GA Quiz 2010 – 3

1. Who among the following has been conferred the first Asian Business
Leader award by ‘Asia House’, a leading pan-Asian organisation in Europe?
a) Ratan Tata
b) Anil Aggarwal
c) Vikram Mehta
d) Yaduvender Singh
e)  None of above

2. In a recent ASSOCHAM survey, which city has emerged as the lead
employment provider among tier II cities in the first quarter of fiscal
a) Delhi
b) Ranchi
c) Lucknow
d) Pune
e) Ahemdabad

3. Who has been appointed as new Chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSCs)?
a) P.L Punia
b) Ratan Sinha
c) P J Thomas
d) Hari Barhma
e) None of above

4. Which of the following committee set up by the Centre Govt. to investigate
alleged corruption in the Commonwealth Games  held in Delhi?
a) Vijay Kelkar Committee
b) V.K. Shunglu Committee
c) Madhava Menon Committee
d) Raja Chelliah Committee
e) None of the above

5. Recently, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee laid the foundation stone of
the India’s second financial hub in________?
a) Mumbai
b) Banglore
c) Kolkata
d) Delhi
e) None of above

6. In the 2nd quarter of financial year 2010-11, gross domestic product (GDP)
grew by ______?
a) 8.0%   b) 8.2%    c) 8.5%    d) 8.9%    e) None of these

7. How much percent of total GDP is spent on health care in India?
a) 1%      b) 2%       c) 3%      d) 4%        e) 5%

8. India and ______ have decided to set up hotline between their economic
ministries to resolve business-related visa problems faced by business
persons of the two countries?
a) Britain   b) France   c) Germany  d) Israel    e) China

9. According to global study by British banking giant Standard Chartered,
India is set to become the fastest growing major economy in the world by
year ______?
a) 2012        b) 2013      c) 2014     d) 2015    e) None of these

10. Which of following statements is FALSE in context of ‘Pre-open trade’
session , recently started by country’s two premier bourses National Stock
Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange?
a) It is a 15-minute special pre-open trading session
b) A session in which investors can bid for stocks before the market opens.
c) It’s applicable for those stocks, which are the part of Sensex and Nifty
d) Investors are allowed to amend bids for stocks with trading option.
e) None of above

11. Foreign Exchange Rates in India are determined by
b) RBI
c) Finance Ministry
d) Market Forces of demand/supply
e) None of the above

12. Which of the following purposes is served by the process of repo –
a) Injecting of liquidity
b) Absorption of liquidity
c) No change in liquidity conditions
d) Money supply expansion
e) None of above

13. Which of the following committees, had recommended for computerization
in banks?
a) Khan Committee
b) Narasimiham Committee
c) Rangarajan Committee
d) Vijay Kelkar Committee
e) None of the above

14. The well-known sportsman Liu Xiang has excelled in which event?
a) Table Tennis
b) Badminton
c) Hurdles race
d) Weightlifting
e) None of above

15. In context of Indian Defence , what is BrahMos, frequently in the news?
a) A flagship
b) A supersonic fighter jet
c) Nuclear powered submarine
d) Supersonic cruise missile
e) None of above

16. Recently, 21st General Meeting of  The Academy of Sciences for the
Developing World (TWAS) was held at ________?
a) USA     b) China    c) India d) Spain    e) France

17. For banks to enter into insurance sector, among others, the CRAR
(capital-to-risk-assets ratio) should not be less than:
a) 7%     b) 8%    c) 9%     d) 10% e) 11%

18. Which one of the following companies have launched India’s first
indigenously developed cell culture H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine named

a) Cipla Ltd.
b) Bharat Biotech
c) Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.
d) Horizon Pharma, Inc.
e) None of above

19. _______is world’s second fastest growing economy.
a) Brazil    b) India     c) China       d) Qatar    e) Indonesia

20. Which of following countries  is the third largest country in Telecom sector
a) USA        b) China       c) India       d) Japan      e) Germany

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