Indian Bank(PO) GK-Paper

Indian Bank (PO) General Awareness Paper
held on 2nd Jan. 2011
(some question’s ans. based on memory)
1.  The acronym “RTGS” stands for  –  Real Time Gross Settlement 
2.  Expansion of TRAI is  – Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
3.  CDMA stands for – Code Division Multiple Access
4.  Which one of following states is largest producer of spices in India?
      a) Karanatka b)
Kerla c) Gujarat  d) Tamilnadu  e)Orissa
5.  Government had proposed a new Uranium Mining Projects to be carried out at –
Meghalya    b) Manipur  c) Aasam   d) Tripura e) Nagaland   
6.  Which one of following act as a Regulator of Banking System in India?
    a) NABARD   b) IBA    c) SEBI     d)
7.  Who is Chief Minister of Maharashtra?
      a) Ashok Chavan    b) Shivraj Patil    c) Shankar Rao    d) Nitish Kumar   e)None of these
8.  Recently G-20 Summit was held at –
     a) Japan  b)
Seoul    c) Itlay      d) Canada    e) None of these
9.  What is India’s ranking on Human Development Index report published by United Nations  Development 
     a) 89    b) 102    c)
119    d) 134  e)None of these
10. Myanmar’s Suu Kyi is a –
      a) Senior Citizen   b) Military Officer     c)
Noble Prize Winner  d) Sports person   e) None of these
11. Statue of Liberty is National Monument of –
a) Russia   b) France  c) Itlay   b) USA    a) None of these
12. Bank of Rajasthan merges with –
      a) HDFC Bank   b) IDBI Bank
      c) ICICI Bank      d) SIDBI Bank      e) None of these
13. Who wins first gold medal of 19th Commonwealth Games 2010 event held at New Delhi?
Augustina Nwaokolo   b) Abhinav   c) Gagan Narang    d) Leisel Marie Jones      e) Physics
14.  Whose signature is found on a ten-rupee currency note in India?
      a) Finance Minister
  b) President    c) Governor of RBI     d) Prime Minister   e) None of these
15. Kaveri is a/an
indigenous jet engine
     b) supersonic cruise missile
     c) air-to-surface missile  
     d) unmanned aerial vehicles
     e) surface-to-air missile
16. The author of book "The God of Small Things" is –
Ans : Arundhati Roy
17. According to ADB report, which country has highest GDP growth rate in 2011 –
      a) Russia    b) India   c)
China    d) Brazil   e) Indonesia
18.  Merdeka Cup is associated with the game –
        a) Hockey    b) Cricket    c) Badminton    d)
Football    e) Chess
19.  Dada Shaheb Falke Award for 2010 was given to –
       a) Amitabh Bachan
Hema Malini
       c) Gulzar
       d) Javed Akhtar
None of these 
20. Sariska Tiger Reserve is loacted in which of following states?
      a) Madhya Pardesh    b) Utar Pardesh       c) Gujarat     d) Chattissgarh    e)
21. SEBI cuts listing time to 12 days after the closure of a public issue w.e.f 1st May 2010
22. Which one is a financial assets – account in share of stocks

23. Which foreign organization helps india to improve standard of municipal schools through Municipal
      School  Adoption Programme (SAP)?
      a) IMF    b) World Bank
    c) UNICEF   d) UNDP     e) ADB
24.  RBI regulating & monitor the banking services under the act? 
      Ans :
Banking Regulation Act

25.  Which  risk is related to corporate Hedging –
Currency risk (also known as Foreign Exchange Risk hedging)
26.  As per FCCB(Foreign Currency Convertible Bond) guidelines , a person can buy foreign exchange up 
      to maximum amount of Rs.
      a) 10,000    b) 20,000    c) 30,000   d)
50,000    e) None of these
27. Planning Commission had proposed setting up an $11-billion India Infrastructure Debt Fund  (IIDF).
28. Banks are forced to buy govt. securitites under – reduction of credit growth rate

29. A zero balance account  is opened for – Salaried Persons
30. Saving Deposit Account Definition
A Account in which people deposit money and withdraw it when  they required it.
31. ASBA in application form used for registeration of an IPO stands for
Application Supported by Blocked Amounts
32. Minister Kapil Sibal has been given additional charge of the telecom ministry by PM on 15 Nov. 2010
33. Who introduced Know your customer (KYC) guidelines for all banks first time in 2002?
      RBI on August  16, 2002.
34. Open market operations are carried out by – Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
     Open market operations are  central bank’s sales and purchases of government bonds
35. Teaser Rates are related to – Home Loans
Teaser rate is a special home loan scheme under which  a concessional rate is offered for a limited
      period to attract customers.

36. A credit rating –
     allows borrowers to understand the financial health of the debt issuing corporation
37.  NAV(Net Asset Value) in Mutual Fund –
Fluctuating Day by Day
NAV is based on the value of the portfolio. and the no of units issued
38. Which among the following country has highest literacy rate?
      a) Russia  b) India     c)Srilanka    d)
China     e) Brazil
39. To which one of following  RBI has been given permission to issue pre-paid card?
     a) LIC    b) GIC     c) NABARD
    d) IDBI  e) None of These
40. Oil subsidies are biggest item of government spending
Note : May be some of the ans./options are wrong  as all ques’s answers are on  memory based. If anybody know about other questions of that exam.
Plz.. write in comment section..

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