KVS (PRT) GK Paper 2011

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Recruitment 2011-12
Solved GK Paper of Preliminary Examination for Primary Teacher (PRT)
held on 12th Feb. 2011
1. For instant energy, athletes take :
    b) Vitamin C

    c) Sodium chloride
    d) Milk
2. Which Sufi Saint’s Dargah is at Ajmer?
    a) Salim Chishti
Muinuddin Chisti
    c) Baba Farid

    d) Hazrat Nizamuddin
3. Through which one among the following materials does sound travel the slowest?
    b) Glass
    c) Water
    d) Wood
4. The wheel (chakra) in Indian National Flag contains how many spokes?
    a) 12
    b) 18

    c) 24
    d) 26
5. In eye donation, which of the following parts of eyes is utilized?
    a) Iris

    b) Lews
    c) Corena
    d) Retina
6. Which among the following is not a Tennis Player?
    a) Serena Williams

    b) Steffie Graff
    c) Martina Navratilova
Ricky Ponting
7. The number of chromosomes in a normal human body is:
    b) 43
    c) 44
    d) 45
8. Indian Railways earn the maximum revenue from :
    a) passenger fare
    c) traffic tax
    d) passenger tax
9. The time gap between two successive sessions of Parliament is not to exceed :
    a) 4 months
6 months
    c) One year
    d) What is specified by the President
10. The pH of human blodd is between :
     a) 5 – 6.5
6.5 – 7.5
     c) 7.5 – 8
     d) 8 – 8.5
Human blood has a normal pH of about 7.41 lies in the range 7.35 – 7.45
11.The process of metamorphosis of rocks may involve :
     a) Sandstone turning into quartzite
     b) Limestone becoming marble
     c) Shale getting converted into slate
All of the above
12. The Constitution of India provides for the nominations of two members of Lok Sabha 
      by the President to represent :
     a) The Paris
     b) Men of eminence 
     c) The business community

     d) The Anglo-Indian community
13. Which language is not specified in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution?
     a) Sanskrit

     b) Sindhi
     c) Urdu
14.Which of the following pairs of language and its one of the greatest poet are not correctly matched?
Hindi     –  Kalidas
     b) Bengali  –  R. N. Tagore
     c) Urdu      –  Ghalib
     d) Greek    –  Homer
Kalidas is the greatest sanskrit poet
15. Which of the following is concerned with the trade unions?
    a) GNDU
    b) BHU
    d) LDC
INTUC = Indian National Trade Union Congress
16. World No Tabacco Day is observed on :
31 May
     b) 11 June

     c) 28 September
     d) 10 October
17. Roof of the world is :
     b) Tibet
     c) Himalayas
     d) Mount Everest
18. New Bank of India has been merged with which bank?
     a) State Bank of India
     b) Central Bank of India
Punjab National Bank 
     d) Canara Bank
19. Where are the head quarters of International Red Cross Committee? 
     a) Berlin
     b) Prague

     c) Moscow
20. Choose the wrong definition : 
     a) Contour     –   Areas of equal height above the sea level
     b) Isotherms  –   Area having the same temperature   

     c) Isohytes    –   Equal rainfall areas
Isobath      –   Places of equal atmospheric pressure
Isobars lines represent places of equal atmospheric pressure.
            Isobath is the line connecting the points underwater with same depth.
21. Which of the following countries is not grouped with caribbeans? 
     a) Cuba
     b) Bermuda
     d) Anguilla
22. India’s national emblem is :
     a) Lotus flower
Lioned Capital
     c) Lion
     d) Cow
23. ‘Davis Cup’ is associated with the sport :
Lawn Tennis
     b) Cricket
     c) Hockey
     d) Badminton
24. Which of the following is a famous ‘violin’ player?
     a) Zia Moinuddin Khan
     b) S. Balchandran
     c) Sajjad Hussain
L. Subramaniam
25. “Trippani” is a dance/ dance drama of the state:
     a) Maharashtra
     c) Gujarat
     d) Manipur
26. Match the following and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :
      I.    Govinda                   1. Rashtrakutas
      II.   Aryabhatta               2. Gupta Dynasty
      III.  Banabhatta              3. Harshavardhana
      IV. Samundra Gupta      4. Indian Napolean
      Codes :
                 I      II       III       IV
           a)   2     3       4        1

           b)   1     2       3        4
           c)   3     4       2        1
           d)   4     3       1        2
27. Wazir -e-Azam of Pakistan presently is : 
     a) Asaf Ali Zardari

     b) Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani
     c) Parvez Musharraf

     d) Muhammad Mian Soomro
28. Oscar award 2010 for best picture was given to :
     a) Avatar
     b) District 9
The Hurt Locker
     d) An Education
29. Rate of evaporation does not depend on :
     a) temperature of the liquid
     b) surface area of the liquid
total mass of the liquid
     d) air pressure
26. Match the following and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :
      I.    Sodium bicarbonate        1. Bleaching powder
      II.   Calcium carbonate          2. Baking soda
      III.  Potash                           3. Chalk
      IV. Calcium hypochlorite       4. Alum

      Codes :
                 I      II       III       IV
           a)   1     2       4        3
           b)   2     3       4        1
           c)   4     2       3        1
           d)   3     1       4        2

31. Robert Koch worked on :
     b) Cholera

     c) Malaria
     d) Diabetes
32. Right to property is a :
     a) Fundamental Right
     b) Directive Principle
Legal Right
     d) Social Right
33. The fifity-fifth amendment 1986 conferred statehood on :
     a) Chhattisgarh
     b) Sikkim
Arunachal Pradesh
     d) Jharkhand
34. The Vice-President of India is elected by an electoral college consisting of :
     a) The elected members of Parliament
The members of both the houses of Parliament
     c) The elected members of Parliament and State assemblies
     d) Members of Loksabha and Legislative Councils
35. Which article of the Constitution provides the Parliament the power to amend the Constitution?
     a) 370
     c) 390

     d) 376

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