GA Quiz 2011 – 3

1.  A four-member team constituted by Union ministry of environment and forests
    (MOEF) to decide on clearance of construction of iron gate at Kutku dam under North      Koel irrigation project. Where is Kutku dam situated?
     a) Bihar
     b) Punjab
     c) Rajasthan
     d) Uttar Pardesh
     e) Chattisgarh

2.   Recently on the eve of Republican Day 2011, Homai Vyarawalla received the second      highest civilian award of the country ‘Padma Vibhushan’. She is _______.
      a) a well known art historian
      b) a premier female classical vocalist
      c) a famous social  activist
      d) India’s first woman press photographer
      e) None of the above

3.  US lifts ban on exports to which of following Indian space and defence-related     companies to drive hi-tech trade and forge closer strategic ties with India?
     1) ISRO
     2) DRDO
     3) Bharat Dynamics Limited 

     a) Only (1)   b) Only (2)    c) Both (1) & (2)    d) Both (2) & (3)    e) All (1), (2) & (3)

4.  Recently, which of the following states has banned leather shoes in schools?
     a) Uttrakhand
     b) Chhattisgarh     
     c) Himachal Pradesh 
     d) Andhra Pradesh
     e) None of above

5.   Annual meeting 2011 of the World Economic Forum (WEF) was held recently in ____.
      a) Laos
      b) Malaysia
      c) Indonesia
      d) Switzerland
      e) None of above

6.   India is the largest _____ producer and exporter in the world. 
       a) Aluminium       b) Mica         c) Iron          d) Zinc         e) Coal   

7.   Kannoth Karunakaran who passed away recently was the former Chief Minister of-
      a) Kerla
      b) Orissa
      c) Manipur
      d) Tamilnadu
      e) None of above

8. Which one among the followings is not a part of Tertiary Sector? 
     a) Computer
     b) Banking
     c) Commerce
     d) Communications
     e) Building construction

9.  Kim Clijsters won the Australian Open women’s single title 2011 after defeating who 
     amongst the follwing??

     a) Li Na
     b) Patty Schnyder 
     c) Serena Williams 
     d) Nathalie Dechy 
     e) Vera Zvonareva

10. UK Sinha has been appointed as the new SEBI chairman. He is the former:
      1) Chairman of Association of Mutual Funds in India
      2) CMD of UTI Asset Management Company
      3) Joint Secretary in Finance Ministry of India

      a) Only (1)     b) Only (2)     c) Both (2) & (3)      d) All (a), (b) & (c)     e) None of these
11. Many times we read in financial news paper about FII .What is the full form of FII?
      a) Final Investment in India
      b) Foreign Investment in India
      c) Financial Institutions Investment
      d) Formal Investment in India
      e) Foreign Institutional Investment

12. Which of the following countries has recently been launched its own online       Encyclopedia as similar to Wikipedia?
      a) Cuba
      b) Peru
      c) Italy
      d) France
      e) Australia

13. How many teams and total matches will play in 2011 Cricket World Cup?
      a) 14, 47
      b) 14, 49
      c) 16, 55
      d) 16, 57
      e) None of the above

14. Which of the following types of Banks are allowed to operate foreign currency 
      1) Foreign Banks
      2) Regional Rural Banks
      3) Nationalized Banks

      a) Only (1)      b) Only (2)      c) Only (3)      d) Both (2) & (3)    e) All (1), (2), & (3)

15.  Who is the “Father of Taxonomy”?
      a) Karl Marx
      b) Adam Smith
      c) Eugene Fama
      d) Carl Linnaeus
      e) Robert Wallace


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