GA Quiz 2012 – 2

1.  How much amount has been allocated to 10 states for Rainfed Area Development
     Programme (RADP) during 2011-12?

     a) Rs 180 crore
     b) Rs 200 crore
     c) Rs 220 crore
     d) Rs 250 crore
     e) None of the above

2.  The Government of India has announced a National Manufacturing Policy with
     the objective of enhancing the share of manufacturing in GDP to ________.

     a) 20%
     b) 25%
     c) 27%
     d) 30%
     e) None of the above

3.  At end-September 2011, India’s external debt stock was ________.
     a) US$ 296.8 billion
     b) US$ 306.4 billion
     c) US$ 326.6 billion
     d) US$ 334.8 billion
     e) None of the above

4.  Memogate scandal which exposed the deep fissures between the civilian
     government and the powerful army took place in which of the following countries?
     a) Pakistan
     b) Nepal
     c) Egypt
     d) Libya
     e) Tunisia

5.  Which among the following countries has emerged as the second largest defence
     supplier to India after Russia?
     a) USA
     b) France
     c) Britain
     d) Singapore
     e) Israel

6.  NASA’s GRAIL mission will help scientists refine our theories for
     a) how the Jupiter formed
     b) how the Sun formed
     c) how the Marsh formed
     d) how the Moon, Earth and other rocky planets evolved. 
     e) None of the above

7.  According to a report titled ‘World Livestock 2011’ published by FAO in December
     2011, meat consumption is projected to rise nearly __________by 2050.
     a) 45 percent
     b) 50 percent
     c) 73 percent
     d) 65 percent
     e) None of the above

8.  Which of the following countries government has decided to close down all luxury 
     spas, health centres and massage parlours in the country after the opposition 
     parties describing them as un-Islamic activities?

     a) Iraq
     b) Iran
     c) Qatar
     d) Kuwait
     e) Maldives

9.  The United Nations General Assembly declared the year 2012 as:
     a) The International Year of Mathematics
     b) The International Year of Biodiversity
     c) The International Year of Forests
     d) The International Year of Cooperatives 
     e) None of these

10. Which among the following countries has been elected as Chairman of 
      International Sugar Council?

      a) India
      b) Brazil
      c) China
      d) Thialand
      e) Mexico

11. According to a report released by Economist Intelligence Unit, USA which of the
      following countries has the tightest security controls among nations with nuclear
      material, the world’s most destructive weapons? 

     a) France
     b) Australia
     c) Germany
     d) USA
     e) China

12. Which of the following countries is NOT an official member of Gulf Cooperation
      Council (GCC)?
      a) Oman
      b) Kuwait
      c) Yemen
      d) Qatar
      e) Bahrain

13. The Government has given in principle approval for establishing the Spice Park
      at which of the following locations?
      a) Kota (Rajasthan)
      b) Surat (Gujarat)
      c) Cochin (Kerala)
      d) Kovai (Tamilnadu)
      e) None of the above

14.  125th birth anniversary of mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan has recently
       been declared as ‘National Mathematics Day’ by Prime Minister Manmohan 
       Singh. National Mathematics Day will be celebrated every year on__________.
      a) 20 December
      b) 22 December
      c) 27 November
      d) 23 November
      e) None of the above

15. According to a statement announced on December 29, 2011 by The Central
      Government, India became free of which of the following disease?
      a) AIDS
      b) Swine flu
      c) Bird flu
d) Poliomyelitis
      e) None of the above

16. On 26 December, 2011, the Government of India (GOI) extended the import 
      prohibition on milk and milk products from ________ for a period of six months.

      a) Canada
      b) Japan
      c) Italy
      d) USA
      e) China

17. Recently, The Ministry of Shipping has awarded ISO certification to which of 
      the following ports in India? 

      a) Mangalore Port
      b) Tuticorin Port
      c) Marmugao Port
      d) Jawaharlal Nehru Port
      e) None of the above

18. Which of the following is name of first car launched by Bajaj Auto, India’s leading
      two-wheeler manufacturer?
      a) RE 40
      b) RE 50
      c) RE 60
      d) RE 80
      e) None of the above

19. The visible surface of the Sun is called :
      a) Photosphere
      b) Ionosphere
      c) Stratosphere
     d) Cyanosphere
     e) None of the above

20. Presently, Service tax for a month can be paid to the government by the _____of
      next month.
      a) fifth
      b) sixth
      c) tenth
      d) fifth or sixth
      e) first or second

     Note : – Correct answers are highlighted in red color. 

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