Allahabad Bank (PO) Computer Awareness Paper 2011

Allahabad Bank (PO) Recruitment 2011-12
Computer Awareness Paper held on 17th April 2011
(some question’s ans. based on memory)
1.  Microsoft word is a ____________.
Closed Source Software
     b) Open Source Software
     c) Horizontal Market Software

     d) Vertical Market Software
     e) None of these
2.  Which of the following keyboard shortcut is used for selecting/highlighting the url address in the 
     text-box of a web browser’s address bar?
     a) Ctrl + A
     b) Ctrl + S
Alt + D
     d) Ctrl + Alt + S

     e) None of these
3.  Which of the following computer softwares  is best example of freeware programs?
     a) Firewall / Antivirus
Instant messaging / Google Toolbar
     c) Ms-Office / Internet explorer
     d) Adobe Photoshop / Coreldraw
     e) None of these
4.  A ____________is a set of rules.
     a) Network
     b) Link
     c) URL

     d) Blog
5.  A __________is the result/match returned by a search engine when a user search a topic with in a
     search criteria.
     a) Link
     b) URL
     c) View
     e) Success
6.  Each computer have a/an ___________, and some ______.
       a) Operating System, Application Programs
     b) Internet Browser, Document files

     c) Hard Disk, Application programs,
     d) Operating system, Antivrus Programs
     e) None of these
7.  UNIX is used as an operating system in:
     a) Desktop PC
     b) Supercomputers
     c) Web Sever

     d) All the above
     e) None of these
8.  The term CPU stands for : 
     a) Central Protecting Unit
Central Processing Unit
     c) Chief Processing Unit
     d) Client Processing Unit
     e) None of these
9. Primary function of a processor is :
     a) to carried out instructions in a programs

     b) to process data and information
     c) to store the result into storage device
     d) to manage a network printer 
     e) None of these
10. On which of the following storage devices data is stored permanently for long time and stored data 
      read by a beam of laser?
Digital Verstaile Disc 
     b) Hard Disk
     c) Floppy Disk
     d) Pen drive

     e) None of these
11. Which of the following is a secondary storage device to hold large amount of data?
     a) DVD
     b) CD

     c) Hard disk
     d) Floppy disk
     e) None of these
12. Which among the following devices is a/an image processing input device?
      a) Printer
      c) Monitor
      d) Keyboard
      e) None of these
13.The ____________, also called the brain of the computer, is responsible for processing data.
      b) RAM
      c) Motherboard
      d) Hard disk
      e) None of these
14. A computerized system consists of : 
      a) Hardware, Data, Procedure, Processing, Peoples
      b) Hardware, Programs, Data, Processing, Networks
      c) Hardware, Programs, Data, Networks, Peoples
Hardware, Software, Procedure, Data, Peoples
      e) None of these
15. A __________involves a type of e-mail messages designed to steal your sensitive information,
     such  as passwords and credit card details, with the intentions of stealing your identity.
      a) Phishing trip
      b) Hacking
      c) Spamming

      d) Spyware
Phishing scam
16. A ________ is a person who breaks into computers and computer networks for profit, as protest, 
     or sometimes by the motivation of the challenge.
      a) Software engineer
      b) Progammer
      d) Spammar
      e) None of these
17. A(n)_______ is a collection of computers and devices interconnected by communications channels
     to share information and resources.
     a) Internet
     c) Server
     d) Blog
     e) None of these
18. The use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere is called ________.
     a) e-commerce
     b) information technolgoy

     c) e-learning
     d) online business
     e) None of these
19. A way of accessing information over the medium of the Internet is 
      a) WWW
      b) Web server
      c) Website

    d) All the above
      e) None of these
20. The external devices that are connected to a computer system are known as:
      a) Slots
      c) Buses
      d) Expansion cards
      e) None of these
Note : May be some of the ans./options are wrong  as all question-answer

       are based on memory. If anybody know about other questions of that

       exam. Please… write in comment section.

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