GA Quiz 2011 – 8

1.  According to monetary policy for 2011-12 announced by RBI, the projection of
     money supply growth for 2011-12 is placed at _____.

     a) 15%
     b) 16%
     c) 17%
     d) 19%
     e) None of these

2.  Which of the following represents the budget estimates for net market borrowings by
     the Union government during 2011-12?
     a) Rs. 343,00 crores
     b) Rs. 324,50 crores
     c) Rs. 452,60 crores
     d) Rs. 574,60 crores
     e) None of these

3.  According to the budget estimate of 2011-12, the plan expenditure is estimated at   
     a) Rs 4,52,347 crore 
     b) Rs 4,32,527 crore 
     c) Rs 4,41,547 crore 
     d) Rs 4,24,567 crore 
     e) None of these

4.  What is the code name given to the collective international action under UN authority
     to protect the Libyan people against Muammar Gaddafi’s forces?
     a) Operation Ortsac
     b) Operation Trident
     c) Operation Swift Strike
     d) Operation Odyssey Dawn
     e) None of these

5.  As per the Index of Government Economic Power (IGEP) 2011, released by the
     Ministry of Finance during Economic Survey 2010-11, what is India’s rank in the 
     IGEP list of economy of around 112 global countries?
     a) 3rd
     b) 5th
     c) 7th
     d) 9th
     e) 8th

6.  Which of the following persons has been awarded with the prestigious Sydney Peace
     Prize for the year 2011?
     a) Binayak sen 
     b) Larry Ellison 
     c) Mark Zuckerberg
     d) Julian Assange 
     e) Aung San Suu Kyi

7.  What is the name of pilot project recently launched by President Pratibha Patil which
     aims to empower women in rural areas through telecom services?
     a) Indira Awaz
     b) Awaz Uthao
     c) Sanchar Shakti 
     d) Soochna Shakti
     e) None of these

8.  Which among the following states retained top slot in the list of The Economic
     Freedom Rankings of the States of India, 2011, recently released by the Planning
     a) Kerala
     b) Gujarat
     c) Maharashtra
     d) Andhra Pradesh
     e) Tamilnadu

9.  India’s first Titanium Sponge plant, with a capacity of 500 tonnes, recently has been
     inaugurated by Defence Minister AK Antony at which of the following locations?
     a) Kollam (Kerala)
     b) Dhubri (Assam)
     c) Angul (Odisha)
     d) Udupi (Karnatka)
     e) None of these

10. Recently PSLV-C16 rocket launched by Indian Space Research Organisation
     (ISRO) from Sriharikota. In context of space research programme, what is the
     expansion of term PSLV?
      a) Power Satellite Launch Vehicle
      b) Plane Satellite Light Vehicle
      c) Plane Satellite Launch Vehicle
      d) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
      e) None of these

11. Which of the following countries won the 20th edition of the “Sultan Azlan Shah Cup”
      finals held recently at Kuala Lumpur?
      a) India
      b) Pakistan
      c) South Korea
      d) Malaysia 
      e) Australia

12. Who amongst the following recently became the first bowler to claim two ICC World
      Cup hat-tricks?
      a) Umar Gul 
      b) Shoaib Akhtar 
      c) Lasith Malinga
      d) Zaheer Khan
      e)  Muttiah Muralitharan

13. The fiscal policy relates to which of the following?
      a) profit and loss account of govt. 
      b) receipts and expenditure of the govt. 
      c) borrowing and lending of the govt. 
      d) All the above
      e) None of these

14. A bank in India want to undertake capital market activities, it should :
      A) obtain special license from AMFI
      B) obtain special license from FIMMDA
      C) register with SEBI

      a) Only (A)    b) Only (B)     c) Only (C)      d) Both (A) & (B)     e) Both (B) & (C)

15. The regulator for Mutual Funds in India is –
      a) RBI
      b) SEBI
      c) IRDA
      d) AMFI
      e) FIMMDA

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