SSC Exam (11 Dec 11) – GK Paper (2nd Shift)

SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam 2011
(Recruitment of Lower Division Clerks and Data Entry Operators)
Solved GK Paper held on 11 December 2011
1. The market price is related to :
very short period 
    b) short period
    c) long period

    d) very long period
2. The working of a rocket is based on the principle of :
Conservation of momentum
    b) Conservation of mass
    c) Conservation of energy
    d) Conservation of angular momentum
3. Double is a __________ data type.
    b) user defined 

    c) system defined
    d) local        
         A primitive data type is predefined by the language and is named by a reserve keyword.  For example
         Java programming language support eight primitive data types :  byte, int, short, long, float, double, boolean and char.
         Double data types are used to define BIG floating point numbers. It reserves twice the storage for the number.
4. ‘Kesari’ the News paper was started by :
    a) G.K.Gokhle
B.G. Tilak
    c) Sardar Patel
    d) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
5. Konark which has famous ‘Sun God Temple’with wonderful specimens of Hindu architecture lies
    in the state of :
    b) Gujarat
    c) Karanatka
    d) Tamilnadu
6. Cost of production of the producer is given by :
    a) sum of wages paid to labourers

    b) sum of wages and interest paid on capital
    c) sum of wages, interest, rent and supernormal profit
sum of wages, interest, rent and normal profit
7. The upper house of State Legislature in India is called :
Legislative Council
    b) Legislative Assembly
    c) Executive Council
    d) Governor -in- Council 
        The Indian Constitution allows each states to have either a unicameral or bicameral legislature. A state is 
        said to be unicameral if it has only one house of parliament. In unicameral state legislature the (only) house is
        called Legislative Assembly. In a state with a bicameral legislature, the lower house is called the Legislative
or Vidhan Sabha and the upper house is called the Legislative Council or Vidhan Parishad.

        Presently, Six states (J&K, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karanatka, Bihar and Maharashtra ) have bicameral
        legislature and unicameral in the rest.

8. The planet that takes 88 days to make one revolution of the Sun is :
    b) Saturn
    c) Jupiter
    d) Mars
9.  Fat can be separated from milk in a cream separator because of : 
    a) Cohesive force
    b) Gravitational force
    c) Centripetal force
Centrifugal force
10. Cadmium pollution is associated with :
    a) Minamata disease

    b) Black foot disease
    c) Dyslexia
    d) Itai-Itai
11. Most of the computers available today are :
    a) 3rd generation computer
4th generation computer
    c) 5th generation computer
    d) 6th generation computer

           A generation of computer is a term used to describe the evolution of computing and how technology has
           adapted the computing industry to a more streamlined, powerful set of highly evolved processors. Each 
           technological breakthrough has made computers smaller, faster and less expensive.

First Generation       : 1950 – 1957      –   uses vacuum tubes for circuitry and memory magnetic drums
           Second Generation : 1957 – 1965      –   uses transistors, latest microprocessors contain tens of millions
                                                                          of microscopic transistors
           Third Generation     : 1965 – 1975      –   uses integrated circuits aka semiconductor devices
        Fourth Generation   : 1975 – 1985      –   uses Microprocessors, as we know them today  
           Fifth Generation      : 1985 – 1990      –   based on Artificial Intelligence, added the Game playing, expert
                                                                          systems, natural language, neural networks and robotics capabilites.
           Sixth Generation     : 1990 – present  –   use of nanotechnology and added voice recognition features which allow
                                                                           disabled to speak commands into the computer without touching the physical

           The fifth and sixth generation of computers both based on artificial intelligence, are still in development
           phase. With the development in 5th/6th  generation of computers, we can imagine a world  of robotics 
          where a robot will be at the central position in our daily life to perform daily routine tasks. Imagine a future
           in which computer chips, implanted into the human brain and interwoven into all aspects of society, grant
           humankind the ability to control multiple objects and bionic bodies with nothing but the power of the mind.

12. The state which has recently overtaken Karanatka for the top rank in the production of
      bio-fertilisers is :
     b) Gujarat

     c) Maharashtra
     d) Punjab
13. The Third battle of Panipat was fought in the year :
     a) 1526 A.D.
     b) 1556 A.D.
1761 A.D.
     d) 1776 A.D.
14. Gas released during Bhopal tragedy was :
     a) Sodium isothiocyanate
     b) Potassium isothiocyanate

     c) Ethyl isothiocyanate
     d) Methyl isothiocyanate
15.Yellow spot on citrus leaves is due to the defficiency of :
     a) Zinc

     b) Magnesium
     c) Boron
     d) Iron
16. Maximum number of sugar factories are located in :
Uttar Pradesh
     b) Tamilnadu
     c) Bihar
     d) Assam
17. India is a secular state because in our country :
state has no religion 
     b) religion has been abolished 

     c) state patronises a particular religion
     d) none of the above
18. The atmospheric layer closest to the Earth is :
     a) Mesosphere
     b) Hydrosphere

     c) Troposphere
     d) Ionosphere
19.’Giddha’ is a form of dance associated with the state of :
     b) Himachal Pradesh
     c) Haryana
     d) Rajasthan
20. While computing national income estimates, which of the following is required to be observed?   
The value of exports to be added and the value of imports to be subtracted
     b) The value of exports to be subtracted and the value of imports to be added

     c) The value of both exports and imports to be added 
     d) The value of both exports and imports to be  subtracted
21. The fuse wire is made of :
     a) an alloy of Tin and Copper
an alloy of Tin and Led
     c) an alloy of Tin and Alluminium
     d) an alloy of Nickel and Chromium
22. Which one of the following is smallest endocerine gland in human body? 
     a) Adrenal
     b) Thyroid
     d) Pancreas
23. Vector of Kala-azar is 
     a) Anopheles mosquito
     b) Culex mosquito
     c) Tse-Tse fly
Sand fly
24. Iltutmish established a centre of learning at : 
     a) Multan
     b) Kolkata

     c) Alwar
25. AGMARK is a guarantee of standard :
     b) weight
     c) quantity
     d) size
26. In case no party enjoys absolute majority in the Legislative Assembly of a state, the Governor
     will go by :
     a) the advice of former Chief Minister

     b) the advice of the Prime Minister 
     c) the advice of the President of India
     d) his own discretion
27. Which one of the following is a Wild Life Sanctuary?
     a) Jaldapara

     b) Garumara
     d) Cahpramari
         Jim Corbett National Park of Uttaranchal was declared as a tiger reserve in 1973. Jim Corbett National Park is
         famous for its wild population of Tigers, Leopards and Elephants.
28. The energy that can harness heat stored below the Earth’s surface is known as :
     a) thermal energy
     b) nuclear energy
     c) tidal energy
geo-thermal energy
29. The All Women Expedition Team of the Indian Air Force which scaled the Mount Everest
     sometime back was headed by :
     a) Sqn. Lda. D. Panda
Sqn. Lda. Nirupama Pandey
     c) Flt.Lt. Nivedita Choudhary
     d) Flt. Lt. Rajika Sharma
30. An instrument used to measure humidity is :
     a) Anemometer
     c) Thermometer
     d) Pyrheliometer
31. If the Prime Minister of India submits his resignation to the President, it will mean the resignation
     of the :  
     a) Prime Minister only
     b) Prime Minister and Cabinet Minsters

     c) Entire Council of Ministers
     d) Prime Minister, Cabinet Minsters and  the Speaker
32. ‘National Botanical Garden’ is located in 
     a) Shimla
     b) Kolkata 

     c) Lucknow
     d) Bengaluru
33. Bleaching powder is prepared by passing
Chlorine over slaked lime
     b) Oxygen over slaked lime
     c) Carbon dioxide over slaked lime
     d) Chlorine over quick lime
34. When was the Indian Constitution adopted?
     a) 15th August, 1947
     b) 26th November, 1947
26th January, 1950
     d) 2nd October, 1952
         The Constitution of India was passed on 26 November 1949, 10.18 AM IST, but it came into effect completely
          only on 26 January 1950.
35. October and November months give more rainfall to :
     a) Malwa Plateau
     b) Chota Nagpur Plateau
     c) Eastern Hills

     d) Coromandal Coast
36. Which of the following years has been ranked as one of the three warmest years?
     a) 2006
     b) 2008
     c) 2009
37. Which one of the following is considered as nature’s radar?
     a) Hippopotamus
     c) Vulture
     d) Owl
38. The gas used to dilute oxygen for breathing by deep sea divers is :
     a) Neon

     b) Argon
     c) Nitrogen

     d) Helium
39. Under the “Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme” the amount of pension for those
      above 80 years has been increased per month from Rs. 200 to     
     a) Rs. 300
     b) Rs. 400
Rs. 500
     d) Rs. 1000
40. The temperature of boiling water in a steam engine may be high because:
     a) there are dissolved substances in water
     b) there is low pressure inside the boiler

     c) there is high pressure inside the boiler
     d) the fire is at very high temperatrure
           When water is heated in a boiler, it begins to absorb energy. Depending on the pressure in the boiler, the water
           will evaporate at a certain temperature to form steam. The steam contains a large quantity of stored energy which
           will eventually be transferred to the process or the space to be heated. it can be generated at high pressures to 
           give high steam temperatures. The higher the pressure, the higher the temperature. More heat energy is contained
           within high temperature steam so its potential to do work is greater.
41. Who was the mother of Mahavira?
     a) Yashoda
     c) Jameli 

     d) Mahamaya
42. Rangaswami cup is associated with :
     a) Wrestling
     b) Football
     d) Golf
43. The river which is used for inland waterways in India is :
     a) Ganga

     b) Cauevri
     c) Mahi
44. Equilibrium price is the price when : 
     a) supply is greater than demand

     b) supply is less than demand
     c) demand is very high 
supply equals demand
45. ‘Yellow Revolution’ is associated with the production of 
     a) Polutry
     b) Gold

     c) Sunflower
     d) Oil seeds
46. Who invented ‘Helicopter’?
     a) Cockrell
     c) Otis
     d) Frank Whittle
47. The chief raw material used for manufacturing Rayon is : 
     a) Nylon

     b) Cellulose
     c) Silicon

     d) Radium and Argon
48. The Great Bath of Indus Valley Civilization is found at :
      Indian Air Force is 
     a) Harappa
     c) Ropar

     d) Kalibangan
49. The World Day to Combat Desertification is observed every year on :  
     a) 4th May
17th June
     c) 14th August

     d) 3rd October
50. The airways company acquired by South India’s ‘Sun Group’ is
     a) Go Air

     b) Indigo
     c) Spice Jet
     d) Jet Airways
   Note – Your feedback and comments are welcome to rectifiy the above post. 
              i try my best to solve the above paper but you may assure yourself also.
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  1. Amit says:

    The vector of kala-zar is sand fly.

    • Naren says:

      Yes, Sand fly is right answer.
      Tse-Tse fly is the vector of human and cattle trypanosomiasis
      (also known as sleeping sickness).

      Thank you for rectifying me.


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  5. Loving the information on this internet site , you have done outstanding job on the content .

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    show the ssc exm paper (11Dec 11) -GK paper (1st shift) with ans.

    • Naren says:

      sorry for your request.
      As i have no source to collect all 4 codes of Paper of CHSL exam.
      I think SSC gave 16 (in total) different types of question paper in last CHSL exam.
      on 4 Dec 11 – Morning-Shift (4 codes : A,B,C,D) + Evening Shift (4 Codes : A, B, C,D)
      on 11 Dec 11 – Morning-Shift (4 codes : A,B,C,D) + Evening Shift (4 Codes : A, B, C,D)
      It means 50×16 = 800 GK Question in total…..WOW
      If it is true…then it is in favour of examinee, who are
      preparing for SSC exams in future.
      BTW…thanks for visitng gkmcq4xams.


  7. RAJAT says:

    Thks 4 save my time.

  8. kuldeep says:

    q no. 34

    34. When was the Indian Constitution adopted?
    a) 15 August, 1947
    b) 26 November, 1947
    c) 26 January, 1950
    d) 2 October, 1952

    ans:- 26 november 1949.

    m’i right sir

  9. Akram says:

    Can you prescribe any books for getting good score in GK paper of LDC exam

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    Good but want these kinds of help more in future….Such as IAS exam solution

  11. chaitanya says:

    Who invented ‘Helicopter’?
    a) Cockrell
    b) sikorsky
    c) Otis
    d) Frank Whittle

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