Union Bank(PO) GK-Paper

Union Bank of India (PO) General Awareness Paper
held on 9th Jan. 2011
(some question’s ans. based on memory)
1.  What is distance between the Broad-gauge railways lines?
a) 1m      b) 3m     c)
1.67m d) 1.69m      e) None of these
2.  Animal-assisted therapy is done
a) in person’s treatment
b) in ICU
by works with animals
d) in natural therapy
e) None of these
3.  A synagouge is a
a) church
b) Christian Religion
A Jewish house for prayer
d) Parsi temple
e) None of these
4.  Who won Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award 2010?
a) Sania Mirza
b) Abhinav Bindra
c) Gagan Narang
d) Somedev Burman

e) Saina Nehwal
5.  Which of following group’s meeting was held at Hanoi in October 2010?
a) G-8   b)G-20   c)BRIC   d)
6.  The term Deuce is associated with which of following games?
a) Badminton      b)Weightlifting    c)Lawn Tennis    d)Boxing  e)Volleyball
i) a,b,c
ii) b,c,d
iii) c,d,e
v) None of these

Deuce means a tied score, in Tennis & Badminton it’s a major term but in Volleyball a Deuce occur when the server gets 2 aces in a row.

7.  Which of the following terms is known by a Hockey player?
a) No ball    b) Deuce   c) LBW     d) Penalty Corner e) Penalty Kick

8.  Who is author of novel “A Bend in the River” ?
a) Amartya Sen      b)
V.S. Naipaul c) Arundhati Roy     d) Salman Rushdi       e) None of these
9.  Which Urdu poet has been awarded for Jnanpith Awards?
a) Ravindra Kelekar
b) ONV Kurup
Akhlaq Khan Shahryar
d) Vasudevan Nair
e) None of these
10. Who is Dr. C Rangrajan?
Chairman of PMEAC
b) Member of Planning Commission
c) RBI Governor
d) Chief Statistician of India
e) None of these
11. Recently IGMSY scheme approved by government to improve the health and nutrition status of –
pregnant and lactating woman
b) adolescent girls under age 6-14
c) poor woman staying at  Ren Baseras
d) senior citizens
e) All the above
12. Which of following is called father of White Revolution?
a) Norman Borlaug
Verghese Kurien
c) M S Swaminathan
d) Gregor Mendel
e) None of these
13. Who won first gold medal of 16th Asian Games 2010 held at Guangzhou in China??
a) Lin Fan   b)
Yuan Xiaochao c) Liu Xiang  d) Lin Dan  e) Cheng Yinghua
14. Well known Satyajit Ray related to the field of –
Films b) Literature    c) Dramas     d) Journalism   e) Sports
15. Who was India’s flag bearer in opening ceremony of Asian games 2010 held at Guangzhou in China?
a) Sania Mirza     b) Abhinav Bindra     b)
Gagan Narang d) Deepika Kumari     e) Saina Nehwal
16. Which of following agencies gave bail-out packages to Ireland in debit crisis?
a) EU     b) IMF    c)World Bank     d)
Both (a) & (b) e) None of these
17. Which one of following represent correct time period of elevnth five-year plan?
a) 2000-2005       b) 2005- 2010       c)
2007-2012 d) 2004-2009       e) None of these
18. Which one of the following films is directed by Amir Khan and being selected as India’s entry to
the Oscars?
a) Rang De Basanti  b) Peepli Live  c)
Tare Zameen Par d) Lagan  e)None of these
19. In which of following locations RBI does not have a office?
a) Lucknow    b) Jaipur    c) Mumabi     d) Chennai    e)
All over the country, RBI has 22 regional officies situated almost in capital region of each state.
20. Which one of following terms is not used in international economic relations?
a) NTR      b) MFN    c)
Alluvial soil c) OECD  e) None of these
21. in the process of IPO –
unlisted company is offering its shares to the public to raises capital

22. Why there is visible smoke when we breathe in winter?
breath is condensed to mist as soon as it is expelled from the mouth
There is water vapor (water in the form of a gas) in air that you breathe out.
When water vapor cools (when it hits the cold air outside) it condenses which means
it turns back into a liquid. What you are seeing are actually little water droplets.

23. ET and CNBC TV-18 is famous channel for broadcasting of –
a) English movies
b) Reality show programms
c) Classical hindi music & films
Business & Economic news
e) None of these
24.  Indra Nooyi is – CEO of PepsiCo.
25.  Who is Daniel Vettori? – Captain of New Zealand cricket team
26.  Recently which event was held at Chandigarh?  – SAARC Folklore Festival
27.  A tennis player know the term – Love
28.  Decrease in the current ratio leads to  – strained liquidity
29.  A recent survey points out that Indian youth prefers to read in which language – Hindi
30. Which is Oilseed crop? – Mustard
31. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) report ranked Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) as the second
in the top 10 shareholder global value creator’s list
32. Sandhya Rani wins a medal at Asian games 2010 in which of of following event?
a) Shooting   b) badminton   c) Weightlifting   d) Squesh    e)
33. India offers food grains and $250 m loan to    – Nepal
34. Which one of following cities is known as Pink City of India?
a) Kanpur   b) Lucknow   c) Jaipur d) Varanasi   e)None of these
35. Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is a intelligence agency of which of following country in the world?
a) USA   b)
Pakistan c) India   d) Iran   e) France
Note : May be some of the ans./options are wrong  as all ques’s answers are on  memory based. If anybody know about other questions of that exam.
Plz.. write in comment section..

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