GA Quiz 2011 – 5

1.  Recently, Union Minister for Earth Sciences, Shri Kapil Sibal laid the foundation 
     stone for India’s 3rd Research Base  named “Bharti” at _________.

     a) Lloyd Hills
     b) Crater Hills
     c) Margaret Hills
     d) Larsemann Hills
     e) None of these

2.  According to the latest report published by National Aids Control Organization
     (NACO), which of the following states has highest HIV infection prevalence?
     a) Assam
     b) Tripura
     c) Manipur
     d) Mizoram
     e) Nagaland

3.  Who amongst the following is the recipient of the UNESCO peace prize for 2010?
     a) Lula da Silva
     b) King Juan Carlos
     c) Frederik W. De Klerk
     d) Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo
     e) None of these

4.  At present, which of the following countries is India’s largest trading partner?
     a) China 
     b) USA
     c) Malaysia 
     d) Singapore
     e) United Arab Emirates

5.  The government of India has taken a decision to withdraw “25 paisa” coin from
     circulation from _______.

     a) June 30, 2011
     b) April 10, 2012
     c) April 30, 2011
     d) July 10, 2012 
     e) None of these

6.  Who amongst the following has been appointed as chairman of  Joint Parliamentary 
     Committee (JPC) to probe the alleged scam in 2G spectrum allocation.

     a) Rajiv Takru
     b) P.C. Chacko
     c) Baldev Raj
     d) Vinayak Sen
     e) None of these

7.  Recently CeBIT 2011, the biggest tradeshow for digital industry was held in ______.
     a) Istanbul
     b) Sydney
     c) Hanover
     d) New Delhi
     e) New York

8.  Mudiyettu, a ritual dance drama recently inscribed in the  UNESCO’s 
     Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
     Mudiyettu is performed annually in which of following states?

     a) Assam
     b) Odisha
     c) Kerala
     d) Karnataka 
     e) Tamilnadu

9.  Recently, export of milk powder and casein banned by government in a bid to calm 
     price pressures. Casein is a _______.

     a) protein found in milk
     b) sugar found in milk
     c) vitamin found in milk
     d) vitamin found in pulses
     e) None of these

10. How much percent share of food and drinks has fixed by government  in newly
     launched Consumer Price Index (CPI) to indicate the inflation rate? 

     a) 51.25 per cent
     b) 49.71 per cent
     c) 26.31 per cent
     d) 35.20 per cent
     e) None of these

11.  ______ anniversary of One Day International (ODI) was celebrated by ICC on 
      5th January 2011.
      a) 35th
      b) 40th
      c) 45th 
      d) 50th
      e)  None of these

12. Who is the author of book “The Immortals”?
      a) Chetan Bhagat
      b) Amit Chaudhary 
      c) Amitav Ghosh
      d) Aravind Adiga
      e) None of these

13. Which of the following is the name of the Act which governs the foreign exchange 
      in India?
      a) FIR
      b) FIS
      c) FEMA
      d) NIFTI
      e) SENSEX

14. A foreign bank willing to do business in India can open maximum how many branches
      in the country?

      a) 10
      b) 12
      c) 14
      d) 16
      e) None of these

15.  Which of the following organizations provide credit history of the borrowers?
      a) RBI
      b) IBA
      c) SEBI
      d) CRISIL
      e) CIBIL


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