GA Quiz 2011 – 13

1.    How much percent of premium is contributed by The Government of India to the
       families of unorganised workers under the National Health Insurance Scheme?
       a) 25 per cent
       b) 50 per cent
       c) 75 per cent
       d) 100 per cent
       e) None of these

2.   ‘Saffron Mission’ aims at revival of saffron cultivation in which of the following 

       a) Assam
       b) Sikkim
       c) Meghalaya
       d) Jammu & Kashmir
       e) Himachal Pradesh

3.  With which among the following countries India has not signed a civil nuclear 
      cooperation deal?
      a) Namibia
      b) Argentina
      c) South Korea
      d) Kazakistan
      e) Uzbekistan

4.   India’s battery powered and compressor less mini refrigerator ‘ChotuKool’ is a
      product of which of the following companies?
      a) LG
      b) Godrej 
      c) Whirlpool 
      d) Videocon
      e) Samsung

5.   According to the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) figures for 2007-09 recently
      released by India’s Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, the
      highest decline in MMR was observed in _______. 
      a) Assam
      b) Bihar
      c) Uttarakhand
      d) Uttar Pradesh
      e) Rajasthan

6.   The UN Climate change Conference 2011 will take place in which of the following
       a) Bali
       b) Durban
       c) Panama
       d) Manila
       e) Brussels

7.   According to the 2010 report of the National Rural Health Mission, 
      malnutrition among children is the most prevalent in which of following states?
      a) Orissa
      b) Bihar
      c) Madhya Pradesh
      d) Uttar Pradesh
      e) Andhra Pradesh

8.   The first session of world’s first intergovernmental agency on renewable energy
      ‘IRENA Assembly’ was held at ______.
      a) Doha
      b) Muscot
      c) Abu Dhabi
      d) Vienna
      e) Cairo

9.   According to the UNCTAD’s annual investment survey ‘World Investment Report
      2011’ India’s ranking on the list of countries attracting the highest foreign direct
      investment (FDI) in 2010 fell to _________.
      a) 4th  position 
      b) 6th position
      c) 7th position
      d) 10th position
      e) 14th position

10.   Accelerated Fodder Development Programme (AFDP) is a part of which of the
        following schemes?
        a) National Rural Health Mission
        b) Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana 
        c) Accredited Social Health Activist
        d) National Rural Livelihood Mission 
        e) None of the above

11.   According to a study by consultancy McKinsey, the power deficit in India could 
        be as high as _________by 2017. 
        a) 15 per cent         
        b) 18 percent
        c) 20 percent
        d) 25 percent
        e) None of these

12.  The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) was celebrated around the
        world on
        a) May 5, 2011
        b) May 22, 2011
        c) June 5, 2011
        d) June 20, 2011 
        e) July 10, 2011

13. The winner of 65th edition of the Santosh Trophy Football Championship 2011 is 
       a) Kerala
       b) Manipur
       c) West Bengal
       d) Madhya Pradesh
       e) Andhra Pradesh

14.  According to the UNICEF India’s report on malnutrition, one in every _______
       of malnourished children in the world lives in India.
       a) three
       b) five
       c) seven
       d) ten
       e) twenty

15.  Many a time we read a term “PPP” in financial newspapers. What does the
       term PPP stands for as used in financial world?
       a) Population Purchasing Parity
       b) Purchasing Power Parity
       c) Present Purchasing Power
       d) Public Per Capita Power
       e) None of the above

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