GA Quiz 2011 – 4

1.  Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of Central Board of Direct 
     Taxes (CBDT)?
     a) Sudhir Chandra

     b) S.D. Majumdar
     c) Pratip Chaudhuri
     d) S.S.N Moorthy
     e) None of these

2.  Which of the following countries has surpassed the World Bank to become the 
     preeminent lender to developing countries?

     a) USA
     b) Japan
     c) China
     d) Germany
     e) None of these

3.  Recently the day temperature in Oymyakon, the coldest town in the world 
     was going down to – 61.2 degree Celsius. Oymyakon is located in _________.
     a) Davos (Switzerland)
     b) Siberia (Russia)
     c) Yukon (Canada)
     d) Alaska (America)
     e) None of these

4.  Which of the following countries became  new chairman of the EU for the 
     next 6 months on Jan 1st 2011? 

     a) France
     b) Sweden
     c) Hungary
     d) Ireland
     e) None of these

5.  Recently, International Kite Festival (patang mahotsav) 2011 was celebrated in ___.
     a) Indore
     b) Mumbai
     c) Udaipur 
     d) Lucknow
     e) Ahmedabad

6. The United Nations General Assembly declared the year 2011 as:
     a) The International Year of Sanitation
     b) The International Year of Biodiversity
     c) The International Year of Forests
     d) The International Year of Astronomy 
     e) None of these

7.  Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak  whose name was in news recently is from 
     which of the following countries ?

     a) Tunisia
     b) Ghana
     c) Syria
     d) Egypt 
     e) Chille

8.  Which among the following countries has won Hopman Cup 2011?
     a) USA
     b) Russia
     c) Belgium
     d) Philippine 
     e) Netherland

9.  Jawaharlal Nehru International Gold Cup is associated with the game _______.
     a) Hockey
     b) Football
     c) Badminton
     d) Wrestling 
     e) Table Tennis

10. Which among the following is/are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)?
      1) Lakshya
      2) Rustom
      3) Nishant

      a) Only (2)   b) Only (3)      c) Only (1) & (2)      d) Only (2) & (3)      e) All (1), (2) & (3)

11. India ranks ______ in nuclear power generation.
      a) Third
      b) Fourth
      c) Fifth
      d) Sixth
      e) Seventh

12. International women’s day is celebrated every year on _________.
     a) January 26
     b) August 26
     c) March 8
     d) December 8
     e) None of these

13. The number of non-permanent members in the UNO is ____.
      a) 6
      b) 7
      c) 8
      d) 10
      e) 12

14. Which of the following instruments is not issued by a bank?
      a) Pay Order
      b) Demand Draft
      c) Debit Card
      d) Credit Card
      e) National Saving Certificate

15. Capital formation in an economy depends on:
      a) Total income
      b) Total savings
      c) Total demand
      d) Total production
      e) None of these

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