in the number of X photons emitted per unit time
         and hence the intensity of X-rays is increased.
13. The idea of stationary orbit of electrons in an atom was first introduced by
     a) Rutherford
     c) Thomson
     d) Sommerfield
14. Which of the following pairs of particles have equal and opposite charge?
     a) Electron – Neutron

     b) Proton – Neutron
Electron – Proton
     d) None of these
15. In ‘Isobaric process’, which parameter remains constant?
     a) Volume

     b) Temperature
     c) Mass

          A process in which the pressure of the system remains constant during a change of state is called a 
          constant-pressure or isobaric process.

16. A prototype of a system is 
     a) The source code of a fully developed system
     b) The object code of a fully developed system
     c) A complete system

     d) A trial version of a system under development
17. An example of a mathematical function in Structured Query language (SQL) is
     a) MAX
     b) MIN
     d) AVG

          SQL provides plenty of standard math functions such as ACOS, COS, TAN, ATAN, ASIN, CEILING, FLOOR, etc.
          They work like the math concepts you may have studied in school. Most are self explanatory.

          SQL provides aggregate functions to assist with the summarization of large volumes of data. For example:
          AVG – Returns the average value of a column over a result set
          COUNT – Returns a count of rows over a result set
          FIRST – Returns the first value of a column in a result set
          LAST – Returns the last value of a column in a result set
          MIN – Returns the minimum value of a column over a result set
          MAX – Returns the maximum value of a column over a result set
          SUM – Returns a sum of a column over a result set

18. The intensity of sound is measured in dB-sclae and the threshold of hearing is 
     a) 5 dB

     b) 10 dB
     c) 20 dB
     d) 0 dB

           The lowest possible sound that can be heard is called the threshold of hearing. The threshold of hearing is 
           assigned a sound level of 0 decibels (abbreviated 0 dB). The sound level at the  threshold of hearing 
           corresponds to an intensity of
1*10-12 W/m2. Intensity of sound is measured in Watts per square meter.                                           

19. PAN is a pollutant of air. The full name of PAN is
     a) Peroxy Aldehyal Nitrate

     b) Peroxy Acetyl Nitrate
     c) Peroxy Acidal Nitrate
     d) Peroxy Alkyl Nitrate
20. Repeated exposure to small concentrations of a toxic agent results in accumulation of toxic
     sunstance over a period of time. This is known as
     a) Chronic toxicity
     b) Bio accumulation
     c) Chronic accumulation

     d) Biomagnification
21. Which one of these elements is NOT considered an essential trace element for the biosphere?
     b) Molybdenum
     c) Sodium

     d) Zinc
22. The term epicentre  is associated with
     b) folding
     c) earth’s interior
     d) faulting
23. How many countries patricipated in first Twenty-20 World Cup in South Africa?
     a) 28
     b) 16

     c) 12
     d) 32
24. Which one among the following is the national Fruit?
     a) Jack Fruit
     b) Apple

     c) Mango
     d) Banana
25. Which language is spoken by maximum number of people in the world?
     b) Spanish
     c) Urdu
     d) English
26. Name the dome shaped monument used to keep Buddhist relics
     a) Chaityas

     b) Viharas
     c) Temples

     d) Stupa
27. ‘KIMONO’ is a dress style of 
     b) China
     c) Nepal

     d) Korea
28. Which one of the following famous monuments was built to honour the visit of King George V
     and Queen Mary to India?
     a) India Gate
     b) Victoria Terminus
     c) War Memorial
The Gateway of India

            Situated at Apollo Bunder, The Gateway of India was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and 
            Queen Mary to Mumbai in 1911. The last British troops to leave India passed through the Gateway in a 
            ceremony on 28 February 1948.

29. Tulsidas was the author of
     b) Adi Garnth
     c) Sursagar
     d) Bhagavata Purana
30. The study of coins is called
     a) Archaeology
     b) Historiography

     c) Numismatics
     d) Epigraphy

      – Numismatics is the study of coins.
      – Epigraphy is the study of ancient inscriptions   
      – Archaeology is the scientific study of past cultures and the way people lived based on the things they left behind.
     – Historiography is the critical study of the assumptions, principles, and purposes that have informed a historical account

31. Which among the following is NOT a classical Indian dance?
     a) Odissi
     b) Manipuri

     c) Bharatanatym
     d) Rasleela

            Rasleela closely associated with Sri Krishna is a divine activity played by Sri Krishna along with his gopis. 
            It is an alluring scene of the festival of Ras (Rasotsav) created by Sri Krishna along with Radha and the other
            Gopies on the full moon night in early autumn (Sharad ritu). During Rasleela Lord Krishana stood in 
            the center surrounded by gopis dancing and singing all around him with full glory. It is said that when Krishna,
            Radha and the Gopies danced the Ras Leela, Shiva made sure that no one disturbed the beauty of the 

32. The colour of potassium flame through double blue glass is 
     a) green

     b) violet
     c) crimson red
     d) golden yellow
I think Pale Violet would be a better option than Violet here.      
33. Precipitation takes place when product of concenteration of ions
exceeds the solubility product
     b) is less than the solubility product
     c) is negligible
     d) equals the solubility product
34. Dry ice is
     a) Ice dust

     b) Liquified Nitrogen
     c) Liquified H2

     d) Solid CO2
35. Poisoning of drinking water is caused due to presence of 
Arsenic compound
     b) Iron compound
     c) Magnesium compound

     d) Zinc compound
36. Which institute is known as apex body for development of agriculture?
     a) IDBI
     c) IFCI

     d) Land Development Bank
37. The duration for which a patent right is valid is known as 
Patent right
     b) Patent life
     c) Patent duration
     d) Patent time
38. The concept of supply curve as it is used in economic theory is relevant only for the case of
Perfect or pure competition
     b) Monopolistic competition
     c) Oligopoly

     d) Monopoly
39. When the prices of two goods tend to vary inversly, they are said to be 
     b) pure goods
     c) economic goods
     d) substitutes
40. Purchase of cycle by a Household is treated as
     a) Savings
     c) Asset creation

     d) Capital formation
41. In a Unitary Government, the States derive powers from
     a) Parliament
Central Government
     c) Judiciary
     d) Constitution
42. The theory of natural rights was first enunicated by
Hugo Grotius
     b) Hobbes
     c) Rousseau

     d) John Locke
43. Individulaism is also known as 
     a) Laissez-Faire
     c) Communism
     d. Socialism
44. Parlimentary Government is called
     a) Non responsible executive

     b) Congressional excecutive
     c) Cabinet executive
     d) Fixed excecutive
45. Fundamental Duties were laid down by 
     a) 40th Amendment
     b) The Original Constituion
42nd Amendment
     d) 39th Amendment

         The Fundamental Duties were inserted in Article 51A of our Constitution in 1976 by 42nd Amendment Act.

46. Simon Commision was boycotted because
it was an all White Commission
     b) it did not visit India
     c) it was composed of conservatives
     d) it was composed of inexperienced men
47. The Nayanars belonged to the
     a) Vaishnava cult

     b) Shiva cult
     c) Jain cult
     d) Bhagvath cult
48. Name the Sufi Saint with whom Akbar, the Mughal Emperor, is associated:
     a) Shaikh Muinuddin Chishti
     b) Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya
Shaikh Salim Chishti
     d) Shaikh Farid

         Sheikh Salim Chisti of Fatehpur Sikri, a Sufi Saint, was closest and most beloved religious advisor to Akbar.
         He blessed Akbar with a son. The birth of Jahangir seemed to fullfill one of Salim Chisti’s prophecies.   

49. The Vaisheshika School of Physiscs propounded the atomic theory during the period of 
     b) Harsha
     c) Ashoka

     d) Mauryas
50. Who set up a separate department called the Diwani–Khairat?
     a) Akbar

     b) Muhammad-bin
     c) Firoz Tughlaq
     d) Sher Shah
       Note : Your feedback/comments are welcome to rectifiy the above post.
                  I have tried my best to solve the above questions correctly,
                  but you may assure yourself also.
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