GA Quiz 2010 – 5

1.  Government approves India’s fifth ultra mega power plant (UMPP) having a power generation capacity of 4000MW to be build at which of the following locations?.
a) Balangir (Orissa)
b) Jaitapur(Maharashtra)
c) Sasan(Madhya Pardesh)
d) Sarguja(Chhattisgarh)
e) None of the above

2. Recently Indian Air Force (IAF) gets first of six C-130J Super Hercules airlifters, a most
advanced transport aircraft purchased from________.

a) Britain
b) USA
c) Russia
d) France
e) Germany 
3.  Who among the following has been conferred for the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology 2010 in chemical sciences.?
a) K K Aggarwal
b) Amitabh Joshi
c) Sandeep Verma
d) Samir K. Brahmachari
e) None of the above 
4.   Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will be India’s chief Guest at the Republic Day 2011. He is –
a) President of Indonesia
b) President of Maldives
c) Prime Minister of Malaysia
d) Prime Minister of Vietnam
e) None of above 
5.   Parliament passed a Bill allowing the government to reduce its stake in SBI to the bare minimum of 51 per cent from the current stake ____.
a) 55%
b) 59%
c) 61%
d) 65%
e) None of above 
6.   Recently, which among the following day has been declared as “International Widows Day” by UN General Assembly?
a) 22nd May
b) 25th April
c) 18th July
d) 23rd June
e) None of these 
7.  IBSF World Snooker Championship 2010 was held at ________.
a) India
b) France
c) Syria
d) Malaysia
e) Thailand 
8.  Which among the following states has bagged the first prize in the Best States category for its
performance in the Energy Conservation Programmes in 2009-10?
a) Gujarat
b) Punjab
c) Haryana
d) Maharashtra
e) Himanchal Pardesh 
9.  Which one of the following pairs of countries is associated with nuclear arms control treaty
a) USA-Iran
b) USA-Russia
c) USA-China
d) USA-India
e) None of above 
10. Recently, RBI hikes repo and reverse repo rates by 25 basis points in review of the monetary policy on 2nd Nov. 2010. In this context, what is basis point?
a) One hundredth of 1%
b) One hundredth of 10%
c) Ten per cent of 1000
d) Ten per cent of one hundredth point
e) None of above 
11. Which of the following diseases is not covered under Integrated Disease Surveillance project?
a) Typhoid
b) Polio
c) Cholera
d) Cancer
e) Malaria 
12. Goenka Award is given for excellence in _______.
a) Sports
b) Cinema
c) Social service
d) Literacy work
e) Journalism 
13. ‘Miss Earth 2010’ title has been conferred upon?
a) Nicole Faria
b) Larissa Ramos
c) Jessica Barboza
d) Alexandria Mills
e) None of above

14. Inflation:
a) Reduces the cost of living
b) Reduces the standard of living
c) Reduces the price of products
d) Reduces the purchasing power of a pound
e) None of the above 
15. Which of the following is/are the measure(s) taken by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to ease the liquidity crunch in the country?
A) Increase the flow of foreign direct investment
B) Cut in Cash Reserve Ratio and Statutory Liquidity Ratio.
C) Supply of additional currency notes in the market. 

a) Only (A)   b) Only (B)     c) Only (C)    d) Both (A) & (B)    e) All (A), (B) & (C)


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  1. mounika says:

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  2. jim says:

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