GA Quiz 2011 – 2

1.  Recently, World Economic Outlook (WEO) report was published by IMF in January 
     2011. IMF has projected India’s economic growth rate for 2011 at about ______ .
     a) 8.2% 
     b) 8.4%
     c) 8.5%
     d) 8.7%
     e) 9.0%

2.  Reserve Bank of India has recently been increased repo rate by 25bps in quarterly 
     monetary policy review. What is its present reverse repo rate?
     a) 5.25%
     b) 5.75%
     c) 5.50%
     d) 6.50%
     e) None of these

3.  Aviation Minister Praful Patel has recently been launched India’s First Seaplane 
     Service in ________.
     a) Goa
     b) Odisha
     c) Lakshadweep
     d) Andaman and Nicobar island
     e) None of the above

4.  As per the figures released recently by government, what will be the estimated 
     production of sugar during current ongoing crop year 2010-11? (in million tones 
     approximately) .
     a) 19.5
     b) 20.8
     c) 23.2
     d) 24.5
     e) None of these

5.  Mr. Dick King-Smith, who passed away recently was a famous_______.
      a) Journalist
      b) British’s Author
      c) Sports person
      d) Social Worker
      e) Hollywood actor

6.  Recently, which among the following days has been declared as “National Voter’s Day” by Election Commission of India (ECI) on its Diamond Jubilee Anniversary?
      a) 10 January
      b) 15 January 
      c) 25 January 
      d) 23 January
      e) None of these

7.  To educate the people about HIV/AIDS, a new “Think Wise” campaign has recently 
      been launched by ________.
      a) ICC
      b) SBI
      c) WHO
      d) NRHM
      e) National AIDS Control Organisation

8.  How many gold medals were won by Indian team in 16th Asian Games 2010 concluded at Guangzhou City in China?
     a) 11
     b) 13
     c) 14
     d) 15
     e) 17

9.  Which of the following teams won the “Women’s National Championship in Basketball” held at Delhi in January 2011?
      a) Delhi 
      b) Kerla
      c) Karnataka 
      d) Chhattisgarh     
      e) Indian Railways

10. SIMBEX is the annually Maritime Bilateral Exercise among the navies of which of 
      following pair of countries?
      a) India & Srilanka
      b) India & Singapore
      c) Sweden & Italy
      d) Italy & Switzerland
      e) None of these

11. Recently, which among the following companies has banned from market investment till Dec. 2012, by the market watchdog Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI)?
      i) Reliance Mutual Fund
      ii) Reliance Infrastructure Ltd 
      iii) Reliance Capital Ltd.
      iv) Reliance Natural Resources Ltd. 
     a) Only (ii)     b) Only (iii)     c) Only (iv)    d) Both (ii) & (iii)     e) Both (ii) & (iv)

12. National income of India is complied by –
      a) Finance Commission
      b) Planning Commission
      c) Indian Statistical Institute
      d) Central Statistical Organisation
      e) None of the above

13.  Who is the watch dog of international trade?
      a) RBI
      b) IMF
      c) IFC
      d) GATT
      e) World Bank

14. Whose signature is found in one rupee notes in India?
       a) Governor, RBI
       b) President of India
       c) Finance Minister of India
       d) Secretary, Ministry of Finance
       e) None of the above

15. Which of the following is/are not financial committee/committees?
      i) Estimates Committee
      ii) Public Accounts Committee
      iii) Committee on Public Undertaking
      iv) Committee of private members, bills and resolutions 

      a) Only (ii)      b) Only (iii)      c) Only (iv)      d) Both (ii) & (iv)      e) Both (iii) & (iv)


About Naren
Full name - Narender Jangra      Location - India    Qualification - MCA

3 Responses to GA Quiz 2011 – 2

  1. Romit says:

    @Naren… Nice set of questions.. My answers are as follows:

    1) 8.4%

    2) RRR – 5.50%

    3) Andaman and Nicobar islands in the BAY OF BENGAL to improve the connectivity and tourism.


    5) British author who wrote a no of best selling children books.

    6) National Voter’s Day – Jan 25

    7) ICC. The star campaigners were Virender Sehwag and Kumar Sangakara.

    8) 14 gold medals. A total of 64 medals was won by Indian Contingent to the ASIAD

    9) Indian Railways won the gold in both the men’s and women’s divisions

    10) SIMBEX- Singapore and India Maritime Bilateral Exercise.

    11) Both (ii) & (iv)….R infra and Reliance Natural Resources Ltd.

    12) Central Statistical Organisation (CSO)

    13) GATT- General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

    14) Secretary, Min. of Finance


    Sorry i m confused between two questions so left those 2.
    Rest all answers are correct as per my knowledge.


  2. nivetha says:

    why are few answers highlighted in reed wrong: the national income is by cso not planning commission.

    • Naren says:

      hi …nivetha
      thanks for remind me this mistake of wrong highlighted ans. …
      best regards

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