GA Quiz 2011 – 26

1.  The present FDI limit in the insurance sector is
     a) 25 per cent
     b) 26 per cent
     c) 49 per cent
     d) 51 per cent
     e) None of the above

2.  Which of the following is the amount of the package recently announced by central
     government to uplift the weavers across the country during the 12th Plan? 
     a) Rs. 6234 crore
     b) Rs. 6582 crore
     c) Rs. 5436 crore
     d) Rs. 5842 crore
     e) None of the above

3.  With which among the following countries India has signed Double Tax Avoidance
     Agreement (DTAA) in November 2011 for effective exchange of information, 
     assistance in collection of taxes between tax authorities?

     a) Tanzania
     b) Estonia
     c) Nepal
     d) Georgia
     e) Switzerland

4.  Which of the following countries has recently joined the World Trade Organisation
     (WTO) as official 154th member?

     a) Georgia
     b) Tanzania
     c) Ukraine
     d) Russia
     e) Cape Verde

5.  Which of the following countries has been suspended from Arab League at an
     emergency meeting in Cairo on 12th November?
     a) Yemen
     b) Egypt
     c) Iraq
     d) Lebanon
     e) Syria

6.  Which of the following Union Territories has become the first in the country to have
     achieved 100 per cent banking coverage in all villages including those having a
     population of less than 2000 under the Financial inclusion programme?

     a) Chandigarh
     b) Daman and Diu
     c) Lakshadweep
     d) Puducherry 
     e) None of the above

7.  Who among the following persons has been chosen for the CNN-IBN Indian of the
     Year 2011 award?

     a) A. R. Rehman
     b) Ratan Tata
     c) Anna Hazare
     d) Nitish Kumar
     e) Narendra Modi

8.  Recently, the government approved the recommendations of Majithia Wage Boards
     to increase the salaries of employees working in
     a) banking industries
     b) print media/news agencies
     c) MGNREGA scheme
     d) Mini Ratna PSUs
     e) None of the above

9.  The sub committee constituted by Planning Commission to study the social welfare
     schemes has recommended rationalisation of 147 centrally sponsored schemes into
     ______ for more effective implementation.

     a) 59 schemes
     b) 60 schemes
     c) 65 schemes
     d) 70 schemes
     e) None of the above

10. In a move to prevent misuse of Tatkal scheme, the Ministry of Railways on 11th
      November has decided to reduce the advance reservation period for Tatkal tickets
      from 48 hours to 
      a) 12 hours
      b) 24 hours
      c) 36 hours
      d) 40 hours
      e) None of the above

11. The controversial Lavasa Hill City project which gets conditional clearance from
      the environment ministry on 9th November, belongs to which of the following 

      a) Nasik
      b) Nagpur
      c) Mumbai
      d) Pune
      e) Aurangabad

12. Under Prerna scheme, cash incentives are provided to those couples of BPL family
      who fulfill which of the following conditions of parenthood criteria? 

      1. marriage at 19
      2. first child after 21
      3. spacing of 3 years between children
      4. limiting the family after two children  

      a) 1, 2 and 4                    b) 2, 3 and 4
      c) 1, 3 and 4                    d) 1, 2 and 3
      e) All 1, 2, 3 & 4

13. The expansion of NOFN is
      a) National Open Fibre Network
      b) National Optical Fibre Network
      c) National Operational Fibre Network
      d) National Optical Financial Network
      e) None of the above

14. Luis Proto Barbosa who died in October 2011 was the former Chief Minister of 
      a) Kerala
      b) Assam
      c) Manipur
      d) Goa
      e) Sikkim

15. Which of the folllowing statements about Troposphere layer of atmosphere is NOT

      a) Troposhpere layer is closest to the Earth.
      b) All of the earth’s weather occurs in the troposphere.
      c) The temperature of the troposphere increases with height.
      d) The troposphere has 78% N2 and 21% O2.
      e) All the above are correct.

16. Energy is transferred between the earth’s surface and the atmosphere via
      A) radiation
      B) conduction
      C) convection

      a) Only (A)      b) Only (B)      c) Only (C)      d) Both (A) & (B)      e) All (A), (B) & (C)

17. How many sixes hit by Virender Sehwag in his highest ODI score 219 runs?

      a) 6
      b) 7
      c) 8
      d) 5
      e) None of the above

18. Beighton Cup is associated with the game of 
      a) Footbal
      b) Badminton
      c) Cricket
      d) Golf
      e) Hockey

19. Which of the following countries has the highest number of cattle in the world?
      a) India
      b) Brazil
      c) China
      d) Russia
      e) USA

20. An inter-governmental body which sets standards, develops and promotes policies
     to combat money laundering and terrorist financing is
     a) InterPole
     b) Financial Security Task Force (FSTF)
     c) Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
     d) Global Financial Security Force (GFSF)
     e) None of the above

     Note : – Correct answers are highlighted in red color. 

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3 Responses to GA Quiz 2011 – 26

  1. green says:

    Hello sir all the questions are keeping good standard ….Also I have a request…Cud u pls post the list of agreements and pacts that India signed in the year 2011 with other countries

  2. sourabh says:

    viru hits 7 sixes in 219 runs
    check out again

    • Naren says:

      thanks for rectifying me


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