GA Quiz 2012 – 6

1.  How much amount has been released to seven States for extending green revolution
     to east India in the current financial year 2011-12 (as on 20.1.2012)?
     a) Rs. 365.36 crore
     b) Rs. 292.45 crore
     c) Rs. 382.57 crore
     d) Rs. 332.87 crore
     e) None of the above

2.  According to 2011 forest assessment, released by the Forest Survey of India on
     7 February, India has lost how much areas of forest cover over the past two years

     a) 327 sq km
     b) 367 sq km
     c) 285 sq km
     d) 387 sq km
     e) None of the above

3.  According to the advanced estimates of National Income released by the Central
    Statistical Office (CSO) in Feb 2012, the National Income is expected to rise by 
     ___________ during 2011-12.

     a) 6.8 percent
     b) 7.5 percent
     c) 7.0 percent
     d) 8.2 percent
     e) 8.6 percent

4.  In accordance with the National Policy on Skill Development Government has set
     a target of skilling how many people (in crores) by 2022?
     a) 20 crore
     b) 25 crore
     c) 30 crore
     d) 35 crore
     e) 50 crore

5.  As per the Tendulkar Committee Report on Estimates of Poverty, the estimated 
     number of urban poor in the country is________.

     a) 807.6 Lakh
     b) 753.8 Lakh
     c) 865.4 Lakh
     d) 927.6 Lakh 
     e) None of the above

6.  As per the advance GDP growth estimates released by the Finance Ministry on
     7 February, in which of the following sectors the growth is estimated to be negative
     in current financial year?
     a) agriculture, forestry and fishing
     b) manufacturing 
     c) constructon 
     d) mining and quarrying 
     e) None of the above

7.  The Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP), in their Report on
     Price Policy for Rabi Crops for the Marketing Season 2012-13 had recommended 
     an increase of ____________per quintal in the MSP of wheat.

     a) Rs.200
     b) Rs.220
     c) Rs.230
     d) Rs.225
     e) None of the above

8.  Which of the following associate banks of SBI has recently joined the Interbank
     Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) network, which facilitates cellphone-based 
     financial transactions? 

     a) State Bank of Mysore
     b) State Bank of Patiala 
     c) State Bank of Indore
     d) State Bank of Travancore
     e) State Bank of Hyderabad

9.  Indian railways’s express train Punjab Mail has achieved the distinction of being
     the first train to enter the 100th year of its run in January 2012. Punjab Mail runs
     a) Ludhiana to Mumbai
     b) Ferozpur to Mumbai 
     c) Jalandhar to Kolkata
     d) Amritsar to Kolkata
     e) None of the above

10. Who among the following army commandos has been conferred the Ashok Chakra,
      India’s highest peacetime gallantry award at India’s 63rd Republic Day ceremony?

      a) Lt. Navdeep Singh
      b) Lt Sushil Khajuria
      c) Lt Gen S A Hasnain
      d) Lt Gen K T Patnaik
      e) None of the above

11. Which of the following movies is NOT directed by Mira Nair who conferred Padma
      Bhushan, the country’s third highest civilian honour on the eve of Republic Day
      a) Vanity Fair
      b) The Namesake
      c) Monsoon Wedding
      d) Salaam Bombay
      e) None of the above

12. Who among the following is chairman of Expert Committee on Sugar Sector 
      constituted by Prime Minister recently, to examine issues relating to the sugar
     a) Kaushik Basu
     b) Vijay Kelkar
     c) C. Rangarajan
     d) Suresh Tendulkar 
     e) Montek Singh Ahluwalia

13. Under which of the following articles of Indian Constitution, the President has
      the power to call a joint sitting of both Houses if a Bill passed by one House and 
      rejected by the other House?

      a) Article 108
      b) Article 113
      c) Article 127
      d) Article 163
      e) None of the above

14. Which of the following is name of India women team’s bowler who recently gets
      ICC clearance to resume bowling in International cricket?
      a) Jhulan Goswami
      b) Gouher Sultana
      c) Anjum Chopra
      d) Snehal Pradhan
      e) Amita Sharma

15. 2012 World Table Tennis Championships will be held in which of the following

      a) China
      b) Thailand
      c) South Korea
      d) Malyasia
      e) Germany

16. Poulami Ghatak, who recently became the national champion for the seventh time
      is associated with the game of :
      a) Chess
      b) Table Tennis
      c) Lawn Tennis
      d) Badminton
      e) Boxing

17. The Ministry of Railways has decided to increase the advance reservation period
      for booking train tickets from existing 90 days to ________ w.e.f. March 10, 2012.
      a) 120 days
      b) 125 days
      c) 130 days
      d) 135 days
      e) None of the above

18. Employees’ Provident Fund Appellate Tribunal (EPFAT) is located at:
      a) Banglore 
      b) Mumbai
      c) Chennai
      d) Kolkata
      e) New Delhi

19. India ranks first in the world in production of :
      1. Milk
      2. Pulses
      3. Tea

     a) Only (1)                   b) Only (2)
     c) Both (1) & (3)         d) Both (1) & (2)
     e) All (1), (2) &(3)

20. Which is the largest onion growing state in the country?
      a) Karanataka
      b) West Bengal
      c) Tamilnadu
      d) Maharashtra
      e) Andhra Pradesh

     Note : – Correct answers are highlighted in red color. 

About Naren
Full name - Narender Jangra      Location - India    Qualification - MCA

4 Responses to GA Quiz 2012 – 6

  1. anil rai says:

    thanks a great job. Upload the ans of psc also

  2. sushil kumari says:

    please provide answer of cds 2012.

  3. in 19th ans. should be e.

    • Naren says:


      India was the top producer of tea for nearly a century, but in 2006 China has overtaken India as the top tea producer due to increased land availability.


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