HPSC – HCS (Ex.Br.) Preliminary Exam 2011 – General Studies Paper

Haryana Public Service Commission
HCS (Executive Branch) & Other Allied Services Preliminary Exam 2011
Solved paper of General Studies held on 25th March 2012
(Correct answers are highlighted in deep saffron color)
1.  During which decade did the population record a negative growth rate in India
     a) 1921-31
     c) 1941-51
     d) 1931-41
         During the decade 1911-21, a negative population growth rate of -2.91 per cent has been recorded due to outbreak
         of epidemic (plague) and natural calamities.
2.  Which Central Government Agency is responsible for the mapping and exploration of minerals?
The Geological Survey of India
     b) Surveyor General of India
     c) National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.
     d) Indian Bureau of Mines
3.  What is Gomia in Bihar famous for:
     a) Coal Fields
     b) Manganese Mines
     c) Fertilizer Plant
Explosive Factory
           Jharkhand’s Biggest explosives factory situated at Gomia.
4.  SEBI is a
Statutory body
     b) Advisory body
     c) Constitutional body
     d) Non-statutory body

        Initially SEBI was a non statutory body without any statutory power. However in 1995, the SEBI was given additional 
        statutory power by the Government of India through an amendment to the securities and Exchange Board of India Act
       1992. In April, 1998 the SEBI was constituted as the regulator of capital market in India under a resolution of the
       Government of India.

5.  Economic Planning is in :
     a) Union List
     b) State List
Concurrent List
     d) Not any specific list
6.  Lahiri Commission was associated with
     a) Indsutrial sickness
     b) Minimum support prices of agriculture products
Price structure of edible oils
     d) Handicraft export
7.  “Open Market Operation” is a part of 
     a) Income Policy
     b) Fiscal Policy
Credit Policy
     d) Labour Policy
8.  Which of the following is used for the measurement of distribution of income?
     a) Laffer Cureve
     b) Engel’s Law
Gini Lorenz Curve
     d) Phillip Curve
9.  Automatic route to FDI implies that a foreign investor bring in his capital
     1. Without the approval of the FIPB
     2. By informing the RBI within one month of bringing in his investments 
     3. By informing both the FIPB and RBI within one month of bringing in his/her investment
     4. By prior permission of the RBI

       Select the correct answer from the above
     a) 2 and 3
     b) 2 only
     c) 1 and 2
     d) 2 and 3     4

10. In the context of the Indian Economy consider the following pairs:
         Term                                       Most appropriate description
     1. Melt Down                –               Fall in Stock Prices
     2. Recession                –               Fall in Growth Rate
     3. Slow Down               –               Fall in GDP

      Which of the pairs given above is/are correctly matched
     a) 1 only
     b) 2 and 3 only
     c) 1 and 3 only
     d) 1, 2 and 3

11. In India which of the following is regulated by the Forward Markets Comission?
     a) Currency future trading
Commodities future trading
     c) Equity futures trading
     d) Both Commodities futures and financial futures trading

12. Union Government has announced New Agriculture Policy in July 28, 2000. New Agriculturre 
     Policy has been described as ‘Rainbow Revolution’ which includes :
     a) Green (Food Grain Production)
     b) Yellow (Oil Seeds)
     c) Blue (Fisheries)
It would cover all aspects of the farm sector
13. Sensitive sector as defined by RBI includes:
     a) Capital market
     b) Real Estate
     c) Commodities
All the above
14. The RBI is the apex body of Indian Financial System, which of the following functions are
      performed by the RBI?
1. Monitoring money supply in the Economy
     2. Issues currency other than coins and one Rupees note.
     3. Functions as Bankers Bank
     4. Works as banker to the Government

        Select the Code:
     a) 1 & 2 are correct
     b) 1, 2 & 3 are correct
     c) 2, 3 & 4 are correct
     d) All of above are correct

15. Aam Admi Bima Yojana is an insurance scheme for rural landless household introduced by:
     a) National Insurance 
Life Insurance Co.
     c) UTI
     d) ICICI Life Prudential Co.
16. In India those farmers are called ‘Marginal Farmers’ who hold land upto:
1 hectare
     b) 2 hectare
     c) 3 hectare
     d) 4 hectare

            In India, a Marginal Farmer means a cultivator with an unirrigated land holding upto one hectare  or 
            irrigated land holding upto half hectare.
17. Which one of the following is a measurement of central tendency?
     b) Standard Deviation
     c) Mean Deviation
     d) Variance
18. Which one of the following is NOT a measurement of location?
     a) Median
     b) Mode
     d) Mean
19. Combustion of a candle is 
     a) Physical change
     b) Reduction reaction
     c) Endothermic reaction
Exothermic reaction
20. Pure water is obtained from the sea water by :
     a) Filteration
     b) Distillation
     c) Evaporation
All the above
21. The method that cannot be used for removing permanent hardness of water is:
     a) Adding Sodium Carbonate
     b) Disitillation
     c) Adding caustic soda
22. Heavy Water :
     a) Contains more dissolved air
     b) Contains more dissolved minerals
Contains deuterium in place of hydrogen
     d) Contains organic impurities
         Heavy water (deuterium oxide: D2O) contains deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen with a proton and a neutron
         for each deuterium atom.
23. “Fixation of Nitrogen” implies
     a) The liquification of nitrogen
The conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into usefull compounds
     c) The conversion of nitrogen into amines
     d) The solidification of nitrogen gas into the atmosphere

        The energy from lightning causes nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) to combine to form ammonia (NH3) and nitrates
        (NO3). Precipitation carries the ammonia and nitrates to the ground, where they can be assimilated by plants.

24. The pH value of the solution obtained by complete neutralization of hydrochloric and sodium
     hydroxide solution will be :
Exactly 7
     b) Zero
     c) More than 7
     d) Less than 7
25. Coloured glasses for goggles contain:
     a) Ferrous oxide
Lanthanide oxide
     c) Nickel oxide
     d) Ferric oxide
26. Which of the following statement is NOT true for soap?
     a) Soaps are bio-degradbale
     b) Soaps cannot be  used in acidic medium
     c) Soaps form a white curdy precipitate with hard water
Soaps are relatively stronger in their cleaning action than synthetic detergents
27. Which one is a viral disease:
     a) Cholera
     b) Typhoid
     d) Whooping cough
28. Rubella virus cause:
     a) Chicken pox
     c) Small pox
     d) Mumps
29. I’m tired. I’d rather __________ out this evening, if you don’t mind.
     a) don’t go
not go
     c) not going
     d) not to go
30. Anthropologists are of the view that Haryana was known by his name because in
     Post-Mahabharta period lived:
     b) Aryans
     c) Haryanvis
     d) None of the above
31. According to Delhi Museum Hariana “the Heaven on the Earth” dates back to:
     a) 1126 AD
1328 AD
     c) 1500 AD
     d) 1750 AD

           The Delhi Museum Inscription of the reign of Muhammad Tughluq (A.D. 1328) gives the name as  Hariyana
           ‘The very Heaven on Earth and where lies the city Dhillika (Delhi), built by the  Tomaras.
32. Haryana state was formed on 1 November 1966 on recommendation of:
     a) Lal Bahadur Shastri
     b) Indira Gandhi
Sardar Hukam Singh
     d) Sir Chottu Ram
33. Haryana is a landlocked state lies between:
     a) 28 Degree 37 Minutes to 31 Degree 35 Minutes North
     b) 24 Degree 26 Minutes to 27 Degree 28 Minutes North
     c) 29 Degree 20 Minutes to 31 Degree 30 Minutes North
27 Degree 37 Minutes to 30 Degree 35 Minutes North
34. Population density according to 2011 census is
     a) 1002 people/per sqkm
     b) 642 people/per sqkm
573 people/per sqkm
     d) 945 people/per sqkm
35. Haryana has
     a) 5682 villages
6759 villages
     c) 4890 villages
     d) None of the above
36.  How many divisions the state is divided for Administrative purpose?
     a) 5
     b) 3
     d) None

        one of my gk shortcuts :  GHAR = Gurgaon, Hisar, Ambala, Rohtak (4 divisions in Haryana)

37. Which of the District is not part of the Gurgaon Division?
     a) Faridabad
     b) Palwal

     c) Hisar
     d) Rewari
38. Haryana Board of School Education established in Sept. 1969 and shifted in 1981 to 
     a) Sonepat
     b) Chandigarh

     c) Bhiwani
     d) Rohtak
39. Haryana has adopted New Sports Policy on:
     a) 15th August 2008
21st August 2009
     c) 26th january 2009
     d) 2nd October 2008
40. KMP stands for
     a) Kurukshetra – Manesar – Panipat Expressway
Kundli – Manesar – Palwal Expressway
     c) Kurukshetra – Manesar – Pautodi Expressway
     d) Kurukshetra – Mahendragarh – Panipat Expressway
41. Haryana Industrial and Investment Policy – 2011 became effective in:
     b) 26-1-2011
     c) 15-8-2011
     d) None of the above
42. Haryana Special Economic Zones Act came in existence in:
     b) 2008

     c) 2009
     d) None of the above
        In India, The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Act, 2005 along with SEZ Rules came into effect on 10th February, 2006.
        The SEZ Act was enacted in Haryana on 23rd January 2006.
43. Literacy rate (%) in Haryana is:
     a) 70.75 percent
68.60 percent
     c) 62.50 percent
     d) 58.25 percent

         Either incomplete statement or wrong options.
         According to 2011 Census Literacy Rate in Haryana is : 76.44% 
         According to 1991 Census, it is 67.91%  and here close figure is 68.60%
44. Arrange the sectoral growth in Haryana
     a) Service   –   Agriculture   –  Industry
     b) Industry  –   Service        –  Agriculture
     c) Agriculture   –   Industry  –  Service
     d) Service   –     Industry     –  Agriculture
45. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme has been extended in the
     entire Haryana from:
     a) 1st January 2008
     b) 1st July 2009

     c) 1st January 2010
None of the above
         Firstly in Haryana, MGNREGA scheme was launched in Sirsa and Mahendragarh on 2nd Feb 2006. Further, this 
         scheme was extended to Ambala and Mewat districts w.e.f 1st April 2007.The remaining districts of the State
         have been covered under the scheme w.e.f. 1st April 2008.
46. Average Yield per hectare of Wheat and Rice during 2010-11 in Haryana is estimated at:
     a) 4560kg for Wheat and 2750 kg for rice
     b) 4500kg for Wheat and 2700 kg for rice

     c) 4250kg for Wheat and 2750 kg for rice
None of the above
             Wheat : 4650 kgs and Rice : 2750 Kgs
47. Haryana State Annual Plan for 2011-12 approved by Planning Commision, Govt. of India is:
     a) Rs. 20158 Crore
     b) Rs. 20258 Crore

     c) Rs. 20358 Crore
     d) Rs. 20458 Crore
48. Which buffalo is called as Black Gold in Haryana?
     a) Bhadavari
     b) Niti-Ravi

     c) Mehsana
49. The Haryana Special Economic Zone came in the year
     a) 2005
     b) 2006

     c) 2007
     d) 2008
50. The Haryana Government’s Land Acquisation Policy,
     a) has decided to double, even higher in some areas, the minimum floor rate (MFR) payable
         for acquisition of land
     b) increase both the annuity amount payable over 33 years as well as its incremental annual
         hike and give bigger-size plots in case one’s residential property is acquired

     c) the affected farmers would alsobe offered Government jobs, industrial and commercial plots
     d) All the above
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    • Naren says:


      both questions 42 and 49 are different here
      in Q42 – they ask about the year of SEZ Act launching in Haryana
      in Q43 – They ask Haryana Special Economic Zone Rules i.e. modified SEZ rules
      approved by cabinet in month of November of 2007.

      check this link

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      • anju says:

        SEZ act came in 2005. check this…..www.sezindia.nic.in/writereaddata/statePolicies/haryanasezact.pdf

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    • Naren says:


      you are right , i also know about this mistake
      it was in my mind before your comment also
      for more details you can check this good link
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    Aryans should be the answer as they were during post Mahabharata period.
    what do u say?

    • Naren says:

      Today Sunday, I got some spare time to check comment section.
      Abhiras is correct ans. as I confirmed it with the source book
      Abhiras was a virile tribe who developed special skills in the art of agriculture


  19. raipuneet says:

    any body knows what was the category wise cut off in last year HCS xam?


    • anju says:

      for gen category it was 119.


      GEN.-119.BC-114. PH -104. SC-91

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    sry dear please recheck your answers…lots of mistakes..e.g gomia famous for explosives not fertilizers;open markets ops part of credit policy not fiscal……take some more time but provide quality output…
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        @रतेंदर पाल सिंह

        यार तू पहले क्यों नहीं आया …इतने सारे उतर गलत थे
        मुझे तो अभी मालूम हुआ है …वैसे जो लिंक तुमने
        सेंड किया है …वहाँ पर मेरी ही पोस्ट को पेस्ट किया गया है
        जब इतने उतर गलत थे तो ..कम से कम उसको सही करके ही
        पेस्ट कर देना था …लोगों को सही उतर तो मिल जाते …

        वैसे तुमने कमेन्ट फूल स्पीड में किये हैं बिना सोचे समझे
        1-2 प्रश्न को तो अब जरूर चेक करूँगा ..उस पर कमेन्ट ज्यादा
        मिल रहे हैं

        SLOW / FALL and TAPTI

        कमेन्ट करने के लिए धन्यवाद

      • 9th.. how cn u allow fdi widout aproval frm fipb?/
        10th slow down is jst Fall in Growth Rate nt gdp
        25thhits feric..google it out
        43 check census 2011
        44 industrial growth is grter den agri
        46 check haryana economic survey
        62 panis were traders
        71 agra kila ws f hindu rler definatelyy nt akbar
        74 cripps mission ws favrng partition
        75 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1946_Cabinet_Mission_to_India
        88 basicf polity… com nt responsible fr rs

      • Naren says:

        @Ratendra Pal Singh

        Here in the Q.No.9, they ask about Automatic route ..not Government Route…
        Should Microsoft/Google/Yahoo etc. need FIPB approval to start
        consultancy services/ software development and research center in India?


  21. navdeep says:

    Open market operations is a part of monetary policy and monetary policy is also called as credit policy so ans to that question should be credit policy not fiscal policy…….

    • Naren says:


      firstly, thanks for justification of your ans.
      Almost in all standard books of GK, this question
      contains Monetary Policy as one of the given options.
      Here some confusion, Monetary Policy = RR+RRR+CR (short term rates)and SLR+BR (long term rates). OMO is the principle tool of Monetary policy used by RBI to buy/sell government securities in order to infuse liquidity in the system…it means OMO is a credit control measure.. as you have mentioned in your comment Monetary Policy is also known as Credit Policy,
      so OMO is part of Credit Policy…i agree with you.
      What is there in Fiscal Policy?
      only short-term rates?


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    In question no 10
    Slow down means fall in growth rate not fall in gdp and recession means fall in gdp i.e negative growth rate so i think ans should be ‘1 only’

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      67% estimated

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    Pls check again.

    Naveen Sangwan

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    Q 47 ans is 20158 check http://planningcommission.nic.in/plans/stateplan/present/Haryana.pdf

    • check haryana govt site

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    Really good job done…Thanx a lot…last year general cut off was 118 out of 200 . In my view this year it will near about 125…

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    Clarification regarding Q19: Combustion of candle is EXOTHERMIC REACTION….melting of wax is a physical change…nt the burning of candle..

    • Naren says:


      You are right. As they ask about combustion of candle,
      In theory, a candle is made of a solid hydrocarbon called paraffin….
      When the solid burns, the hydrocarbon reacts with oxygen to form
      carbon dioxide and water. The reaction is exothermic, meaning it
      releases heat to the atmospherre along with the other products

      thanks for pointing out this error


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    open market is investment policy . this is very natural thing.

    • noo its credit….

  45. jagendra says:

    cutt off 2009

    The cut off marks for the different categories are indicated below against each category:
    General BC ESM SC PH (Ortho) Ph(Blind)
    119 113 85 92 104 53

  46. jagendra says:

    HCS- 2009

    total post = 183
    pre exam 26-4-2009
    pre results 03-05-2009
    main exam= 22.08.2009 to 03.09.2009 & 17.06.2010 to
    Viva-voce held from 13.12.2010 to

    final results= 04.01.2011

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    Soniya, pleaes check above post of SATBIR NYOL LECTURER on
    March 27, 2012 at 5:32 PM

    As per his comment Cutt for last times were:

    GEN.-119.BC-114. PH -104. SC-91

    As per one of my friend who appread for last time mains, cut off for GEN was 59%.

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      yes,143 to148 score safe to qualify pre hcs 2011

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    q 20 the answer should be only distillation………….the other means that can be used is reverse osmosis in no way it can be done by filtration

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      rite…pure water is obtained by distillation alone..however filtartion and evaporation alone can not give you pure water..they are just part of purification process

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    • Naren says:


      if we examine the previous cut-off of Pre. Exams
      a score of 125-130 will be sufficient for GEN cat.
      to cross the first hurdle of HCS Race

      As we can’t measure future exactly….
      so this famous quote is still remembered

      We can gain experience from the past, but we can’t relive it;
      and we can hope for the future, but we don’t know if there is one

      anyway good luck to all examinee for the result …
      result will be available on HPSC official site soon.


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    guys i am general candidate and my score is expected to be around 120….. could i be called for mains exam???? do i ahve any chance ????

  64. parveen says:

    my hcs. pre score gs 61 , history 72 total 133 .. . . . can i safe for main exam tell me?

    • satbir nyol lecturer says:

      parveen your score may be in the cut off.

    • vishavjeet says:

      kinaare pe hai doob bhe saktaa hai ya tair bhee saktaa hai

    • satbir nyol says:

      you are safe

  65. parveen says:

    my total score hcs pre 128. i belong obc cat. please tell me i am safe for main exam

  66. vishavjeet says:

    result will take atleast 1 month……….

  67. parveen says:

    my score 125 . kya m main exam ke liye safe hoo belongs to obc

  68. parveen says:

    my hcs pre score126. please tell me about pass / fail

    • satbir nyol lecturer says:

      your score near about cut off

  69. satbir nyol lecturer says:

    naren ji tell me following his.quest.sources series c q.no.10,12,13,34,39,40,42,43,46,47,49,75,83,96,100

  70. pankaj choudhary says:

    my marks will be around 135 ..from general categry ….what will be cut off ???

    • satbir nyol says:

      you may be qualify

  71. parveen says:

    my score 130 + please tell me my R.N. in cut off for main exam.

  72. parveen says:

    my score 130 + . please tell me i am safe for main exam

  73. parveen says:

    my hcs pre score 130 +. i am safe for main exam belongs to obc cat.

  74. ravi says:

    my score is 134…do i stand any chance

  75. aman says:

    my score is 125(hcs exam) , gen category.. is my score in the cut off?

  76. neelam says:

    dosto iam a bc cat i got40 in gen stud. and 50 in sociology. can i safe for main?

    • vijay says:

      No, the merit of BC Candidates will high and ur score will not …………………..

      • vijay says:

        Neelam u should change ur optional subject in the next exam.

  77. soniya chaudhary says:

    exam result 1 month baad kyu and then when will d mains be conducted

    • sumit aantil says:

      acha soniya madam…..

    • vijay says:

      Chairman of HPSC will be retired on 16.04.2012 so the result will come before 16th April. Don’t take tension and start preparations of main exam. . All the best.

    • vishavjeet says:

      exam on 1 july to 15 july………… questions me mistake the ., so letters have been sent to the question paper setters…………thats why i month

    • vijay says:

      what is ur view abour declaration of result .

  78. soniya chaudhary says:

    what acha if you don’t know anything better do not comment like dis

  79. parveen says:

    i score 132. i am safe for main exam.

    • neeraj says:

      u r safe..

  80. Kaushik says:

    why the result of hcs pre exam is not being declared.

  81. parveen mann says:


  82. nootropic says:

    Greeting from across the sea. excellent post I will return for more.

  83. sun says:

    Guys any update when would the result be out…..

  84. Himanshu Bhasin says:

    it is….

  85. Adarsh says:

    Friends,anyone has previous years question papers for mains(optionals- History& Pol sci), I do have one set-2003.

    • avaneesh says:

      hello adarsh can you please send me question paper of pol. science of year 2003.

      • avaneesh says:

        hello Adarsh my email is avaneesh_shukla@sify.com
        thank you

  86. avaneesh says:

    adarsh plz send 2003 papers of mains

  87. Rohit says:

    when we are expecting the Mains date.

  88. manisha dahiya says:

    great work done.
    can u provide law answeres plz

  89. RAJIV says:

    any one can please provide me the copy of earlier taken exam for preliminary and final. my email id is gupta_rajivkkr@yahoo.co.in

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