HCS (Ex.Br.) Preliminary Exam 2011 – General Studies Paper (Part-2)

Haryana Public Service Commission
HCS (Executive Branch) & Other Allied Services Preliminary Exam 2011
Solved paper of General Studies held on 25th March 2012
Part-II [51-100] (Correct Answers are highlighted in deep saffron color)
51. Barents Sea in the Arctic Ocean has been controversial over the maritime boundary for 40 years
      between which of the following two countries? The issue was resolved recently.
Russia and Norway
     b) Norway and Finland
     c) Finland and Russia
     d) Russia and Denmark
52. Navanentham Pillay, a South African national of India origin was the first non-white women of the 
     High Court of South Africa. What is her current profession?
     a) Judge of the International Criminal Court
     b) International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees
53.  Consider the following statement:
     1. India and Japan agreed to a ‘sweeping’ liberalization of their bilateral tax regime during 
         PM Manmohan Singh visit to Tokyo on 27th October 2010
     2. This is the first in releasing the Indo-Japanese comprehensive Economic partnership Agreement

        Which of the above statement are true?
     a) Only 1
     b) Only 2
     c) Both 1 and 2
     d) None of the above

54.  Consider the following statements about the Ayodhya verdict:
     1. 60 years the matter first went in to Litigation Luknow Bench of  the High Court of Allahabad
         ruled in majority judgement on 30th September 2010
     2. Disputed sites to be divided into three equal parts: one part goes to Suni Wakf Board, one 
         to Nirmohi in Akhara and one part representing ‘Ramlalla Virajman’
     3. Status quo to be maintained at disputed sites for three month
     4. The bench which deleivered the much awaited verdict consisted of Justice Dharam Vir Sharma,
         Justice S U Khan and Justice Sudhir Agarwal

         Which of the above statement are true?
     a) Only 1
     b) Only 2
     c) Only 3
     d) All the above

55. Parliament has passed SBI (Amendment) Bill 2010 which changes the minimum level of share
     of the government in SBI’s equity
     a) from 51% to 55%
from 55% to 51%                       [ See GA Quiz 2010 – 5 ]
                                 c) from 74% to 51%
     d) from 55% to 49%

Govt. stake in SBI is 59%. In past, I had received a comment on GA Quiz 2010 – 5 for the same.
        But i could not reply to that blogwalker. You can check the following links in support of my ans.
        [Link1]    [Link2]    [Link3] and so many other links are there availabel over internet.

56. The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi have launched the Adhar Project under
      Unique Identification Authority of India at tembli in Nandurbar District. Nandurbar is in which of the
      following states?  
     a) Gujarat
     c) Madhya Pradesh
     d) Tamilnadu
57. Recently UNO celebrated its 65th Anniversary on date:
     a) 20th Oct 2010
24th Oct 2010                      [ See GA Quiz 2010 – 2 ]                                                     
     c) 29th Oct 2010
     d) 27th Oct 2010
58. The governement has recently announced a Rs.1052 crore incentive package for critical export
      sectors including
1. Textile
     2. Handicraft
     3. Leather

        Choose the correct answer from the below:
     a) 1 and 2 
     b) 2 and 3 
     c) 1 and 3 
     d) 1, 2 and 3

59.  Who will be heading the National Inovation Council which will give shape to the government’s
       decision to observe the current decades ( 2000 – 2020 ) as the decade of the innovation?
     a) M S Swaminathan
     b) C Rangarajan
     c) Narayanamurthy
Sam Pitroda
60. Who among the following has been honoured the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals
      Award for 2010 for their work in using innovative approaches for poverty and hunger alleviation?
     a) BRIC
     b) WHO                              [ See GA Quiz 2010 – 4 ]
     d) G-20
In Paper Code C  – IBSA term was misspelt as ISBA
61. Harappan people had a common burial system which is proved by:
     a) The earth burial head of the dead normally laid towards the north
     b) The burial of commonly used items with the dead
Both (a) and (b)
     d) The burial of the dead body in the sitting posture
62. In Vedic Period, the people called panis, were:
     a) Those who controlled trade
     c) Cowherds
     d) Ploughmen
63. In the Vedic Age:
     a) Polygamy was unknown
     b) Child marriage became prominent
Widow could remarry
     d) Hypergamy was allowed
64. Bring the correct statement regarding the first Buddhist Council:
     1. Ananda and Upali laid down the Sutta Pataka and Vinaya Pitaka respectively
     2. Its proceedings were conducted in Sanskrit
     3. It was held during the life time of Buddha
     4. Its main purpose was to maintain the purity of Buddha’s teachings

     a) 1 and 4 
     b) All of them 
     c) 1 and 2
     d) 2, 3 and 4

65. The sacred books of Jains are called:
Agama Sidhanta
     b) Angas
     c) Parvas
     d) Upangas
66. Who founded the Lingayat Movement?
     b) Ramanuja
     c) Shankracharya
     d) Kamban
67. What was Abwab?
     a) Toll tax

     b) religion tax such as Zakat
     c) Tax on merchandise and custom duties
Miscellaneous kinds of taxes like the house tax, grazing tax, irrigation tax etc.
68. The term used for measurement of land in the Delgi Sutanate Period was:
     a) Kismat-i-ghalla
     b) Ghalla-bakshi
     d) Ghazi
69. The earlier Vaishnava Bhakti saints from the South were:
     b) Nayanars
     c) Bhagavats
     d) Virshaivites
70. Identify the Vijayanagar coin which were in the circulation and were the most widely recognized
      currency all over: 
     a) Dinnar
     b) Huna
     c) Panam
71. Akbar did not construct:
Purana Quila
     b) Agra Fort
     c) Allahabad Fort
     d) Lahore Fort
         Purana Qila, situated on the banks of Yamuna in Delhi, was constructed by the Mughal emperor Humayun.
72. The main programme of the Red Sirts (Khudai Khidmatgars of Servants of God) organized by
      Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan in support of the Civil Disobedience Movement was
     a) To proceed on the lines of terrorist and revolutionary activities
     b) To propagate the Congress programme
To resist the military operations of the government in the north-western frontier portion
     d) To setup an para-military organization

         In 1929, the Khudai Khidmatgars (“Servants of God”) movement, led by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, nonviolently
          mobilized to oppose the British in India’s Northwest Frontier Province.

73. The result of the Poona Pact was that the number of the seats reserved for the depressed 
      classes out of general electorate seats were:
     a) Abolished 
     c) Retained in the same level
     d) Decreased
         A compromise between the leaders of caste Hindu and the depressed classes was reached on 
         September 24,1932, popularly known as Poona Pact. The number of seats for depressed classes
         were increased from 71 to 148
74. Cripps proposal were rejected because:
     a) It refused to release all the arrested national leaders 
     b) of the intention to partition India
     c) It suggested the formation of an interim government
it refused to hand over effective power to the Indians
75. Who presided over the Cabinet Mission?
     a) Clement Attlee
Sir P Lawrence
     c) Strafford Cripps
     d) A V Alexander
76. The Mountbatten Plan (June 3, 1947) was about:
     a) Guidelines for the formation of a Constitution for India by the Constituent Assembly
     b) Creation of fedral government
     c) A plan for controlling communal riots raising all over India at the same time
The method by which power was to be transferred from British to Indian hands

         When all of Mountbatten’s efforts to keep India united failed, he decided to chalk out a plan for the transfer of 
         power and the division of the country.
77. The first Muslim to be elected as President of the Indian National Congress was :
     a) M A Jinnah
     b) Maulana Azad
Baddrudin Tyabji
     d) Whooping cough
78. The Non-Cooperation Movement was adopted by the Congress at a Special Session held at
      ________ in September 1920.
     a) Bombay
     c) Wardha
     d) Allahabad
79. The Non-Cooperation Movement was called off by Mahatma Gandhi because :
     a) of Gandhi-Irwin Pact 
of mob-violence at Chauri-Chaura
     c) the Khilafat issue fizzled out with abolition of the office of the Caliph in Turkey
     d) the government accepted the demand in tow
80. Which of the following Fundamental Rights have been deleted from the Constitution through
      the Constitutional Amendment?
     a) Right against expolitation
     b) Right of freedom of religion
Right of property
     d) Freedom of speech and expression
81. How many Fundamental Rights are enjoyed by the Indians?
     a) Nine
     b) Ten
     c) Seven
82. The basic difference between the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles is:
     a) Fundamental Rights are Positive while Directive Principles are Negative
Directive Principles are given precedence over the Fundamental Rights by the Court
         in all the cases 

Fundamental Rights are justifiable while Directive Principles are not
     d) None of the above
83. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has been described as the friend, philosopher and
      guide of :

     a) the Estimate Committee
     b) the committee of the public Undertaking
the Public Account Committee
     d) all the Parliamentary committees
84. Part -V of the Constitution deals with
Union executives
     b) Parliamnet
     c) Supreme Court and High Court

     d) Comptroller and Auditor General
85. If there is a vacancy in the offices of both President and Vice-President, who has been empowered
     to function as President:
Chief Justice of India
     b) Chief of Army Staff
     c) A person appointed by Parliament
     d) None of these
86.  If president returns the bill to the legislature for reconsideration
     a) a re-passage of the bill by the two-thirds majority will compel him to give his assent
a re-passage of the bill by the simple majority will compel him to give his assent
     c) a joint sitting will have to be called to pass it again
     d) the legislature must accept amendments proposed by the President
87. To whom does the President address the letter of resignation?
     a) the Prime Minister
the Vice President
     c) the Speaker
     d) the Chief justice
88. Two houses of the Parliament enjoy co-equal power in all spheres except:
     1. Financial matters
     2. Responsibilities of the Council of Ministers
     3. Amendment Procedure
     4. Election of President

     a) 3 and 4
     b) 2, 3 and 4
     c) 1, 2 and 3
     d) 1 and 2

89. Impeachment proceedings against the President of Indian can be initiated
     a) by the Supreme Court
     b) only in the Lok Sabha

     c) in either House of the Parliament
     d) only in the joint sitting of the two Houses
90. Gulf Stream the most important current of the Atlantic Ocean takes its birth from the Gulf of Mexico.
     Its importance lies in : 
     a) Cooling effect
Warming effect
     c) Area of influence
     d) Influence on travel

         The Gulf Stream is a strong, fast moving, warm ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and flows into
          the Atlantic Ocean.The Gulf Stream is of great climatological importance because of its moderating effects on the
         climate of western Europe. There are a number of strong currents in the Atlantic Ocean. Perhaps the best known
         of these is the Gulf Stream. This current carries warm water across the North Atlantic from the Gulf of Mexico
          northeastwards towards the coasts of Europe. It keeps western Europe comparatively warm and ice-free in the 
          winter months.

91. Which of the following sub-races belong to Mongoloids?
     a) Bantu
     c) Nordic
     d) Alpine
92. Consider the following statements:
     1. The Masai is a tribe of settled cultivators who once wondered with their herds with the cattle
         in the central highlands of East Africa.
     2. The cattle kept by the Masaiare the “Zebu” cattle with the humps and long horns 

      Which of the statement is/are correct?
     a) Only 1
     b) Neither 1 or 2
     c) Both 1 and 2
     d) Only 2

93. Which of the following are not the Pastoral Nomads?
     b) Kazaks

     c) Masai
     d) Lapps

         Nomads are people who wander from place to place and have no permanent home. They usually travel 
            within certain general areas according to the seasons and the supply of food. Nomads generally live in tents
            and carry few belongings with them. There are three kinds of nomads: hunter-gatherers, pastoral nomads, and 
            peripatetic nomads.
Pygmies of Africa and Asia are Hunting Nomads, who follow the animals that they kill to eat.

94. The world’s most commercial fishing grounds are located in:
Cool waters of the Northern Hemisphere in comparatively higher latitudes
     b) Cool waters of the Northern Hemisphere in comparatively lower latitudes
     c) Both above mentioned areas
A widespread area near the Poles
95. Which of the following used to be considered a buffer state?
     a) France
     b) Switzerland

     c) Belgium
     d) West Germany

         A buffer state is a country lying between two rival or potentially hostile greater powers, which by its sheer existence
          is thought to prevent conflict between them. The tiny kingdom of Belgium was artificially created in 1830 as a buffer 
          state between the surrounding countries of France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Alongwith  Belgium, Cambodian
          and Afghanistan also considered as buffer state.      

96. The Australian trans-continental railway joins
     a) Perth to Darwin
     b) Hobart to Perth 

     c) Sydney to Perth
     d) Adelaide to Perth
97. When did the EEC( European Economic Community) change into EU(European Union)
     b) 1995
     c) 1996
     d) 1991
98. Territorial waters of India extends up to
     a) 5 Nautical Miles
12 Nautical Miles
     c) 15 Nautical Miles
2 Nautical Miles
99. Which of the following river lies in the Rift Valley?
     a) Luni
     c) Son
     d) Tapti
100. Khaddar soils are found in:
     a) Piedmont Plains
Flood Plains
     c) Over low Palteaux
     d) Over Steep Slopes
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  1. Rakesh Sharma says:

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    which sub-races belong to mongoloids?
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    The Narmada (Devanagari: नर्मदा, Gujarati: નર્મદા), also called Rewa is a river in central India and the fifth largest river in the Indian subcontinent. It is the third largest river that completely flows within India after Ganges and Godavari. It forms the traditional boundary between North India and South India and flows westwards over a length of 1,312 km (815.2 mi) before draining through the Gulf of Cambey (Khambat) into the Arabian Sea, 30 km (18.6 mi) west of Bharuch city of Gujarat.[1] It is one of only three major rivers in peninsular India that runs from east to west (largest west flowing river) along with the Tapti River and the Mahi River. It is the only river in India that flows in a rift valley flowing west between the Satpura and Vindhya ranges although the Tapti River and Mahi River also flow through rift valleys but between different ranges. It flows through the states of Madhya Pradesh (1,077 km (669.2 mi)), Maharashtra, (74 km (46.0 mi))– (35 km (21.7 mi)) border between Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and (39 km (24.2 mi) border between Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and in Gujarat (161 km (100.0 mi)).[2]

    River which lies in rift valley is tapti and mahi…
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  3. Dhani says:

    65. The sacred books of Jains are called:
    a) Agama Sidhanta
    b) Angas
    c) Parvas
    d) Upangas

    Right answer will be from Parvas or Angas

    • pankaj says:

      its for sure Agama…u can seach anywhere..

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        angas seems to be d right option
        pls check out http://www.myss.com/library/religions/jainism/02_texts.asp

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        it is angas dont search……… study

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      yes its angas

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        it is parvas u can c in kiran,s history 4 pcs/.

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    Q-99: right answe is tapti

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    99. Which of the following river lies in the Rift Valley?
    a) Luni
    b) Chambal
    c) Son
    d) Tapti

    Answer should be Tapti

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      it is tapti

  6. Rakesh Sharma says:

    Question 43 Only (Lapps) is not the pastoral Nomads..
    click on this link..

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      pygmies is the answer refer to majid hussain’s human geography last chapter “the first people”. no doubts regarding it.

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    Dear Naren thank you again for your great job. But this time few answers seem incorrect. Q. No 62 panis were trading community. Q. No 65 sacred book of jains is Upangas. Q.no 86 joint sitting is called when deadlock is between Rajya sabha and Lok sabha here answer should be B. Q. No 96 this railway joins Adelaide to Perth. And i m doubtful on Belgium used to be buffer state. Anyway it is very good job you have done. Thank you very much. Keep it up.

    • Naren says:

      Dear Sukhi

      i agree with your ans. for the Q.No. 86 only
      because here President uses his ‘Suspensive Power of Veto’
      there is no Deadlock situation ….

      remaining ans. are correct
      For Q. No.96
      There are two world famous cost-effective rail explorer pass in Australia
      1. The Indian Pacific (Sydney – Adelaide – Perth) – Spanning the continent from Sydney
      in the east to Perth in the west.
      2. The Ghan (Adelaide – Darwin) – operated by Great Southern Railway stretches
      2979 kilometres, from Darwin to Adelaide and vice-versa.

      if we look in all options – (Source-Destination) = (Sydney – Perth) is correct.

      thanks for the comment


      • vishavjeet says:

        naren dude ……..the question is the sacred books of jains are and not the sacred literature or the cannons…………the agamas are collection of jain books or as it is called the canons but the angas are the 12 sacred books of jains …………. so the answer is angas not agamas…………. dont check it on the internet read a nice history book or upsc question bank………….any ways good job

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    Q.95 -its Switzerland

  11. Praveen says:

    Please also provide answer of Commerce & Accountancy paper code 06

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    Q.86- a re-passage of the bill by the simple majority will compel him to give his assent
    not joint sitting option

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    his ans key ser c——51c52c53c54b55a56c57b58a59c60c61b62c63a64a65c66c67b68d69b70b71none72b73b74c75c76a77c78c79a80d81c82c83b84c85b86b87c88c89a90c91b92b93c94a95b96b97c98c99a———pleasedetail show on your site—-dr.satbir singh nyol lect. in history vill-rupana jatan sirsa

  21. karan says:

    If president returns the bill to the legislature for reconsideration::::correct answer is
    a re-passage of the bill by the simple majority will compel him to give his assent
    joint sitting is to resolve the deadlock situation between two houses.

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    west Germany was the buffer state between the capitalist west and communist east after world war II.

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    only three rivers in india flow through rift valley NARMADA TAPTI AND RAVI

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    Q 30

    ans must be ARYANS(d)

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    Q 44
    ans: must be (c).

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    ans: must be (d) tapti

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  35. hemant says:

    1 Filteration removes only visible impurities and sea water contain salt it is impossible to remove a soluble content with filteration. Sea water can only be purified by changing the stage of water from water to vapours obtain crystals of salt then condense the vapours into liquid form which is water so answer will only be DISTILLATION.
    2 Rubella is given to cure Smallpox
    3 Literacy of Haryana is 76.64 % not in any option
    4 Fishing grounds are 1 & 2 Both
    5 context of Economy
    Melt down — Fall in stock prices
    Recession — Fall in G.D.P not the growth rate
    Slow down — Fall in Growth rate not the G.D.P
    answer will be I only ” very tricky question ”
    5 Marginal farmers are those who have holding of 2 Hectares .
    6 The importance of Gulf stream lies in both warming effect & Influence on trade as it’s speed supports ships to travel faster and has high impact in world’s busiest sea route.
    very tricky question.

    • Panks says:

      Marginal Farmer: 1 hectare
      Refer http://aaqua.persistent.co.in/aaqua/forum/viewthread?thread=11626

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      arnd 14-15April

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    masai are not the “settled cultivators”. Hausa of Nigeria are the settled cultivators. Kindly check it from GC Leong. Page 131. So answer sud be (d)

  38. geetika says:

    Of course Gulf stream is a warm current but its MOST IMPORTANT feature is its area of coverage. It reaches upto 70 degree north affecting western coast of Europe.

  39. karan says:

    Geography answer key Booklet series B
    1. amarnath——-ans—-kalahoi
    2.sorrow of bengal——–damodar
    5.tidal forest—-?
    6.salt production——didwana
    7.manganese—-none of above
    8. largest coal field——raniganj
    9.chalk hills—-salem
    13.lowest density——–AP
    14.environment edu——none
    16.aluminium factory—–muri
    17.environment act—1986
    19.rift valley——faulting
    20.cotton in india—-regur
    21.planet——-jupiter saturn neptune mercury
    22.isthumus———-narrow strip of land
    24.rana pratap sagar—–rajasthan
    25.biggest met lab—-pune
    28.sunrise in west——-venus
    29.above troposphere—-stratosphere
    30.disintegration and decomposition—weathering
    31.hanging valley——glacier
    33.shadow zone——none
    37around the earth —–magellan
    39.structure process stage——–davis
    40differential heating—-exfoliation
    41 landforms————slow and long
    42 hetrogeneous mass—–glacial til
    43arid cycle of erosion—davis
    44hil side slope —-free face
    48radio waves——ionosphere
    50blood rain ——sirocco
    51.local wind santa ana
    52.cirrus—–high cloud
    53isothermal—lower stratosphere
    54polar front——westerly
    55wind system—–convergent
    57very deep—deeps
    59salt sea—-dead
    61marine geology ———shephard
    62cold wall——labrador
    63wave part—-crest
    64breaking wave —–surf
    65thorny bushes—-savana
    66soil parent material—andisols
    68poly climax—-clement
    72human races——–physiological
    73most primitive——–pygmies
    75population day———-11july
    77mobility transition—zellinsky
    78agricultural population—-?
    81important crop————-rice
    82zourette mines———-iron
    83sources of energy—–?
    84semang —–malaysia
    85small settlement—-hamlet
    87maincrop monsoon——rice
    88interior high lands—–altai
    90altai type——–frigid
    91highest peak——–elbrus
    93grand canyon—–colorado
    94japan———-sea of japan
    95 barind——–banger
    97 capital—————-kyoto
    99extensive soil——–alluvial
    100victoria falls———–zambezi

    • geetika says:

      thanks 4 giving answers.
      Some doubt:-
      cold wall :- gulf stream (savinder singh pg 379)
      kalahari :- hottentos and bushmen
      last sign of activeness:- fumaroles (savinder singh pg128)
      hydroelectricity :- canada
      conc of population:- North america so ans shud be (d)none

      • Rohit says:

        yaar ye Kalahari me hottentots hote hai r u confirm any source??

    • geetika says:

      1. sao paulo is 3rd largest urban agglomeration of world and largest of southern hemisphere. so most urbanized country of S. america shouldn’t be brazil ?
      2. Altai mountains is in the region of china, mangolia and lower russia, so can it be warm temperate.
      3. most extensive:- black soil (ncert)

      • karan says:

        most extensive soil is alluvial referred to dictionary of India as well as geography of India by majid Hussein.
        Hottentots are basically from south Africa …San bushman are from Kalahari..
        Canada is second after china i think…
        not too sure about altai though
        after volcanic episode last thing which is left is crater.
        cold wall is Labrador current which is a “cold wall” to warm gulf stream. the line of convergence of gulf stream and Labrador current is called cold wall.since gulf stream is a warm current the cold wall is created by Labrador.

    • geetika says:

      ionosphere comprises D,E and F layer. F layer also known as appleton layer which reflects medium and high frequency waves. higher the frequency shorter the wave.(savinder singh 411-412)
      I opine answer shud be appleton layer.

    • Vikas says:

      Q.5. Ebony ,Q.14.Maharashtra in 2006 Q.38. Fumerole Q.66 vertisol Q.74 mud and clay eg. Rajasthan, somalia Q.75 altai has a special feature of being warm thats why it is impotant , don’t find any technicality in it its tempratere is 4 degree in summer and -2 in winter its warm temprete Q java has a largest agriculture population density..

  40. Satbir Singh PhD in History Medival says:

    First emepror that relief in famine time was Akber
    Vijay Nagar empire patron sport Chess


    hi naren& friends————my score is rangeof 135 to 140. shall I see myself in danger criteria or qualify.

    • 100n!@ says:

      out of danger..

  42. Amit kumar says:

    Seeks amendments but a few only….

  43. jitender says:

    any idea about cut off for HCS-2012 in ESM category

  44. NEELKAMAL says:

    my score in history is 84 and in general studies it is 72. should I start preparing for main exam? I have not any idea regarding HCS exam.that is why I am asking. can any body assure me or guide me?

    • panks says:

      u neelkamal…GET A LIFE!!!!!!

    • satbir says:

      neel tell me some his quest. ans. 1 vijaynagar sport 2organization in which participate young women.3 whom advised the british east india company.4 the term dosi hatt means. 5whom did shershah appoint at sarais.6 with whom did raja ranjit singh lahore treaty.7when did gandhi ji go to fast un to death . 8after ,bengal, the english secured the rights of duty free

  45. raj hans says:

    1c 2a 3b 4a 5a 6a 7b 8b 9c 10a 11c 12b 13a 14a 15b 16b 17aorc(doubt) 18b 19c 20c 21b 22b 23c 24a 25b 26c 27c 28a 29b 30a 31c 32c 33c 34b 35a 36c 37a 38b 39c 40c 41c 42b 43c 44b 45c 46b 47c 48a 49c 50b 51c 52c 53a 54b 55b 56c 57b 58a 59d(none of these-liberalized regulations)60b 61a 62c 63b 64c 65a 66a 67b 68a 69c 70c 71c 72c 73a 74a 75a 76a 77c 78a 79b 80a 81c 82c 83a 84c 85c 86b 87a 88c 89c 90c 91 b 92b 93c 94a 95b 96c 97b 98b 99c 100c

    • raj hans says:

      pub ad set A ans key

  46. raj hans says:

    pub ad set A ans key

    1c 2a 3b 4a 5a 6a 7b 8b 9c 10a 11c 12b 13a 14a 15b 16b 17aorc(doubt) 18b 19c 20c 21b 22b 23c 24a 25b 26c 27c 28a 29b 30a 31c 32c 33c 34b 35a 36c 37a 38b 39c 40c 41c 42b 43c 44b 45c 46b 47c 48a 49c 50b 51c 52c 53a 54b 55b 56c 57b 58a 59d(none of these-liberalized regulations)60b 61a 62c 63b 64c 65a 66a 67b 68a 69c 70c 71c 72c 73a 74a 75a 76a 77c 78a 79b 80a 81c 82c 83a 84c 85c 86b 87a 88c 89c 90c 91 b 92b 93c 94a 95b 96c 97b 98b 99c 100c

    • Niraj says:

      could u please prepare this answer keys according to set B of Public Ad
      please please and

      thanks in anticipation

      • raj hans says:

        brother kindly upload the set b…only den i ll be able to give u key

  47. ramesh math lecturer says:

    my score in math 93&gk 73.mains me second option anyone tell me

    • vishavjeet says:

      na hotaa bhai teraa mains time waste mat kar

  48. sunny says:

    Hi guys !!

    Can anyone please provide me with the PUB AD(set -C) answer keys.
    Also kindly give us some idea what would be the cutoff this yr.
    I knw it would be quite difficult to give exact values but kindly provide us with some rough estimates.
    Time for HCS candidates to prove their experience/skills 😉

  49. munish says:

    anyone ans key of Math

  50. Anjali says:

    can nay one provide answer key of psychology… please do this favor..I am waiting

  51. mohit says:

    Q.72- its To propagate the Congress programme

    • D says:

      you are right mohit answe of 72 is b

    • Niraj says:

      yes u r right since military opression started in june 1930 in northwest forntiner and cdm started in march 1930. Gaggar khan and inc met in lahore session in 1929 and agreed to coperate

  52. raj hans says:

    any info abt result

  53. Niraj says:

    public ad code b ke answers bhej do yaar

  54. radhika says:

    cud smone plz provide me wid zoology answers

  55. rajni says:

    my score going 105 only……..m safe or not?????…

    • jagendra says:

      105………shayed mushkil hai….
      fir bhi kah na sakte ..all the best

  56. how to study says:

    I see something genuinely interesting about your web blog so I bookmarked .

  57. jinnia says:

    can any one tell abt pub administration code B ,Key.

  58. irwin says:

    plzzz provide pub add answer key ‘d’ series for hcs prelim 2012

  59. o m r sheet has been sent to delhi for marking. result may be declare on next week.

    • panks says:

      u r rite…it will come by 8th or 9th

    • raj hans says:

      bhai sahab itni andar ki khabar kahan se nilkali

      • vishavjeet says:

        naklee pistool galat fire hee karteee hai…………….result will take atleast 1 month frm today……………kyu bacchoo ka fuddu kheench raha hai……………. cut off btween 130 to 140

      • Rohit says:

        yaar kammal hai 130-140 pata nahi 2 hi baat ho sakti hai intelligent kaafi hai yaha ya pehli baar de rahe hai Vishavjeet ji haryana ke hcs exam ki bhi thodi history jaan lo atleast since 2000 130-140 pe to ghar pe aake denge result aapko aur mains bhi ghar se hi likhwa lenge 125 tak ja sakti hai agar sabhi hoshiyaar hue to

      • vishavjeet says:

        arre baawlee history haryana ke paper ke nahi syllabus ke padhya kar…………. 130 se neeche cut off naa aatee

      • aujas says:

        bhai paper ke farm barta reh jega padya kar

      • aujas says:

        bhai rohit 130 se kam h to tera nahi hota

  60. Charan Singh says:

    Please provide Geography Code C answer key if somebody………………

  61. Rohit says:

    1)yaar Belgium and switzerlad both are buffer states (internet) which one is correct
    2)service industry agri or service agri industry
    kindly confirm with reasons

    • aujas says:


  62. varun kumar says:

    1.answer is switzer land because belgium is not a buffer state at present. But switzerland is presently a buffer state.
    2. service industry agri is the answer. when we ask to arrange something, then we arrange from least one.

  63. varun kumar says:

    to check buffer states.

    • vishavjeet says:

      arre bangruu ……kyu bacchee ko kheench raha hai………..buffer state to belgium he hai……………… switzerland kab se ho gayeee…………net wet ke chakkar me mat padoo……….

  64. varun kumar says:

    Any body tell about the Forward market commsion functions, is it be both commodity and financial or only commodity.
    Please answer with clue.

  65. varun kumar says:

    Sr.No. Statement of the Question Answer
    1 Who said “A community is a cluster of people……. b (Green)
    2. Who is related with the concept of post…….. a (Danial Bell)
    3. Which of the following is the correct example…… a (Married)
    4. Who described the technological factor……. b (Veblen)
    5. Who has written the book ‘Society’? c (Maclver and Page)
    6. Who propounded Privilege, Prestige and Power ….….. b (Max Weber)
    7. Which of the following statements is not correct? b (Culture is an individual fact)
    8. Which one of the following statement is correct? c (Social system includes both
    social structure and social function
    9. Who has developed the concept of ‘role-set’? c (R.K. Merton)
    10. Which one of the following is not an element…… a (Social role)
    11. Which one of the following social groups…….. c (In group and out group)
    12. Which one of the following statements is correct? b (Norms are determine by values)
    13. Who said the “Role is related to duties and status……. A (Bierstedt)
    14. Who introduced ‘Relative deprivation’ as …….. c (Merton)
    15. Pressure group was developed by which country? c (America)
    16. Prof. D.S. Nag has classified the factors……… a (Economic, social and
    Geographical factor)
    17. Assimilation means: a (Borrowing and lending of
    cultural traits between two
    18. Who has written the book “Social Change”? a (Wilbert Moore)
    19. Deviant behaviour is found more in: b (Rapidly changing society)
    20. Who classified culture as sensate, ideational………. c (Socokin)
    21. Which one of the following in a tertiary kin? c (Father-in-law’s brother)
    22. Which of the following statement is correct? a (Society consist of likeness and
    23. Who described the kinship system in India? a (Irawati Karve)
    24. Which one of the following is the main source……… c (Internalisation of social norms)
    25. Who opined the concept of ……….. c (Cooley)
    26. Which one of the following is responsible……… b (Joint Property)
    27. Which one of the following is not an ………… c (Stratification)
    28. According to Max Weber the basis of stratification are: c (Class, Status and Power)
    29. Which system regulates the interpersonal relations? b (Kinship system)
    30. Society is a: c (Network of relationship)
    31. Who stated ‘social stratification is a functional……… c (K. Davis and W.E. Moore)
    32. Who has said ‘conformity and deviance are……….. b (Merton)
    33. Which of the following element separates………. c (Fixed geographical area)
    34. Who has given the concept of ‘cultural lag’? a (Ogburn)
    35. Social values can be most effectively promoted……. c (Socialization)
    36. Who coined the concept of ‘Reference group’.…….. c (Hyman)
    37. Who has written on function of social conflict? a (L.A. Coser)
    38. Conflict is adjusted by: c (Accommodation)
    39. In which year family planning programme was……… a (1952)
    40. Recent Policy approaches regarding the……….. c (Women’s empowerment)
    41. Jajmani system is exchange of service………… b (According to custom)
    42. The concept of ‘anticipatory socialization’ has………. b (R.K. Merton)
    43. Which of the following characteristics……….
    (1) More than one …….
    c (1, 2 and 3)
    44. Which marriage is forbidden according to Hindu……. d (Both A and B)
    45. The concept of ‘Dominant Caste’ was first………. b (M.N. Srinivas)
    46. Which one of the following is not a characteristic……. c (Husband, wife and children
    47. Which one of the following factors are threat………
    (1) Casteism
    c (1, 2 and 3)
    48. Which of the following is not the basis of………. b (Class membership)
    49. Political sociology is concerned with: b (Power in its social context)
    50. Which one of the following is not a characteristic……. b (Well defined objectives)
    51. In the absence of social norms there will be no: c (Society)
    52. ‘Integrated Tribal Development Project’ was ………. a (1975)
    53. Which of the following Acts permit divorce………… b (Hindu Marriage Act, 1955)
    54. The concept of ‘Quasi-Primary Group’ was………… b (Colley)
    55. Which one is the major contribution of …..….. c (Provision of unemployment
    56. Which one of the following organization is based……. c (An industrial organization)
    57. Who developed the concept of ‘Alienation’ with……… c (Karl Marx)
    58. Who among the following stated the animistic………. b (Max Muller)
    59. The marriage of one man with several sisters is called: c (Sororal polygyny)
    60. Marriage among the Hindus is considered as a: c (Sacred sacrament)
    61. Which one of the following is an example………. b (Club)
    62. W.H. Wiser has mainly analysed intercaste…….…. b (Jajmani relation)
    63. Hindus Succession Act of 1956……… c (Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and
    64. Which social institutions is most affected……… a (Feudalism)
    65. People have changed the means of cultivation but……. c (Cultural lag)
    66. The sociological perspective of Hindu Marriage…….. c (System of roles)
    67. Acculturation is: c (Cultural adoption)
    68. In which society expansion of division of labour……. c (Industrial society)
    69. Who was the first chairman of the Backward……….. b (B.P. Mandal)
    70. Ethnocentrism is: a (The feeling that one’s culture is
    superior to other)
    71. Which of the following differences is most………. c (Occupational differences)
    72. Which of the following change occurs as a………. b (Positional charge)
    73. Which one of the following societies has………… c (Tribal society)
    74. Which state of India has the largest population………. b (Assam)
    75. Who is authorized to declare a caste to be…….. a (The President of India)
    76. Which article of the Indian Constitution of India……… a (Article 17)
    77. Vertical mobility mot importantly involves…….. c (Change in social class position)
    78. Which one of the following statements…………. c (A group that exercises its
    influence to control the action of
    79. Which one of the following is an example…………. c (A landless labourer gets some
    land and starts working as a
    80. The concept of ‘Ruling Class’ in society………….. c (Pareto)
    81. Who has presented the first systematic work……….. a (G.S. Ghurye)
    82. Which article of the Indian Constitution deals……… b (Article 335)
    83. Who is the founder of theory of ‘Totemism’? c (Malinowski)
    84. Who said “School is the central agency of…………. a (T. Parsons)
    85. Who propounded the Immanent theory of………….. a (Sorokin)
    86. Who has the worst position in a Hindu joint……….. c (Widow)
    87. Ethnicity as a principle of ………… d (All the above)
    88. A person who would not find acceptance by………. b (Marginal man)
    89. Who propounded the concept of ‘collective………. a (Durkheim)
    90. “Sociology is purely social physics” who said this? c (August Comte)
    91. What is hypogamy? a (Marriage of a girl to a man of
    lower caste or class)
    92. Who among he following constituted ‘Depressed……. b (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar)
    93. Which among the following are……….. b (Fertility, mortality and
    94. In which population policy of India………….. d (None of the above)
    95. Who used the word “Dalit” for the first time? a (B.R. Ambedkar)
    96. The classification of societies into ‘sacred’………… b (Howard Becker)
    97. Which of the following is not an example of ……….. c (Class System)
    98. The process, whereby people normally being……….. b (Reverse Socialization)
    99. Robert Merton’s name is associated with: a (Strain theory of deviance)
    100. Which of the following is not a characteristic……….. b (Inequality

    • sonia says:

      Hi varun…..could u plz upload socio pre paper…i really need to hv a look n i m nt able to find it anywhere….so if its possible dn plzzzz…..

  66. varun kumar says:

    for tapi confusion please check>>>>>>>

  67. D says:

    question 63 hypergamy was allowed

    • vishavjeet says:

      to bhai tuu kyu peeche rehta hai kar le 3 4 shaade allowed thee toooo

      • D says:

        Mr. vishavjeet g you can checkbooks

  68. vinod rathee says:

    show pol.sc. ans.key

    • vijay says:

      i want also answer key of pol. sc.

  69. munish says:


  70. abhi says:

    can you provide answers of Pub Ad. of set “C”

  71. aryan chaudhary says:


  72. munish says:

    can you provide answers of Mathematics part-D

  73. raj says:

    my score is arnd 128 or 130 shud i start preparing for mains. tell me some gud books on english essay & translation

  74. raj says:

    when will be the result declared? has psychology combination with modern history? any idea about the dates of mains ?

  75. raj says:

    any idea of result of pre and dates of mains

  76. pawan says:

    when will be the result declaredwm

  77. pawan says:

    i think our constitutional rights r seven after coming rte

  78. Burton Hazzard says:

    I simply want to tell you that I am just new to blogging and actually savored this page. More than likely I’m planning to bookmark your website . You surely come with fantastic articles. Thank you for sharing your website.

  79. PIA says:

    sir pls provide me hcs pre pol sci opt ans keys 2012

  80. sandeep says:

    naren plz tell me , this age relaxation for ex servicemen is for everyone or only those comissioned during emergency.

  81. Naveen Kumar says:

    Hello, when will be published HCS recruitment notification in 2016 and also tell me about fairness of exam in Haryana, at present. A hard worker candidate may fight the Civil Service exam of Haryana or not….due to nepotism…..? , I am not from Haryana, and I want to fight this exam at any cost , by only hardworks…I am 35 year old…please reply me …. 07665260622

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