Marketing Aptitude Quiz 2011

1.  Which of the following statements about the relationship between marketing and
     selling is true?
     a) Marketing is more important than selling.

     b) Marketing and selling are one in the same.
     c) Selling is the end result of successful marketing.
     d) Selling is planning, while marketing is about exchanging the product for money.
     e) None of these

2.  The continuous activity of finding new people to meet and approach about your 
     business is known as

     a) marketing
     b) prospecting
     c) cold canvassing
     d) building  prestige
     e) None of these

3. The market in which long term securities such as stocks and bonds are bought and 
    sold is commonly known as

     a) Bull Market
     b) Bullion Market
     c) Capital Market
     d) Commodities Exchange
     e) None of these

4.  For prospecting purposes, natural markets include
     a) only people you already know
     b) only people whose names are in the local phone book
     c) people you know but to whom you do not have access
     d) known and unknown people to whom you have access
     e) None of these

5. What will happen to prices in a market if there is an increase in supply that is not 
      matched by a corresponding increase in demand?

      a) Prices will fall
      b) Prices will rise
      c) Profit will fall
      d) Prices will stay the same
      e) None of these

6. The cause of deflation is-
     A) Lack of goods and services as compared to money supply 
     B) Lack of imports as compared to exports
     C) Lack of money supply as compared to supply of goods and services

     a) Only (A)   b) Only (B)     c) Only (C)    d) Both (B) & (C)    e) Both (A) & (B)

7.  As the transaction costs of selling an asset rise, the asset is said to become
     a) more liquid
     b) less liquid
     c) more valuable
     d) more moneylike 
     e) None of these

8.  All of the following are objectives of a marketing strategy EXCEPT
     a) provide focus and specialization
     b) approach more people on a favorable basis
     c) decease your appointments-to-sales ratio
     d) create a perpetual qualified prospect machine
     e) None of these

9.  All of the following are characteristics of a qualified prospect EXCEPT 
     a) they can afford to pay for it
     b) they need and value your products and services
     c) they must be able to provide you with referrals
     d) they can be approached by you on a favorable basis
     e) none of these

10. Which of the following documents does not form  part of annual report and accounts
     of a limited company? 

     a) Cash flow forecast
     b) Cash flow statement
     c) Profit and loss account
     d) Balance sheet
     e) None of these

11. Sales are the transaction that involve:
      a) Payment of rent for business premises
      b) Receipt of cash in the form of a government grant
      c) Expenditure by a business on products held for resale
      d) Receipt of money from customers for goods and services provided 
      e) None of these

12. The sequence of stages whereby resources are turned into goods and services 
      is known as :    

      a) Economic cycle
      b) Chain of production
      c) Flow of production      
      d) Chain of command
      e) None of these

13. The process of transforming inputs into outputs is known as:
      a) Servicing
      b) Production
      c) Adding value
      d) Consumption
      e) None of these

14. Which document is issued by a supplier when a customer returns goods?
      a) credit note
      b) debit note
      c) invoice
      d) statement
      e) None of these

15. What is the accounting equation?
       a) capital plus liabilites equals assets
       b) capital plus assets equals liabilities
       c) capital less liabilities equals assets
       d) assets plus liabilities equals capital
       e) assets less liabilities equals capital

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