SBI (PO) GK Paper -2011

State Bank of India (PO) Recruitment 2011

General Awareness Paper held on 24th July 2011
(some question’s ans. based on memory)
1.  Which of the following books is written by British Nobel Prize-winning author Doris Lessing?
Wolf hall
     b) Sea of Poppies 
     c) Silent Spring

     d) The Grass Is Singing 
     e) None of these
2.  The ‘Type-66’ agreement between China and Pakistan is related to the development of –
Nuclear reactors
     b) Industrial units
     c) Roads/Bridges
     d) Oil refinary

     e) None of these
3.  Who is the chairman of the committee constituted by RBI to study Issues and concerns  in the 
     Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) Sector.
Y H Malegam
     b) Vijay kelkar
     c) C. Rangrajan

     d) M. Damodaran
     e) Pronab Sen
4.  Which of the following awards is given in the field of Science & Technology?
     a) Kalinga Prize
     b) Dhyanchand Award
     c) Arjun Award

     d) Moortidevi Award
Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
5.  Who among the following has won the title of Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold held in March 2011?
Saina Nehwal
     b) Ji Hyun Sung
     c) Shixian Wang
     d) Eriko Hirose 
     e) None of these
6.  RBI and the government has decided to increase the percentage of people connected to bank
     to 80%. At present how much percent of peoples have access to banking facilities?
       a) 30%
     b) 38%

     c) 40%
     d) 52%
     e) 60%
7.  The government and the RBI had set a target to cover 73,000 villages having population in excess
     of 2000 to provide access to banking services, by March 2012. The name given to this scheme is  
     b) Swavalamban
     c) Saral

     d) Connecting Banks
     e) None of these
8.  Who among the following has been awarded with the Russia’s highest honor The Order of
     St. Andrew?
     a) Sonia Gandhi
     b) Angela Marcel
Mikhail Gorbachev 
     d) Nicolas Sarkozy
     e) None of these
9. Which of the following agencies/institutions report asked the income tax department to ensure 
    that a single tax payer is not issued multiple PAN cards because gap between PAN holders and
    the number of returns filed was 617.1 lakh?
     a) IRDA

     b) SEBI
     c) RBI
Comptroller and Auditor General 
     e) None of these
10. Mitalee Jagtap Paradhar has won the best actress award at 58th National Film Awards ceremony
     for her performance in which of the following movies?
Baboo Band Baaja
     b) Aadukalam
     c) Adaminde Makan Abu          
     d) Do Dooni Char
     e) None of these
11. Who among the followings has been appointed as a director on board of Bank of America – the
      first non-American on the board of the one of the largest financial institutions in the world? 
Mukesh Ambani
      b) Ratan Tata
      c) Azim Premji
      c) K V Kamath
      e) Chanda Kocher
12. According to 2011 Census figures which of the following states is most populus?
      a) Maharashtra
Utar Pradesh
      c) Tamilnadu
      d) West Bengal
      e) Madhya Pradesh
13. Which of the following schemes is restructured as National Rural Livelihood Mission
      (NRLM), an ambitious scheme to eradicate poverty in rural areas?
      a) SHGs
   b) Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna 
      c) Mid Day Meal
      d) Integrated Rural Development Programme 
      e) None of these
14. The six-unit nuclear power project is being set up at Jaitpur in Maharashtra by which of the
     following countries? 
      b) USA
      b) China
      d) Japan

      e) Russia
15.  At present, who is Prime Minister of Nepal?
      a) Girija Prasad Koirala
      b) Ram Baram Yadav
Jhalanath Khanal
      d) Madhav Kumar Nepal
      e) None of these
16. A device which make use of pen for drawing pictures or writing information to interact with a 
     computer is called _____?
     a) Printer
     b) Scanner

     c) Touch-Pen writer
     d) Plotter
17. RBI appointed a committee under the chairmanship of D. Mohanty to look into –
     a) 2G spectrum scam
Implementation of Base Rate
     c) Bank’s Saving Interest rate 
     d) Inflation
     e) None of these
18. A mouse and printer make use of ________?
      a) infrared technology
      b) network resources
device drivers
    c) web protocols
      e) None of these
19. A service which provides user interface to access the available multimedia resources over a 
      network is called _________.
      a) UseNet
      b) URL
      d) Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

      e) None of these
20. To communicate with each other, computers make use of __________over a network.
      a) File Server
      b) URL
      c) Domain

      d) Website
21. A ________ is when you turn the computer on from an off position.
     a) cold boot
     b) warm boot
     c) floppy boot
     d) bootfailure
     e) None of these
A warm boot is when you reset a computer that is already on.
22. A RAM in a computer provides _________ of data.
     a) permanent storage 
volatile storage 
     c) virtual storage 

     d) distributing storage
     e) None of these
23. Unsolicited or undesired electronic messages which are designed to trick recipients
      into giving up personal and financial information is called _______

     a) web-bug
     b) spyware
     c) malware

     d) trojan horse
Actual name given to such message is ‘phishing’ but phishing is a part/category of spam.
24.  A common tool used to limit access to certain material on the World Wide Web or protecting 
      the childs from questionable sites on the Internet is called __________.
     a) webroot

     b) spybot
     c) web utility
     d) keylogger
     e) filter
25. The administrator in a organization consider a microcomputer as 
     a) a simple electronic machine
     b) an important component of information system
a powerfull tool of productivity
     d) a calculating machine
     e) None of these
26. The disk-caching feature improves the  – performance of hard disk
27. What does the term POS stands for? –  Point of Sale (POS) 
28. Customer Center also known as – relationship center
29. Cross-selling is defined as – sale of bank products and services to existing customers
30. Which is not a proper type of direct marketing – Advertising
31. Marketing size means – Market survey
      Market penetration means the depth of sales of a particular product in a given market. Marketing Size involves the
       number of sellers and buyers in the market.
32. Marketing of Banking is the responsibilites of – all employees
33. A prospect is a  – potential buyer of a product or service
34. Marketing of goods is required if  – when goods become stale // demand>supply // supply> demand
Note : May be some of the ans./options are wrong  as all question-answer
       are based on memory. If anybody know about other questions of that
       exam. Please… write in comment section.

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15 Responses to SBI (PO) GK Paper -2011

  1. smitpal singh says:

    1) chief justic of india? ans: hs kappadia
    2) gdp of india- 8

    3)which of the following was not signed between US and India during hilray clintons visit: women empowerment and education
    4) a call: calling a prospect
    5) a prospect: potential buyer

  2. Raja says:

    indian gdp projected 2010-11
    option were like
    i think..
    i marked 9.

  3. Surender says:

    Solved paper of IB ACIO 10 Jul. 2011

  4. shirley says:

    an object that is embedded in a web page or e-mail and is usually invisible to the user but allows checking that a user has viewed the page or e-mail.[

    web bug

    • Naren says:

      first of all thanks for the above comment…..
      now the correct ans is Cookie not web-bug.

      A cookie is a text file that is placed on your hard disk by a Web page server.
      Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer.
      It keeps track of information related to user’s login details on a website, also check whether the user has visit first time or already visited that particular
      If you go to a website that allows you to customize a page so that it looks
      the same everytime you visit it, the designer will store these pieces of design
      information in a Cookie. If you become a member or some site that wants to
      make you navigation easy, they will store your membership info in a Cookie so
      that you are instantly recognized when you visit the site.

      syntax of file name is look like : username@facebook[1].txt

      with regards

  5. shirley says:

    which is direct marketing
    which is indirect marketing
    how is marketing for banks done

  6. naveen sheoran says:

    hi friends ….my exam is on 07 august ,so i want to know that the paper pattern for assosiate bank wud be same as sbi bank or not….if any bdy tell me

  7. naveen sheoran says:

    and i also want to know about the weightage of di ,ds,arithmatical question,statement asumption, conclusion,cause effect,etc ,so pls pls tell me ……as well as reasoning and english also

  8. vitthal says:

    can anybody put d other sections online…i hav an exam on the 7th

  9. shikha says:

    thanks for sending sbi po gk question plz provide more question.

  10. Abhishek Tanwar. says:

    Th@nx sbi for question paper…….

  11. Ashish says:

    Thnx for ths paper

  12. sam says:

    thanks for sharing the question and answers, please post more question & answers for GK, Analytical reasoning and all related to SBI PO

  13. Sarita says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. hema says:

    i think..mouse and printer uses… infrared technology….

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