GA Quiz 2011 – 14

1.  As per RBI First Quarter Review of Monetary Policy 2011-12 the Cash Reserve
     Ratio(CRR) maintained by commercial banks in India is 

     a) 6.0%
     b) 7.0%
     c) 7.5%
     d) 8.0%
     e) 6.25%

2.  At present, what is total installed power generation capacity of India? (in gigawatts)
     a) 142 GW
     b) 173 GW
     c) 187 GW
     d) 164 GW
     e) None of these

3.  India’s Atomic Minerals Division has recently found huge deposits of uranium at
     Tumalappalli mine which could turn out to be among the biggest reserves of the 
     mineral in the world. Tumalappalli mine is situated in
     a) Karanatka
     b) Andhra Pradesh
     c) Gujarat
     d) Madhya Pradesh
     e) Tamilnadu

4.  Which of the following ministries will be the nodal Ministry for the operation of the
     National Social Security Fund for unorganised workers recently approved by Union
     a) Ministry of MSME
     b) Ministry of Rural Development 
     c) Ministry of Labour & Employment
     d) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare 
     e) None of the above

5.  Which of the following states has created an armed group of special police officers,
     Koyo Commando, to fight against the Naxal violence?
     a) Assam
     b) Sikkim
     c) Meghalaya
     d) Chhattisgarh
     e) West Bengal

6.  As per the figures of 2011 Census, the least populated Union Territory is 
     a) Chandigarh
     b) Lakshadweep
     c) Puducherry
     d) Daman and Diu
     e) Andaman and Nicobar islands

7.  Dorjee Khandu who recently died in chopper crash was the CM of 
     a) Sikkim
     b) Tripura
     c) Assam
     d) Meghalaya
     e) Arunachal Pradesh

8.  The next 2012 World Investment Forum will be held in 
     a) Abuja
     b) Doha
     c) Beijing
     d) Brussels
     e) Hyderabad

9.  Lokpal Bill – 2011 envisages setting up the institution of Lokpal consisting of
     Chairperson and __________Members.
     a) four
     b) six
     c) seven
     d) eight
     e) None of the above

10. Where is UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Headquarters situated?
     a) Rome
     b) Geneva
     c) Vienna
     d) Washington
     e) Newyork

11. Polavaram Project is a multi-purpose irrigation project across the river
     a) Godavari 
     b) Narmada 
     c) Brahmaputra 
     d) Kaveri 
     e) None of the above

12. Truong Tan Sang has taken over as new president of 
     a) Libiya
     b) Mynmaar
     c) Vietnam
     d) South Sudan
     e) Nigeria

13. Prahaar is a supersonic short range  _________missile.
      a) air-to-air
      b) air-to-surface
      c) surface-to-air
      d) surface-to-surface
      e) None of the above

14. Anaemia is caused by inadequate intake and poor absorption of 
      a) calcium
      b) iron
      c) iodine
      d) glucose
      b) None of these

15. What is the full form of the term UNCTAD as used in global financial news?
      a) UN Conference on Transport and Development
      b) UN Conference on Tourism and Development
      c) UN Conference on Trade and Development
      d) UN Conference on Telecom and Development
      e) None of the above

About Naren
Full name - Narender Jangra      Location - India    Qualification - MCA

4 Responses to GA Quiz 2011 – 14

  1. mohan says:

    NARENDRA SIR, it is personal req to u that on 28 /8/2011 there is an PNB specilist off exam having the 40 que of professional knowledge of 90 mark so kindly arrange the mcq for it as early as possible

    • Naren says:

      @mohan ….

      professional knowledge related to which area?
      is it IT or Marketing?
      which one?


      • mohan says:

        regarding to the finance/ for specialist officer credit


      • Naren says:


        sorry for the above req. …i hav no idea for the above section
        my educational background is related to computer not finance/marketing

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