UCO Bank (PO) GK Paper

UCO Bank (PO) General Awareness & Computer Paper
held on 30th Jan. 2011
(some question’s ans. based on memory)
1. Which of the following countries is not a member of G-20?
a) USA  b) France    c) Russia   d) Japan     e)
2. Which of the following persons is a famous badminton player?
a) Sania Mirza
b) Abhinav Bindra
Aparna Popat
d) Pankaj Advani
e) None of these
3. 2018 FIFA World cup of football will be held in _________.
a) Katar     b) Italy    c) South Korea    d)
Russia e)Spain
4. N Kiran Kumar Reddy is new chief minister of ________.
a) Bihar
b) Jharkhand
c) Uttrakhand
d) Maharashtra
Andhra Pardesh
5. USA support India’s bid for permanent seat in _________.
a) G-8
UN Security Council
c) Washington Accord
d) Nuclear Suppliers Group
e) None of these
6. Recently Wen Jiabao was on visit to india. he belongs to which of following countries?
a) France      b) Russia      c) Indonesia     d)
China e) Thialand
7. Which of the following authors has not won Noble Prize?
a) Doris Lessing
b) Orhan Pamuk
c) V.S.Naipaul
d) Herta Muller
Anita Desai
8. Which of the of following badminton players won five big tournaments Singapore Open, Indian Open,
Indonesian Open, Hong Kong Open and commonwealth games gold medal in a row?
a) Lin Wang
b) Jawala Gutta
Saina Nehwal
d) Shixian Wang
e) None of these
9. Excise duty relates to
a) Agriculture products
b) Imported items
Manufacturing of goods
d) Income of employees
e) All the above
10. Famous Karim Benzema, Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain, a group of three persons belongs to
a) Cinema    b)
Sports c) Journalism   d) Music group    e) None of these
11. Which of the following countries is not a part of TAPI gas-pipeline
Turkey b) Afghanistan     c) Pakistan      d) India      e) None of these
12. Which of the following schemes is not launched by Government of India?
a) Bharat Nirman
b) Saakshar Bharat
e) Antyodaya Anna yojana

The Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence or Panchsheel are a series of agreements between
the People’s Republic of China and India.
13. Recently Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)’s report on which of following cases
was tabled in the Lok Sabha?
a) Commonwealth games scam
2G Spectrum scam
c) Adarsh Housing Society scam
d) Sukna land scam
e) None of these
14.Recently, in UN’s two-week summit held at Cancaun (Mexico), which of the following agreement
signed by 193 nations?
Climate Agreement
b) Agreement on Wild Life Protection
c) Fight against terrorism
d) Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
e) None of the above
15. Which one of the following awards is given by UNESCO?
Kalinga Award
b) Booker Prize
c) Ramon Magsaysay Award
d) Noble Prize
e) None of  these
16. Recently China, Russia and India trilateral meeting of Foreign Ministers was held at ____.
a) Bijing    b) Moscow     c)
Wuhan d) Hydrabad      e) None of these
17. Which of following five year plans span a time period from 2007-2012?
a) 10th       b)
11th c) 12th      d) 13th       e) None of these
18. Which one of following is not true in context of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal
Mission (JNNURM)?
a) It is sponsered by central government
b) it is a massive city modernisation scheme
c) it encourage creation of financially sustainable inclusive cities
It provide a full 100 days of employment to each household under the scheme
e) None of the above
19. An application mechanism for subscribing to initial public offers (IPO) where payment is
blocked by participatory banks until final allotment done is called _________.
a) RTGS     b) EFT       c)
ASBA d) IPO Form       e) None of above
20. The rate of interest which RBI charges on the loans and advances that it extends to
commercial banks is –
a) Base rate
b) Interest rate
c) Cash Reserve Ratio
Bank Rate
e) None of these
21. Which of the following diamond-compaines is largest producer of diamonds in world?
Debswana diamond
b) De Beers
c) Alrosa diamond
d) Royal Asscher
e) None of above
22. Reserve Bank of India(RBI) ask governemnt to loose its purse string and spend money will –
a) reduce the high cash balances with the government
b) ease the liquidity position
(i forget other options)

23. Which of the following components perform arithmetic and logical operation?
a) CPU    b) RAM     c)
ALU d) CU     e) None of these
24. By using a _________, makes easy to play games over a computer.
a) Mouse
c) Track ball
d) Pen
e) None of these
25.  A file name extension is assigned to each each file in order to know-
a) Size of the file
Type of the file
c) Name of the file
d) Content of the file
e) None of the above
26. A piece of hardware which convert digital signal to analog signal for transmitting over a
telephone line is __________
a) Translator
b) Fax Machine
c) Router
e) None of these
27. _________ allows users to search and navigate a computer system from one drive to another,                   view, copy and delete files.
a) Search Toolbar
b) Internet Explorer
Windows Explorer
d) Screensaver
e) None of above
28. A collection of bytes stored as an individual entity is called –
a) Record     b) Kilobyte      c)
File d) Database   e)None of these
29. _________is fast than any type of RAM.
Cache Memory b)Swap memory     c)Flash memory    d)Floppy disk   e)None of these
30. To make duplicate copy of a opened file you should :
a) Create new file and save it
b) Delete the old file first
use SaveAs command with new filename
d) Write the new content to opened file
e) None of above
31. A program written in High Level language is called ________.
Source code
b) Assembly code
c) Object Code
d) Machine code
e) None of above
32. A(n) ________hard disk is always mounted inside the system unit and removed whenever it
requires to be repaired.
a) Static
b) External
d) Portable
e) None of these
33. Bar code is a series of lines of varying width, printed, as on a container or product, that      can be
read by an _______ device.
a) Magnetic
b) Electric
d) Laser
e) None of these
34. You can locate a specific word inside a document by using _________command.
Find      b) Save      c) Seek      d) Search e)None of these
35. To make contact to other persons over internet, you can make use of –
a) Domain name
E-Mail Address
c) Website address
d) Search Engine
e) None of these
36. During the progressively execution of program, ________ carries out each instruction of the
program one by one.
a) RAM        b)
CPU d) Translator      d) Compiler   e) None of these
37. A computer perform a computing task by making use of software and hardwares including all
attached _________ devices to the system unit.
a) Component
b) Substitute
d) Serial
e) None of these
38. A(n) ___________allow a user to write a program to carried out a speific task by using digital
Programming Language
b) Instruction Code
c) Binary Language
d) English language
e) None of the above
39. What type of software allow a user to create publications, brochures, leaflets, calendars etc.?
a) Database
b) Web-designing
Desktop Publishing Software
d) Spreadsheets
e) None of these
40. An error in source code of a computer program is called a _______
Bug b) Debug   c) Virus      d) Mistake      e) None of these
41. A(n) ___________provides a mean to interact with GUI applications.
a) Platform
User interface
c) Application code
d) Text mode
e) None of these
42. Editing a file means –
Modifying the content and save the file
b) Deleting the content of file
c) Copying all text and paste it in another document
d) Adding new content at bottom of file
e) None of the above
43. Internet allow a user to –
a) Send e-mails
b) to connect with remote server
c) to view web pages
All the above
e) None of the above
44. A normal page view mode shows –
a) All pages in lists
b) A print preview of the selected page
A single page with simple text formatting but without any drawings
d) A single page with simple text and rich drawings
e) None of these
45. A password on a file is used to-
a) Open the file
To retain confidentiality of file data
c) To prevent from a virus attack
d) To hide it from other peoples
e) None of these
Note : May be some of the ans./options are wrong  as all ques’s answers are on  memory based. If anybody know about other questions of that exam.
Plz.. write in comment section..

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  1. Sreeram says:

    Hi Naren,

    For Q 34) You can locate a specific word inside a document by using _________command.

    I think the answer is Find option instead of search. Here we are trying to locate a word in the document and we normally do that by using the key combination Cntrl + F or by oing to Edit->Find.

    Anyways let me know your views. 🙂


    • Naren says:

      @sreeram …..u r right …
      sometimes, during the compilation of such lengthy post, the
      possibility of wrongly typed/highlighted information increases.
      anyways thanks for giving a look to this post…..

  2. DEEPIKA says:

    NICE JOB Naren

  3. Bhargav says:

    can u post reasoning paper too please..

  4. abhishek says:


  5. I Want the part of English Quection and Answer of this paper. Please

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