GA Quiz 2011 – 19

Quiz on General Awareness 2011 – 19
1.  According to the new draft of guidelines released by RBI for licensing of new banks
     in the private sector, what will be the minimum capital requirement for a wholly 
     owned, non-operative holding company be allowed to open a bank in India?

     a) Rs 300 crore
     b) Rs 500 crore 
     c) Rs 700 crore
     d) Rs 400 crore
     e) None of the above

2.  The Mid-Quarter review of Monetary Policy of RBI took place on September 16,
     2011. Which of the following is true about the same?
     A) Benchmark Repo Rate hiked by 25 basis points (bps) to 8.25%
     B) The modal base rate of banks rose to 10.75 % in August from 10.25 % in July.
     C) Liquidity has remained in deficit, consistent with the stance of monetary policy.

      a)  Only (A)      b) Only (B)      c) Only(C)    d) Both (A) & (B)     e) All (A), (B) &(C)

3.  Recently, India took over the Presidency of which of the following Intergovernmental
     Group of countries after a gap of 28 years?

     a) G-8
     b) G-20
     c) G-24
     d) D-8
     e) None of these

4.  What is the name of China’s maiden unmanned space lab which successfully put
     into orbit by the Chinese space agency CNSA in September 2011?

     a) Shenzhou  
     b) Chengdu 
     c) Dong Feng 
     d) Tiangong
     e) None of the above

5.  In the wake of the 57 rail accidents witnessed this year, the Railway Ministry has
     set up a high-level safety review committee to look into the signalling systems, 
     rolling stock, fixed structures and other safety measures in the rail research
     establishments. Who is appointed as head of this committee?

     a) Sanjay Dhande
     b) Anil Kakodkar 
     c) E. Sreedharan
     d) N. Vedachalam
     e) G.P. Srivastava

6.  Which of the following countries has granted its women citizens the right to vote and
     contest in elections for the first time in history?
     a) Iran
     b) Tajikistan
     c) Afghanistan
     d) Uzbekistan
     e) Saudi Arabia

7.  Which of the following Indian States recently announced the launch of  project 
     named ‘Project Panther’ which envisaged on the lines of ‘Project Tiger’ in its 
     protected wildlife sanctuaries?  
     a) Rajasthan
     b) Uttar Pradesh
     c) Andhra Pradesh
     d) Madhya Pradesh
     e) Maharashtra

8.  Dr Anil Kakodkar Committee constituted by the government in October 2009 to
     suggest measures for making all the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) world 
     class institutions had submitted its report to Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal in
     May 2011.Which of the following recommendations is NOT true in this context?

     A) The tuition fees of IITs should be between Rs 3-3.5 lakh per year per student.
     B) IITs should raise the money to run undergraduate courses entirely through tuition fees
          and not depend on grants.
     C) Scale up PhD students from less than 1000 PhD graduates per year today to 10,000
          PhD graduates by 2020-25 from about 20 IITs.

     a) Only (A)     b) only (B)        c) Only (C)       d) Both (B) & (C)        e) Both (A) & (B)

9.  Chandrasekhar Kambar has recently been chosen for 46th Jnanpith Award for the
      year 2010. He is renowned

     a) Hindi author
     b) Malayalam poet
     c) Kannada author
     d) Bengali writer
     e) None of the above

10. Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri became the new Chief Minister of which of following
      Indian States?

      a) Uttranchal     
      b) Jharkhand
      c) Karanatka
      d) Uttarakhand
      e) Maharashtra

11.Supreme Court, the apex court in India at present has a sanctioned strength
      of _______ judges including the Chief Justice of India.
      a) 26
      b) 27
      c) 29
      d) 30
      e) 31

12. The finals of the first Asian Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy played in 
      September 2011 in Ordos, China was won by
      a) China
      b) India
      c) Pakistan
      d) Malaysia
      d) South Korea

13.Why was Justice Fakkir Mohamed Ibrahim Kalifulla recently in news?
      a) He has taken over as the Chief Justice of the J&K High Court
      b) He has taken over as the Chief Justice of the Jharkhand High Court.
      c) He has become a judge in the Supreme Court of India
      d) He is the new chairperson of Gujarat State Human Rights Commission
      e) None of the above

14. ‘Google+’, a new social networking service launched by Google Inc. on 
       June 28, 2011 is a combination of 
      a) Google News and Google Orkut
      b) Google Orkut and Google GMail
      c) Google Profiles and Google Buzz
      d) Google Wallet and Google Buzz
      d) None of the above

15. Which of the following is NOT of the same category?
      a) IDEA
      b) AIRTEL
      c) TATA
      d) BSNL
     e) AIRCEL

16. What is the full form of IMEI, a unique serial number which identifies the mobile1

      a) Internet Mobile Equipment Identity
      b) International Manufacturing Entity Identity
      c) International Mobile Equipment Identity
      d) International Mobile Encrypted Identity
      e) None of the above

17. The 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai who died on Sept. 25, 2011,
      belonged to
     a) Japan     
      b) Kenya
      c) South Korea
      d) North Korea
      e) Malaysia

18. Loan for fish rearing is covered under Priority Sector as _________ advances.
      a) Direct Agriculture
      b) Indirect Agriculture
      c) Self Employment Scheme
      d) Allied to Indirect Agriculture
      e) None of these

19. Which one of the following is NOT an example of indirect tax?
      a) Sale tax
      b) Excise duty
      c) Custom duty
      d) Service tax
      e) Expenditure tax

20.Small service providers whose turnover is less than ________per annum are
      exempt from service tax in India.
      a) Rs 4 lakhs
      b) Rs 6 lakhs
      c) Rs 8 lakhs
      d) Rs 10 lakhs
      e) None of these

Note :- Correct answers are highlighted in Blue color.

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