GA Quiz 2011 – 9

1.  What is RBI projection for GDP growth for annual credit and monetary policy for the
     year 2011-12?
     a) 8%
     b) 8.2%
     c) 8.5%
    e) None of these

2.  Currently, India’s annual population growth rate is about :
     a) 1.34%
     b) 1.42%
     c) 1.64%
     e) None of these

3.  According to the figures of  2011 Census, which of the following represents  India’s
     Population Density? (persons per sq. km.)
     a) 325 
     b) 375
     c) 382
     d) 384
     e) 387

4.  As per the announcement made by Ministry of Commerce, India aims to double its 
     exports to $450 billion by –

     a) 2013
     b) 2014
     c) 2015
     d) 2016
     e) None of these

5.  Recently, with which country India has signed a bilateral Air services Pact?
     a) Nepal 
     b) Nigeria
     c) Tanzania
     d) Mauritius 
     e) Brazil

6.   India’s exports have registered a growth of ________ during April 2011.
      a) 32.7%
      b) 34.4%
      c) 32.6%
      d) 33.8%
      e) None of these

7.  The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the proposal to amend the 
     policy on allowing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in LLP firms. In this context,
     LLP stands for –
     a) Low Liability Partnership
     b) Land Loan Partnership
     c) Less Liability Partnership
     d) Limited Liability Partnership
     e) None of these

8.  Recently, Prof. S L Bhyrappa has been choosen for 20th Saraswati Samman for
     his novel ‘Mandra’ for year 2010. The most acclaimed epic novel “Mandra” was
     published in ________ language.
     a) Tamil
     b) Telgu
     c) Malyalam
     d) Kannada
     e) Konkani

9.  Former pop star Michel Martelly has been elected as the new President of______.
     a) Haiti
     b) Libya
     c) Niger
     d) Yemen
     e) Estonia

10. The All India Trinamool Congress(AITC) alliance got how many seats in the
    recently held West Bengal Assembly elections?
      a) 192
      b) 212
      c) 218
      d) 225
      e) 235

11. Anna Hazare, noted social activitist recently was in news. He is famous for –
      a) Crusade against land mines 
      b) Crusade against deforestation
      c) Crusade against child labour
      d) Crusade against corruption
      e) None of these

12. Asia’s largest Digital & Mobile Marketing conference and expo “Click Asia Summit
      2011” was held at which of the following cities?
      a) Chennai 
      b) Mumbai
      c) Bangalore
      d) Hyderabad
      e) New Delhi

13. FIMMDA’s  general principles and procedures are applicable to :   
      A) Money Markets
      B) Derivative Markets
      C) Fixed Income Markets

      a) Only (A)    b) Only (B)     c) Only (C)     d) Both (A) & (B)      e) All (A), (B) & (C)

14. National Income is the –
      a) NNP at factor cost
      b) NNP at market price
      c) NDP at factor cost
      d) NDP at marekt price
      e) None of these

15. Which of the following forms of business is permissible under Banking Regulation 

      A) Borrowing 
      B) Issuance of Letters of Credits
      C) Buying and Selling of Bullion
      a) Only (A)     b) Only (B)     c) Only (C)      b) Both (A) & (B)      e) All (A), (B) & (C)