CTET 2012 Paper (Science Group)

Central Teacher Eligibility Test 2012 (CTET)
Solved Paper of Science Group (Science part only)
held on 29th January 2012
1. Given below are a few chemical processes:
    a. Rusting of iron
    b. Burning of candle

    c. Respiration
    d. Photosynthesis

    Which two of these represent slow combustion?
    (1) d and a
    (2) a and c
    (3) b and c
    (4) b and d

2. The smallest of living organisms with cell wall are
    (1) Yeast
    (2) Algae
    (3) Cyanobacteria

    (4) Bacteria
3. When CNG or LPG undergoes complete combustion, the products formed are
CO2 and  H2O
CO2 SO2 and H2O
    (3) CO2 only

    (4) CO2, CO and  H2O
4. Assessment in Science should focus more on testing the ability of students to
    (1) answer open-ended questions
    (2) be sufficiently equipped for higher learning 
    (3) state the facts and principles of Science correctly
apply the understanding of concepts to unfamiliar situations in everyday life
5. The SI unit of calorific value is 
    (1) J/kg
    (2) Kilocalorie/kg
    (4) Calorie
6. The process of converting sugars into alchohols is known as 
    (1) Pasteurization
    (2) Sterilization
    (3) Homogenization

    (4) Fermentation
7. One of the main limitations of the Project method of teaching Science is that
    (1) knowledge is not acquired in a sequential manner
    (2) integration of concepts in various subjects can be achieved 
the students have to perform excessive mental and physical work
    (4) it is a psychological method
8. Summative Assessment in Science should mainly focus on 
    (1) assessing observation skills
diagnosing the areas of learning difficulties of students
    (3) tesing of mainly the practical skills

    (4) testing important theoretical concepts

      Summative assessments are provided at end of a unit to determine how much students have learned.
      Summative assessments provide information for determining grades and giving students feedback on 
      their performance. Such assessments are useful for making final judgments about student achievement
     and instructional effectiveness.

9. The dietary fibres are
    (1) made up of collagen fibres
    (2) made up of protiens
also called roughage
    (4) made up of cellulose and protiens
10. If the frequency of vibrations of a body is decreased and its amplitude is increased then  
    (1) pitch increases but loudness decreases
pitch decreases but loudness increases
    (3) both pitch and loudness of sound produced will decrease
    (4) both pitch and loudness of sound produced will increase

      Sound is a wave and waves have amplitude, or height. Amplitude is a measure of energy. The more 
      energy a wave has, the higher its amplitude. As amplitude increases, intensity or (loudness of sound)
      also increases. For most practical purposes the pitch is just the frequency of sound. Pitch is measured 
      in frequency of sound vibrations per second. If the frequency (i.e rate of vibration) is decreased, the
      pitch also decreases.

11.Which one of the following man-made fibres is also called artificial silk?
    (1) Acrylic
    (2) Polyester
    (3) Nylon

    (4) Rayon
12. Constructivist approach in teaching science refers to
    (1) providing more and more reading materials to students
    (2) providing addtional academic help to weak students
    (3) applying different mathematical formulae in solving problems

    (4) providing experiential learning to students
13. The gas which forms carboxy-haemoglobin in the blood, causing suffocation is
Cabon monoxide
    (2) Nitrogen
    (3) Carbon dioxide

    (4) Chloroflurorocarbon
14.Which of the following statements related to earthquakes is NOT correct?
    (1) The record of the seismic waves is called seismograph.
The seismograph records the seismogram. 
    (3) The Ritchter Scale is not linear but logarithmic.

    (4) The seismic waves originate from focus.
15. Which one of the following is the key feature of Formative Assessment in Science?
    (1) It is aimed at developing scientific temper in the students.
    (2) It is aimed at enhancing practical skills.
    (3) It is conducted at the end of the year

    (4) It is diagnostic in nature
       Formative assessments occur throughout the learning process. An important element of formative 
       assessment is feedback. Feedback makes the biggest impact when it occurs during the learning process.
16. Project method in teaching of Science is suited most to
    (1) strengthen reasoning skill of students
promote scientific method of working
    (3) promote understanding of basic concepts in Science
    (4) enhance numerical abilities of students
17. The following observations were made by students A, B, C and D when they rubbed solid 
      baking soda on dry litmus paper :

    The correct observation was made by the student
    (1) C
    (2) D
    (4) B

18. Practical work in Science may be given due to emphasis in order to
    (1) to keep proper check on punctuality and regularity of students 
help the students verify the theoretical concepts 
    (3) improve the percentage of marks obtained by the students

    (4) help the students develop the habit of maintaining written records
19. Which one of the following is the major objective of teaching of Science at upper primary stage?
    (1) To learn important facts and formulae 
    (2) To develop proficiency in the solving excercise given at the end of the chapter 
To promote rational thinking
    (4) To remember names of scientists and scientific discoveries
20. Antibiotics are effective against
    (1) Influenza
    (2) Hepatitis A
    (3) Dengue Fever

    (4) Cholera
21. PET bottles and jar are commonly used for  storing edible items. PET is a very familiar form of
    (1) Rayon
    (2) Polyamide
    (4) Acrylic
22. When electric current is passed through a metallic conductor, amount of heat produced in the 
      conductor depends on its 
    (1) material and thickness only
material, length and thickness
    (3) material and length only

    (4) length and thickness only
23. The minerals that are required in the right amount for proper functioning of muscles are
    (1) Iodine and fluroine
    (2) Iron and Iodine
Iron and Calcium
    (4) Sodium and potassium
24. The gases present in the atmosphere that cause greenhouse effect are
Methane, water vapour, cabon dioxide
    (2) Cabon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen
    (3) Carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, methane

    (4) Nitrous oxide, oxygen, water vapour
25. When carbon dioxide is passed through clear lime water solution, it turns milky. The milky
     appearance of lime water is due to 
    (1) presence of soluble calcium carbonate
    (2) curdling of milk due to lime in lime water
    (3) presence of impurities in lime water

    (4) presence of insoluble calcium carbonate
26. In order to determine the acidic, basic or neutral character of solutions, a student tabulated the
     following results after experimentation. Which of the following observations has been tabulated 
    (1) C
    (3) A

    (4) B
27. Which one of the following is most suited to the development of scientific skills in students?
    (1) Conducting Science Olympiads
Performing laboratory work
    (3) Conducting Science quiz

    (4) Organizing a field visit
28. A Science teacher is interested to focus more on acquisition of process skills by the learners.
     Which of the following combination of methods of teaching should be preferred by her to achieve
     the objectives?
Project-cum-laboratory method
    (2) Lecture-cum-demonstration method
    (3) Assignment -cum-questioning method
    (4) Lecture-cum-discussion method
29. Which of the following group of words can be correctly identified with Rhizobium
    (1) Roots of legumes, parasite, soluble nitrogen compounds
    (2) Leguminous plants, symbiotic, stem nodes
    (3) Root nodules, pitcher plant, nitrogen deficient soil

    (4) Nitrogen fixation, root nodules, leguminous plants
30. A laboratory thermometer shows five small divisions between the markings of 55 oC and 56 oC.
     This means that the thermometer can read correctly up to
55.2 oC
    (2) 55.25 oC
    (3) 55.1 oC

    (4) 55.5 oC
   Note – Your feedback and comments are welcome for any rectification in the above post. 
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13 Responses to CTET 2012 Paper (Science Group)

  1. Pravin Pachauri says:

    Can u plz send me the answers of Maths n Hindi also of Second paper?? My mail Id is pachauri44@gmail.com

  2. Que 77 set q - Ans is 3 says:

    Thank for providing answers.
    In my view sodium and potassium are minerals…….
    calcium is correct but iron is not.

  3. MANISH says:

    23. The minerals that are required in the right amount for proper functioning of muscles are
    (1) Iodine and fluroine
    (2) Iron and Iodine
    (3) Iron and Calcium
    (4) Sodium and potassium

    i guess answer is 4- (4) Sodium and potassium

    • Naren says:

      Sodium and Potassium is best answer for functioning of Nerve.
      Potassium, along with sodium, works to regulate fluid in the body.
      Potassium also helps to maintain a regular heartbeat and low blood
      Calcium is a cellular cement for bones and it contributes to proper
      blood clotting in body. Calcium inhibits iron absorption from non-meat
      sources.Iron is required for the production of haemoglobin and myoglobin,
      which carries oxygen to our muscles.


      • Deepali says:

        In question it is “The minerals that are required in the right amount for proper functioning of muscles are” They have asked about minerals in right amount. I think that sodium and potassium should be the right answer.

      • Naren says:


        i already put a comment in support of my ans. Anyway for
        more clearification again here, i am writing two more lines

        Iron is a vital element for muscle health…
        It is present in the muscle tissues as a
        part of myoglobin and helps in supply of
        oxygen required for contraction of muscles.
        for more details …search it on google


    • raaghav says:

      na and k


    Can you send me the answer of hindi -1,bengali-2 of 1st paper and hindi-1,bengali-2 of 2nd paper. My email id is shib_nathsahani@rediffmail.com

    • Naren says:

      @Shib Nath
      check the above mentioned link…
      may be it contain the requested
      answer key.


  5. senthil says:

    good work. plz give maths ans. already i get qualified but low marks in maths only

  6. Uzaifa simab says:

    I want some new ques form science and

  7. Anshu says:

    When CNG or LPG undergoes complete combustion the products formed are its CO2 Only. The answer CO2 and H2O is wrong.

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