LIC (AAO) GK Paper -2011

LIC recruitment  of Assistant Administrative Officer 2011
Solved GK Paper (Code-B in Delhi Zone) held on 17th July 2011
(based on memory)
1. A Finance Bill is firstly introduced in 
    a) Upper house
    b) Council of Ministers

    c) State Legislative Council
Lower House
2. Which of the following rivers does not flow through Madhya Pradesh?
    a) Mahanadi
    b) Narmada
    c) Tapti

    d) Krishna
3. Which of the followings is not a Union Territory?
    b) Daman and Diu
    c) Lakshadweep 
    d) Chandigarh
     A former Portuguese colony and Indian union territory, Goa was accorded statehood on May 30, 1987. The  capital
     is  Panaji (Panjim). In May 1987, Pratapsingh Rane became the first chief minister of the new state. 
4. The winner of FIFA World Cup 2010 is 
    a) Germany
    b) Netherland

    c) Italy
5. Who won the first gold medal for India in Guangzhou Asian Games 2010?
    a) Abhinav Bindra

    b) Gagan Narang
    c) Saina Nehwal
Bajrang Lal Thakkar 
Options given in the exam are wrong. Pankaj Advani is the right ans.  Bajrang Lal Thakkar won first ever
       gold for India in rowing in the men’s sculls event, but it was the Second Gold for India.
6. China was furious after Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2010. In protest, it
  started its own official version of a peace prize, the “Confucius Peace Prize”. The first-ever
  Confucius Peace Prize was awarded to 
    a) Barack Obama

    b) Dalai lama
    c) Nelson Mandela
Lien Chan
7. How many ways batsman can get out in cricket?
    a) 5
    b) 6
    c) 8
        i) Caught            ii) Bowled         iii) Run out         iv) Stumped         v) Hit Wicket        vii) Double hit
       vii ) Timed out     viii) Obstructing the field               ix) Leg before wicket (lbw)             x) Handling the ball
8. The Twenty 20 term is associated with which of the following sports?
    a) Hockey
    c) Tennis
    d) Footbal
9. UN International Women’s Day, a global celebration of women’s contributions to the world is
    celebrated on 
    a) March 3
    b) March 5

    c) March 8
    d) March 20
10. Which of the following award is given in the field of sports?  
     a) Pulitzer Prize
Dhyan Chand Award 
     c) Shram Ratna Award
     d) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize
11.Which of the following is not a PSU or government undertaking unit?
     a) ECGC
     b) SIDBI
     c) SEBI
Here ECGC = Export Credit Guarantee Corporation
12. The rate at which banks borrow rupees from RBI is
Repo rate
     b) Reverse repo rate 
     c) Simple Interest rate

     d) Bank rate
13. Which of the followings is an informal type of banking?
     a) Internet banking

     b) ATMs
Borrowing money from moneylenders
     d) Tele banking
14. The Prime  Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is a
    a) member of Lok Sabha from the state of Punjab
    b) member of Rajya Sabha from the state of Punjab
    c) member of Rajya Sabha from the state of Delhi
member of Rajya Sabha from the state of Assam
15. Which of the following metals is not a hazardous abundant in the Earth’s crust?
     a) Copper
     b) Cobalt

     c) Arsenic
     d) Nikel
16. Jeev Milkha Singh is associated with which of the following games?
     a) Hockey
     c) Cricket
     d) Tennis
17. Who is the inventor of first laptop computer?
     a) Alan Kay
Adam Osborne 
     c) Charles Babbage
     d) Konrad Zuse
18. How much percent of population of Madhya Pradesh is living below the poverty line?
     a) 36.5%
     c) 38.5%
     d) 40%
19. Rice cultivation can be recommended only for areas with more than _______centimeter of annual
     a) 25
     b) 30

     c) 60
Note : May be some of the ans./options are wrong  as all question-answer
     are based on memory.One more que. is left in above post. If anybody
     have infos about it …plzz write in comment area of the post.

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Full name - Narender Jangra      Location - India    Qualification - MCA

12 Responses to LIC (AAO) GK Paper -2011

  1. anil says:


  2. basur says:

    these are not the actual question that were in question paper of 17th july 2011.

    I remember few gk question that came in th e question paper.
    1.which is the longest dam in india? ans:HIRAKUD DAM.
    2.GRAND SLAM is associated with which sport? ans:TENNIS.
    3.SANIA MIRZA is associated with which sport? ans: LAWN TENNIS
    4.WIKIPEDIA has completed how many years recently? ans: 10yrs.
    5.WTO has how many members and where is the headquarter of WTO? ans: 153,GENEVA.
    6.BRASS is a alloy of ? ans: copper and zinc.
    7.Who said these words “swaraj is my birth and i shall have it”? ans:BAL GANGADHAR TILAK.
    8.Which is the largest public sector in india?
    options were: 1.railways 2.roadways 3.airways 4.—-
    9.Which book is written by chetan bhagat? ans: FIVE-POINT SOMEONE.
    10.By 2020 which city in world will have the longest metro railway? ans: BEJING.
    11.On 11th march 2011 in the south-west region of china was hit by an earthquake,the south west region shares common border with which country? ans: MYANNMAR.
    12.aung suu san kyi a Nobel Laureate in peace belongs to which country? MYANNMAR.

    • basur says:

      13. what was invented by Alfred noble? ans: DYNAMITE.

    • swetha says:

      are all these ans rite?

      • basur says:


    • vaishali says:


  3. gv says:

    LIC AAO 17 July 2011 GK
    1&2. tennis related two questions(answer tennis for both)
    3 wto nations no. of countries & location of wto(153 geneva)
    4. alfred noble invention

    • surya says:

      this is andhra pradesh zone gk

      • surya says:


        1. kerala is located in malbar
        2. two tennis questions(answers)
        4.noble invention
        5. wto nations and location
        plz post another question you remember

    • abhilash says:

      science dealing with physical phenomena and living things…..
      what is the answer of largest public sector.railways?

  4. sakshi says:

    do anybody has full exam paper of lic aao 2011

  5. Sachin says:

    Plz gk,computer,ga question and answer send my email id

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