GA Quiz 2011 – 10

1.  As per latest economic figures, the sectoral share of manufacturing in GDP is 
     a) 14%
     b) 15%
     c) 16%
     d) 17%
     e) None of these

2.  The Index of Six core industries in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) registered
     a growth of _______ during April 2011.

     a) 5.2%
     b) 5.8%
     c) 6.3%
     d) 7.2%
     e) 7.8%

3.  As per estimates of the Pranob Sen Committee, the slum population in the country is
     expected to touch 93.06 million by 
     a) 2012
     b) 2011
     c) 2013
     d) 2014
     e) None of these

4.  Recently, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the Minimum
     Support Prices (MSPs) for Kharif Crops of 2011-12 Seasons. The MSP of Paddy
     (Common) has been fixed at _______. 
     a) Rs.1110 per quintal
     b) Rs.1120 per quintal
     c) Rs.1180 per quintal
     d) Rs.1080 per quintal
     e) None of these

5.  The central government has granted environmental clearance to the 130 MW 
     Kashang hydro power project in –
     a) Odisha
     b) Kerala
     c) Tamilnadu
     d) Andhra Predesh
     e) Himachal Pradesh

6.  Recently, Vanuatu, a small island nation is set to become 154th member of the World
     Trade Organisation (WTO). Vanuatu is located in 
     a) South Pacific Ocean
     b) North Pacific Ocean
     c) South Atlantic Ocean
     d) North Atlantic Ocean
     e) None of these

7.  Which of the following states became the first state in the country to launch  RBI’s 
      e-payment system for commercial tax payers?
     a) Goa
     b) Kerala
     c) Gujarat
     d) Karnatka
     e) Maharashtra

8.  The recently concluded DLF Indian Premier League (IPL) 2011 T-20 championship 
     has been won by –
     a) Mumbai Indians
     b) Rajasthan Royals 
     c) Chennai Super Kings 
     d) Kolkata Knight Riders
     e) Bangalore Royal Challengers

9.  Which of the followings pesticide’s production, distribution and use is banned by 
     Supreme Court for its debilitating effects on humans and the environment?
      a) abamectin
      b) endosulfan 
      c) sulphosate
      d) sulcofuron
      e) none of these

10. Who among the following has been honoured with the prestigious Dada Saheb 
      Phalke Award for the year 2010? 
      a) A. R. Rahman
      b) D. Ramanaidu
      c) K. Raghavendra 
     d) K Balachander
     e) None of these

11. Mr. Norio Ohga has passed away in Tokyo, Japan. He was –
      a) former president and chairman of Sony Corporation
      b) inventor of Compact Disk (CD)
      c) a famous nuclear scientist 
      d) both (a) & (b)
      e) None of these

12. Integrated Wastelands Development Programme (IWDP), aimed at the development
      of wastelands on watershed basis. It is under 
      a) Ministry of Rural Development 
      b) Ministry of Earth Science
      c) Ministry of Agriculture 
      d) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
      e) None of these

13. The base rate is required to be reviewed by banks atleast ______.
      a) once in a month
      b) once in a quarter
      c) once in a half year
      d) once in a year
      e) None of these

14. FIMMDA’s  guidelines cover the following products, except one   
      a) Call Money
      b) Commercial Papers
      c) Certificates of Deposit
      d) Cross Currency and Interest Rate Swaps
      e) None of these

15.  A company which pools money from investors and invests in stocks, bonds, shares
      is called –
      a) A bank
      b) Mutual Fund
      c) Bancassurance
      d) An insurance company
      e) None of these


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Full name - Narender Jangra      Location - India    Qualification - MCA

2 Responses to GA Quiz 2011 – 10

  1. naveen sheoran says:

    sir i want to know ,wheather i can get these gk questions in my gmail or not

    • Naren says:


      firstly thanks for visiting gkmcq4xams….
      you will get only the notification of new post/quiz from us
      in your gmail account after subscribing here with your
      mail address.
      For SBI Asso. (PO) paper pattern, check sample booklet
      given alongwith the roll number slip …..

      with regards

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